Eying Golden Dawn, Greece To Toughen Hate Crime Penalties

    Greek Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis says hate crimes will not be tolerated anymore

    Battling with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has 18 seats in Parliament and has been involved in a number of assaults on immigrants, the Greek government is planning to increase the penalties for hate crimes.

    The Parliament is also moving to strip immunity for all crimes that lawmakers have, for the party’s members, some of which reportedly led a raid on immigrant-operated stalls at a fair, and plans to remove their police body guards.

    Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis said racially motivated crimes would carry a minimum three-year prison sentence, under judicial reforms due to be voted on in Parliament later this year. Current guidelines generally do not have specific provisions for racial motives in sentencing, and prison sentences for assault are often suspended.

    Human rights groups have catalogued a number of brutal assaults on immigrants this year, with some tied to Golden Dawn although the party has denied its involvement despite a platform that calls for all immigrants to be deported and for land mines to be placed around the border to keep out illegals trying to enter the country to seek asylum or use Greece to get to other European Union countries.

    “It seems like the Greek government is finally taking xenophobic violence seriously,” Judith Sunderland, a senior Western Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch, told the Associated Press. “But we need to see concrete action, not just announcements. We hope draft legislation will be examined in parliament soon.”

    The U.S.-based group, in a report issued in July, said it had documented a rise in anti-immigrant attacks, including stabbings and serious beatings, in Athens over the past two years, leaving dozens of confirmed victims. Earlier this week, Greece’s government launched an urgent inquiry into attacks by members of the extreme right Golden Dawn party against immigrant street vendors, whom they accused of operating illegally.

    Four people were arrested in Messolongi, a town in central Greece, for demanding document inspections from immigrant vendors, while a police officer was suspended for allegedly participating in a Golden Dawn-led attack on immigrants’ stalls in the same town over the weekend.

    Roupakiotis accused the party of trying to cultivate a “neo-Nazi ideology” in Greece. “We condemn in the strongest possible way every act of violence, and especially actions by members and supporters of Golden Dawn against immigrants or other citizens,” he said. “We believe this is an insult to our long-standing notions of justice and the defense of human rights. It is a threat to harmony in society and creates the conditions to develop fascist and neo-Nazi ideology.”

    Golden Dawn said it had taken legal action against Greece’s public order minister and chief of police, seeking their prosecution for alleged breach of duty, after police were ordered to stop and search passers-by outside the party’s Athens headquarters. Police were also investigating an attack on two Pakistani men in a barbershop in Metamorphosi, northern Athens, in which a Greek taxi driver was stabbed after apparently attempting to stop the two attackers. The store was set on fire.

    Nearly 500 racially motivated attacks were carried out in the first seven months of the year according to the Migrant Workers Association, as immigrants say that the rising wave of xenophobic violence has left them afraid to walk the streets. The victims were in most cases attacked with steel rods, knives and brass knuckles, the association says.





    1. at last Greek government is going to do something about those thugs who called themselves “Golden Dawn”.. We should concentrate on our economic problems rather then focusing on xenophobia. 

    2.  Div, if Greece doesn’t do something about this low life, single-celled, Golden “Mounia”, there will be no tourism to prop-up the Greek economy through 2013. You dont have to have it one way or another and it certainly is not very smart to wait for more attacks and deaths. Wake up.

    3. 1. There is a good chance you are not Greek, not European and not white, but rather third world filth pretending.

      2. If you are Greek, judging by your comment it is clear you are of a wealthy background, not forced to live in inner city apartments next door to 20 Afghan refugees that rob and steal whenever they can.

      1 million illegal immigrants are in a country of only 12 million people.

      this is during the worst financial crisis in Greek history.

      Golden Dawn are patriots and that is why they are polling at over 12% in recent polls.

      you left wing filth will go in the dust bin of history

    4. Primitive Africans and Pakistanis are not tourists to Greece.

      high class, civilized Europeans/Americans/Canadians/Australians are.

      and they do not care about third world immigrant filth

    5. As a Greek I don’t support golden dawn but not because of your threats of lack of tourism. While I support my government in deporting ILLEGALS I just think that it is wrong for vigilates to go around randomly threatening migrants. I even see Golden Dawn as a threat to Greeks themselves.

