These Greek Tax Evaders Singing The Blues

While the average Greek family is struggling to deal with reduced salaries and higher taxes, there are many famous Greek singers who claim they have earned less in the past few years than people without a job. Greece’s crushing economic crisis has left nearly two million people out of work.

According to their tax statements, many of the popular singers earned nothing in 2008 or 2009 although they were giving interviews while wearing expensive clothes, caught by paparazzi on vacations on their yachts or flying to Paris, Milan and London. The Proto Thema newspaper wrote that singer Peggy Zina and her husband Yiorgos Lyras are among the most notorious tax evaders who collectively owe Greece $70 billion and have escaped with impunity, although their lawyer denied the report.

Ta Nea newspaper published a list of Greece’s most well-known singers and their annual earnings, as they declared to the Hellenic Tax Office, and it showed that some apparently did report what they made, but others did not. Yiannis Ploutarhos  stated that he made some 1,489,180 euros during 2008-2009 (667,121 in 2008 and 822,059 in 2009.) Next comes Pashalis Terzis who earned 1,081,968 euros (609,355 in 2008 and 472,613 in 2009).

Notis Sfakianakis stated an income of 638,665 euros from 2008-09, (262,995 and 375,670 euros in 2008 and 2009 respectively), while Panos Kiamos said he earned 174,826 euros in 2008 and 213,560 in 2009, or 388,386 euros in total.

Anna Vissi , one of the country’s most famous singers, who represented Greece in the Eurovision song contest, said, however, that she made only 30,751 euros in 2008 and a paltry 3,223 euros the next year, according to her tax statement. She also said she has no property although she lives in a villa. Apostolia Zoi  cried poverty too, saying she earned only 12,557 euros in 2009, and 12.15 euros for all of 2010, about what the rich spend for a bottle of mineral water at lunch.

Elli Kokkinou and Ioannis Kotsiras said they made, respectively, only 4,447 and 24,281 euros in 2008 but seemed to have stopped singing after that because they declared zero income in 2009.
(Source: Proto Thema)


  1. “The Proto Thema newspaper wrote that singer Peggy Zina and her husband Yiorgos Lyras are among the most notorious tax evaders who owe Greece $70 billion and have escaped with impunity, although their lawyer denied the report.”
    Marianna Tsatsou, Are you for real?  Is this what you call fact checking?  70 Billion (with a “B”) dollars.  In unpaid taxes?  Assuming she pays 30% of her net worth in taxes, she should have a net worth of at least 200 Billion (again with a “B”) dollars. That would mean that a singer, singing in a market of no more than 10 million Greek speakers is three times richer that Carlos Slim, the Forbes richest man in the world.

    Even on its face your story is absurd and laughable.  Your fact checking is horrendous.  And there is no reason why anyone should read further than that one line I quoted above.  There may be Greek pop stars who have avoided paying taxes and the numbers may be significant to warrant a story.  But you’ve damaged the story and any credibility you may have in bringing it to light.

    And these at a time when Greece needs good reporting.

  2.  Ah, looks like murkey has a little too much mud in his eyes, as the story says they are “among” the tax evaders owing $70 billion, which means it’s not just them, of course, which makes his comment absurd and laughable.

  3. Dear Mr Someone since Murkey Watters has no followers, tweets etc……I thought that someone who has such a strong opinion would at least be introduced to us.Apparently, this is a fake profile!!! Please, try to be more concentrated when you read a story fast because you make mistakes!! 
    Don’t worry, everyone does, but try not to express your opinion in public when you have not checked what you write. 
    “And there is no reason why anyone should read further than that one line I quoted above.” First of all, thanks for reading my story! But don’t you think it’s a bit too much telling every GreekReporter reader to ask your opinion before reading an article…?
    Last but not least, please try to mention your real name when you want to comment anything concerning me or GreekReporter. You know mine; it’s Marianna Tsatsou. 
    Thanks in advance for your time!

  4. this is useless richhunt. you can expropriate the people with money once but after that you need new rich people to steal from but there will be non but the middle class…

  5. They are not parasites. They got their money because people liked the music. Politicians are parasites.

  6.  Well there is parasitism of both tax cheats and leftist extremists that for years have been using government as their personal piggy bank rather than focusing on production.

  7. Any Greek that pay for cashs to avoid vat or does cash jobs…. especially now with all thats going on…. is an -sshole.

    Any Greeks that does business with any other greek that tries to evade
    taxes should tell them it is unpatriotic to behave this way.  Shame them.

  8. Also any greek that hires  an illegal or buys products from an illegal for cash… scum ball.

  9. Peggy Zina and her husband Yiorgos Lyras can be taxed according to their bank accounts, their properties and their assets but someone from the political arena is shielding them from the eyes and the hands of the Tax inspectors…Everything can be done in no time if there is the will by the politicians to do so but still corruption is ongoing with ni signs of ending this practice in Greece because it suits 1st and foremost the politicians themselves…

  10.  Anyone who doesn’t pay taxes are parasites. They continue to use roads, garbage collection, street cleaning, water, police, hospitals, ambulance, fire brigades and any other service paid for with taxes and without contributing anything themselves then they are parasites. Because they are taking advantage of an infrastructure payed for, not by themselves, but by the efforts of the others who do contribute.

  11. What if someone does not agree with this view? Me for example. You would be right if we could opt out of such services but taxes are extracted by force and often wasted. Of all the services you mentioned only the police must be provided by the state, the rest can be payed for by the users. I believe government is responsible for legislation (define law) executive (rule of law) and judiciary (apply law to situations), not for giving handouts and building roads for rich car owners and businesses. Of course, there might be other opinions on this. Many people believe that people can not take care of themselves and the state is needed to educate them on how their money should be spent best in the interest of the common good. I disagree and the hunt for tax evaders to me seems irrelevant to solving the problem of high government spending.

  12. She more than likely meant to say that Greek Tax Evasion in total is 70 Billion with the “Zinas” being at the top.

  13. Greek Government will be lenient on the social elite, Their politically connected. BUT….The Greek Government will prosecute the poor and unemployed for the last Euro Cent to be paid.

  14. Ummmmm…just to let you know.
    Greeks pay 23% sale tax on goods!
    Gas is close to 1.90 Euro a litre!
    The value of your car is added to your annual income tax and is considered annual income. This in itself is a major cash grab!!!
    If you bought and paid for your car once….why should you be taxed on its value for life???
    Totally unfair!
    Greece is a disgusting country that has been swallowed by the Globalists and Central banks, IMF.
    R.I.P. Greece.