ARMA 3 Devs Arrested for ‘Spying’ on Greek Military Base

    Two developers from ArmA and DayZ creator Bohemia Interactive have been arrested by Greek authorities on charges of espionage, and face potential 20 year prison sentences.
    Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that two of its staff members have been arrested in Greece, while researching for new game ArmA III. The pair were photographing and videotaping a military installation on the island of Lemnos, apparently oblivious to what a bad idea that might be.

    Bohemia CEO Marek Spanel confirmed the news on the company’s forums but added only this: ‘We prefer this topic not to be discussed on our forums atm, at least until we know more specific details about the case so I am going to close this topic and our moderators are going to close any related dicussion here, thank you for understanding.’
    The story is highly reminiscent of the British plane-spotters who were arrested in Greece back in 2001 on similar espionage charges. They too were threatened with serious jail time and were only acquitted after a lengthy legal battle.

    If the two Czech developers from Bohemia hadn’t asked for permission to do what they were doing then they could be in even more serious trouble, as they haven’t got the excuse that they were just naïve tourists that didn’t realise plane-spotting wasn’t a thing in Greece.
    ArmA III was expected to be released next spring, but it’s not clear how this news might affect that. The open world military shooter is set across a string of Greek islands, primarily Lemnos and Ai Stratis.
    It’s assumed that mod DayZ would also be adapted to work with the new game, although it’s never been confirmed.
    (source: metro)



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