      As for the reason for the rise of extremists like golden dawn.. its in part also Greek hating bigots that dishonestly pretend not to notice the former Yugoslavians sudden identity change into “ancient Macedonians” and “United Macedonia” irredentist rhetoric. I suppose Facism is ok when its only Greeks being targetted by FYROM?

    6.  As Greek I do not support your hateful words. I agree illegals should be disported but stereotyping Africans and Pakistanis as primitive is despicable racism.

    7. I don’t agree with xenophobic groups like Golden Dawn but part of the reason for xenophobia in Greece is YEARS of anti-Greek rhetoric by some foreigners.

      For example now that the former Yugoslavians have suddenly become “descendents of ancient Macedonians” (i.e self-identifying Greeks) and encourage their citizens to see MY sovereign country as “Greek occupied Macedonia”…. where all all the alleged “human rights” groups?  Or is fascism ok when it’s only against the dirty evil xenophobic corrupt Greek?


    8. Dear Judith Sunderland
      who in hades gave you authority to lecture Greek people? You are just somebody that belong to a NON-ELECTED body that goes around pretentiously ranting your opinions on issues as if you are morally infallible and above bigotry yourself.

      I agree Golden Dawn is a racist party (and I don’t support them). However I think many of the people that claim to speak about “human rights” are BIGOTS themselves. For example where is HRW now that FYROM ultra natioanlists have suddenly become “descendents of ancient Macedonians” and encourage “United Macedonia” irredentism against my country? What country on earth would tolerate FYROM behavior? Is supporting facists in FYROM trying to ethnically erase the Greek people (in particular Macedonian ones) “human rights” now?

      Its seems to me some alleged “human rights’ organizations are more concerned with hiding their shame for supporting FYROM  than protecting the human rights of Greeks these days.

       “We are Slavs who came to this area in
      the sixth century … We are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians” –
      Kiro Gligorov, FYROM’s first President


      ‘We are not related
      to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the
      Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.’
      – FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper,
      February 24 1999


      ‘The idea that Alexander the Great
      belongs to us was at the mind of some outsider groups only. These groups were
      insignificant in the first years of our independence. But the big problem is
      that the old Balkan nations have been learned to legitimize themselves through
      their history. In the Balkans to be recognized as a nation you need to have
      history of 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Since you (Greece ) forced us to invent a
      history, we did invent it.’

      (FYROM Foreign
      Minister Denko Maleski – 1991 to 1993)


    9. how is it a stereotype?

      a woman in Africa is more likely to be raped than finish high school, same in Pakistan.

      do you want those men around Greek women?


    10.  Just a bit I’d like to add…

      Some seem to be trying to lump in extremists GD with our
      country’s right to deport illegals. This is RACIST stereotyping of Greeks. Please stop manipulatively framing ILLEGALS as “immigrants”. Greece has both a moral and legal right to deport illegals like very country in the world does (including the US where HRW is located.. which also deports ILLEGALS)

      Granted there is some police profiling based on appearance but Greece is not the US. Its logical that the non-Greek appearing people are more likely to not be legally in the country. Patriotic legal immigrants have to support their new homeland not attack Greeks for trying to control our borders because of a minor inconvenience of checks.

      There also has to be some slack for Greece’s extreme situation. Per captia wise Greece is like 60 million illegals showing up in the US and pretending they have a right to stay. HRW watch (and any other critics) very well know people in their own nations would not tolerate such extreme levels of illegals. The pure hypocrisy is what shows racism against Greeks is also a problem . (then of course throw in FYROM issue where it’s apologists dishonestly pretend not to notice their behavior)

    11. How do you like it when foreigners lump in all Greeks in as lazy, corrupt fascists? Its a hateful stereotype because you try to lump in everyone in. Some people from the places you mention behave badly not all or even the majority.

      You are muddling in racism with patriotism like GD extremists do. Yes the illegals need to be deported but not by resorting to roving gangs of lawless black shirt racist thugs randomly attacking non-Greeks. That my friend if not fascism is close enough that it is still morally indefensible in any country.

      I am not some pretensious clueless far leftist idiot like the far leftist flakes at Syriza. I am a patriot. However patriotism is not about senselessly lashing out in all directions. A patriot protects the interests of their homeland by focusing their energies in rational ways.

