Golden Dawn Wants Dictator Metaxas’ Statue in Kefalonia

The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has visited the island of Kefalonia and asked Mayor Alexandros Parisis to help them restore and preserve the statue of the late Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas which had been dumped in the countryside.

According to, when they first found the statue of Metaxas, members of the Golden Dawn tried to pull it out of an aqueduct but feared it could be damaged and they didn’t have the means to transport and resurrect it.

Party leaders asked the city council permit them restore the statue “of our late Ioannis Metaxas which has been abandoned out in the countryside without any protection from rain and other bad weather conditions. We will fund the restoration by ourselves until the moment you decide to replace it in the island’s central square, where it used to be. To sum up, we ask you to correct a major historic mistake that has been made (in regard to the removal of the statue”.

Metaxas was born in Ithaca but raised on Kefalonia. On Aug. 4, 1936 he established a military dictatorship in Greece with the support of King George II, claiming that it was necessary to thwart a Communist takeover during a period of political instability.

During Metaxas’ dictatorship  a national youth service (EON) was established, forcing children to wear dark blue uniforms, similar to black uniforms that Italian dictator Benito Mussolini forced young Italians to don. Metaxas’ regime had many similarities to Hitler’s, requiring he be saluted the raising of the right hand, although he issued the famous “Oxi” demand when Greece was asked to surrender before World War II.

(Source:, Greek school book of History for the 3rd grade of Lyceum)


  1. well now, perhaps some people might wake up to where this party will be leading us – dictatorship, isn’t that a tad beyond nationalism???

  2.  I don’t have a problem with statue of metaxas.  Most of human history was tyranical figures. (and he wasn’t a “facist” like commie types argue. He was just an extreme natioanlist).

    That said, I agree with you Golden Dawn is an extreme nationalist party. Our government should be looking into pressing criminal charges against any GD that goes around lawlessly harassing migrants. While I support my government in deporting illegals vigilante groups like GD that promote racism and violence isn’t the way to go about it.

  3. Well, If the invaders landed with rifles on hand, the army would have shot them. They come by stealth and invade the country and we call them immigrants. An immigrant is somebody who is invited by the government of the country to come and settle. If he is illegal, he is a criminal, or the new name “crimmigrant” and must be thrown out. If somebody moves into your house without your permission , you will not call him an immigrant. You will kick him out or call the police to do it for you. Same for a nation

  4.  I agree illegals should be kicked out (and screw any foreign NGO that manipulatively and dishonestly frames illegals as “immigrants” or rants against Greeks for deporting illegals like every country does. However, this should not be an excuse to support Golden Dawn fanatics who randomly attack migrants (whether illegal or legal) and call for an end to democratic rule.

    Even from a purely Greek-interests POV Golden Dawn are no less of a threat to our country than far leftist extremists like Syriza (some of whom try so hard to show how we are all “comrades” to foreigners they end up anti-hellenic and resort to treason). We should avoid supporting extremists groups because they will drive us to another civil war if we aren’t careful.

  5. Oh he wasn’t took away freedom banned political parties arrested communist banned demonstrations I think you need to get your facts right

  6. If you are against GD violence, I suggest it is not enough to wait for the government to act. Many GD-supporting police officers are corrupt and will not seriously investigate GD crimes. Most notably, Ilias Kasidiaris has still not been brought to justice after his violence on television.

    Anti-racists need to think about forming neighbourhood protection groups of our own who will physically fight back when GD thugs attack anyone. It is unfortunate, but this is the only way to send a signal to GD that ordinary people not only do not support their behaviour, but have had quite enough of it.

    Well, who’s interested?

  7. So you are going to have street battles with other Greeks to protect illegal immigrants?

    you know you belong in an asylum, right ?

  8. Ioannis Metaxas was a freemason, satanist and an illuminati member. He was funded by the British Empire to be the dictator of Greece. When he came into power in 1936 he suspended democracy and installed a dictatorship. He had no respect for democracy or any individual liberty. The Metaxas regime was responsible for the torturing and deaths of thousands of Greeks. He was a bad leader and Greeks want to commemorate him. Do you see people in Germany commemorating Hitler or Italians commemorating Mussolini? No wonder why Golden Dawn wants to commemorate him. Golden Dawn is not even hiding what they stand for. Golden Dawn is a party with ties to fascism.