    12. I agree (some) far leftists are filth. They basically see government as a tool to thieve from others. Some are also unprincipled cowards that just agree with majority (to show how we are all fellow “comrades”… why any Greeks that behave treasonously in name dispute are to a man leftists) Such sorts deconstruct their identities until nothing is left. They have hijacked the  “racism” and “human rights’ to push an extreme anti-nationalist agenda. (Marx was an anti-nationalist)

      However, racist extremist groups like golden dawn act for fuel for far left wing fanaticism. They use such extremists to further their agenda of pushing a tyrannical form of government on us and dismantling our very ethnic identities (effectively genocide against all the unique people’s of the world while meanwhile they claim to be “pro minorities”)

      The morally correct path is moderation. Moderate controlled immigration gives the government the opportunity to pick candidates that will be a net positive and  to ensure an immigrant is coming to integrate not stir up trouble.

      Extreme levels of illegal immigration only leads to extreme nationalism. Unfortunately extreme anti-nationalist leftist fanatics can’t understand this this is the physics of how nations work. They live in fantasies of words. Moderate patriotism is morally correct else a nation will implode in civil war until either new nation is formed that is patriotic or the land is annexed to neighbouring states that exploit the situation.

    13. Illegal immigrants out. Stronger border patrol.
      These seem entirely logical. Illegal immigrants come to Greece, can’t get a job and resort to crime. They must also be kept in detention camps and transported. All of this costs money, money which Greece does not have!

    14. I don’t know how much illegal immigration costs Greece per year, but considering €30 million was spent on a fence at Evros that doesn’t cover the entire border and will probably get cut through, it probably costs A LOT.

    15. Stop judging people and face the fact, Golden Dawn are not patriots, Does patriots people rob,murder and rape? That’s not patriotism. Yes there are hell of illegal immigrants and they should be deported not killed and beaten like animals.

    16.  The focus should be on streamlining deportation processs not detention. No point holding people if we can’t immediately deport them. All is does is generate bad press.

      There also have to strict limits of refugee claims (based on PER CAPITA  not percentage analysis of  how many other EU states let it) . I feel sorry for the rest but Greece cannot become dumping ground for EU illegal problem .If someone else want illegals rather than disingenuously ranting “racism”  at Greeks (which I see as racism towards Greeks since every state deports illegals)  they should be putting their money mouth is and petitioning their own governments to accept their fair share. (rather than hiding behind geographic realities and ridiculous Dublin 2)

    17. I don’t agree with Golden Dawn extremists but I don’t trust some of these unaccountable NGOs (and certainly not the Greek-hating ranters at HRW who selectively stay blind on FYROM issue)
      Aside from the fact many NGO’s have a decidedly far leftist slant to alleged “human rights”… some of these so-called “human rights” groups are just fronts for governments and nationalists  (who cherry pick staff and resources to manipulatie others as a form of clever political rhetoric )

      The greek government should follow Israels lead and pass an NGO accountability laws and practices to both disclose sources of funding for these NGOs and to identity incidents of racism against Greeks. 

      A perfect example of this ois anti-Hellenic extremists Panayotes Dimitras at Hellsinki Greeece. I have no idea where he gets his money from and IMO he has cross the line into treason for a foreign state (by pretending he doesn’t notice FYROM irredentism and sudden change into “ancient Macedonians” while framing their irredentism and attempts to usurp our identity as “human rights”.)

    18. Hail the Golden Dawn!

      Keep up your struggle, komrades.  The traitors lost their support long ago and you must continue to give the people an outlet to channel their energy into.

    19.  Plenty of Whites will support our Greek brothers with tourism dollars.

      Greece is for the Greeks.  It is up to them to decide who is acceptable in their country — whether it be as student, visitor, worker, or permanent resident.

      It is for the Greeks and only the Greek people!

      Golden Dawn will not be stopped.

    20.  The government has had how long to address the issue of deportation and border security?

      The political parties have had how long?  The NGOs have had how long?

      No results — only more invader filth.  No, Golden Dawn’s way is the RIGHT way and that is why they are feared.  All that it is said is that Golden Dawn is extreme and they need to go about it a different way.  But when they go about it in their own way, they get results — immigrants are fearful and want to leave, they understand that Greece will resist them.  The support for Golden Dawn continues to grow because they help Greeks and only Greeks while support for every other party continues to decline.

      There is nothing more rational to protect your homeland than to destroy and expel the invaders who sully it.

      Hail the Golden Dawn!  Hang the traitors!

    21. We, Macedonians from your northern neighbour, have no issue with Greece or the Greek people. We simply have to have what you call “ancient Macedonian” identity, otherwise Bulgaria will make sure that we don’t exist. Trust us, Sofia is your (and our) problem not Skopje.

      Why are Greeks blind to the reality that it is Bulgaria and Titoism that are against Greece. We, Macedonians, consider Greece to be our best neighbour nad want to live in peace with it.

      But if Greeks choose to be Boulgarophiles or “Boulgarizondes” insted of helping us, that is their problem.       

    22.  Sure nazi. Whatever you say,.


       “We are Slavs who came to this area in
      the sixth century … We are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians” –
      Kiro Gligorov, FYROM’s first President


      ‘We are not related
      to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the
      Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.’
      – FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper,
      February 24 1999

      do not claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great.’ – FYROM’S Ambassador
      Ljubica Acevshka, speech to US representatives in Washington on January 22 1999

      The idea that Alexander the Great
      belongs to us was at the mind of some outsider groups only. These groups were
      insignificant in the first years of our independence. But the big problem is
      that the old Balkan nations have been learned to legitimize themselves through
      their history. In the Balkans to be recognized as a nation you need to have
      history of 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Since you (Greece ) forced us to invent a
      history, we did invent it.’

      (FYROM Foreign
      Minister Denko Maleski – 1991 to 1993)



      “It should be
      noted that there is NO CONNECTION between the Macedonians of the
      time of Alexander the Great who were a GREEK tribe and today’s
      so-called ‘macedonians’ of the ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of

      macedonia’ or
      FYROM, who are of SLAVIC origin and related to BULGARIANS.” -David H Levinson,
      ‘The Encyclopaedia of Ancient Cultures’


      Greeks have lived in Anatolia
      for millennia, especially along the Aegean coast. For a while, under
      Alexander, they dominated the land. And for all intents and purposes, the
      Byzantine Empire was Greek.[.] The first Ottoman census, of 1477, counted
      half of Constantinople’s population as Greek, and four-hundred years
      later, even after the Greek War of Independence, it was still 21 percent
      Greek.  –  David Lowenthal, “The heritage
      crusade and the spoils of history. (1998)

    25. You wish Greeks to “help you” usurp our own identity? Have you former self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians of FYROM no shame?

      “The creation
      of the Macedonian nation, for almost half of a century, was done in a condition
      of single-party dictatorship. In those times, there was no difference between
      science and ideology, so the “Macedonian” historiography, unopposed by anybody,
      comfortably performed a selection of the historic material from which the
      “Macedonian” identity was created. There is nothing atypical here for the
      process of the creation of any modern nation, except when falsification from
      the type of substitution of the word “Bulgarian” with the word “Macedonian”
      were made.” (Denko Maleski, former Minister of foreign affairs of FYROM
      from 1991 to 1993 in an interview to FYROM newspaper Utrinski Vesnik)

    26. Do you have reading comprehension problems? I don’t support Golden Dawn. However, this does not mean I support tyrannical anti-Hellenic far leftist fanatics either.

    27. The anti-hellenes want you to support Golden Dawn. Your sort of rhetoric (as well as far leftist extremists like Syriza) will cause a civil war in Greec if not checked. This is not in Greek interests. You are no patriot using such words. You only undermine the security of our country.

      If Golden Dawn (or anyone) wish to protect borders… volunteer their services to the government or military… don’t go around like lawless thugs randomly attacking people. Otherwise be prepared to be criminally prosecuted as domestic terrorists like far left terrorist extremists..

    28. As a Greek I find your words  “plenty of whites” and “Hail Gold Dawn” very revealing as to your real motives. Fascism.

      Golden Dawn”s lawlessly racist shannigans don’t stop, I will support
      our government in outright banning this party and criminally prosecuting
      any of its members that are involved in domestic terrorism.

      I do
      not support leftist extremist thugs either but this does mean we should
      support far right thugs either. Patriots Greeks seek the interests of
      their country in rational ways not in irrational ways that bring ruin to
      their own country (see Nazis)  Groups like Syriza and Golden Dawn will destroy our country if we let them.

    29. I strongly agree with deporting illegals but this doesn’t equate to supporting bands of roving lawless racist thugs randomly attacking migrants.

      If Golden Dawn party officials do not stop encouraging this behaviour I think the Greek government should look into pressing criminal charges on some of its member and possibly branding it a terrorist organization.

      If someone wants to help Greece deport illegals I applaud their patriotism. However they should be doing so by volunteering their services to Greek state not randomly going around attacking people and engaging in fascist-like behaviour.

    30. I cannot understand why the word “immigrant” is used. The moment they cross the border illigally they are criminals. In fact maybe they should be called crimmigrants. They cost the Greek state billion Euro as they eat, create inflation, take jobs, use the sewage system, use the health system and pay no  tax at all. Under international law a refugee is a person forced out its country which find refuge in the first country where he is not persecuted. A Somali in Kenya can be called a refugee, but if he cross another border , he is an opportunist and therefore a crimmigrant. If you work to build your house and keep your family to two children and the neighbour does nothing the whole day except producing children one after the other, are you bound to accept those kids into your house. Maybe there should be a law forcing those crimmigrants to be sterilised. You  will see how fast they move. ISRAEL IS KICKING THE WHOLE SORRY LOT OUT! WE SHOULD ALL PRAISE ISRAEL FOR THE GOOD WORK AND FOR SHOWING THE WAY

    31. “I cannot understand why the word “immigrant” is used”

      I don’t support antics of Golden Dawn extremists but I do consider any individual that references illegals as “immigrants” and doesn’t  mention the “minor” detail virtually all these people viiolated Greek law by sneaking into our country (I.e. criminals) or tries to manipulatively use “racism” as a method to justify their violation of our borders…

      ……as racist against Greeks.

      Albeit not as extreme a situations as Greece every country in the world deports illegals. We have every moral right to deport illegals (including profiling to achieve that ends despite what a few ranting NGO’s claim).  We have every right to expect our borders respected.

      If some Greek-hating bigot doesn’t like us deporting illegals, they should feel free to request Greece send them to their own country to process rather than give self-righteous lectures. I am fed up with anti-Greek rhetoric.

    32. Your attempts to outlaw and crack down will be met with resistance.

      There are thousands upon thousands of men in the United States prepared to return to Europe and fight you.  This is real and we are not kidding — I should know as I personally have organized over two hundred who are ready to leave at a moments notice.

      We welcome conflict.  We want the war.

    33. I don’t know if you are actually a Golden Dawn supporter or someone pretending to be one to stir up trouble but your quaint threats of “hundreds” are amusing when there are millions of Greeks that would fight fascists.

      Fair warning. If Golden Dawn (or far leftist  violent fanatic counterparts) keep ignoring the law they will eventually find themselves in prison.  Your  violent ilk are no patriot. You are a thug.

    34.  “Patriotis” like you are like Syriza “patriots” … extremists who work against the interests of Greece. Rather than focusing on protecting our country you create even more problems with your irrational extremism.

    35. The conflict has been coming to a head for a long time now.  Where do you think most of your country’s debt came from?  The Olympics?

      No — it was from massive military expenditure.  Your government knows what is coming.

    36. I am American of Spanish origin. I know many Greeks here in the US and they all support Golden Dawn.
      The country needs all the support it can get as your women get raped in the streets by Pakistanis and Eritreans and all of you “moderate”, “middle of the road” faggots do nothing to stop it.

    37. As I said.. If you resort to lawless violence then  be prepare to be arrested and put in prison.

    38. So you aren’t Greek after all. You are just a fascist the identifies with extremists in Greeks.  Any Greeks you know that support GD are likely because of the thuggish circles you run around in. In practice GD only make up a minority of the population.

      You have allowed yourself to be consumed by hate  rather than reason.   You fail to understand basic logic if you need to argue with straw men and red herrings that somehow if someone doesn’t support fascism this automatically makes them pro rape, pro crime and pro illegal immigration.

      You are also irrational if you think you are on verge of over throwing the
      world and institute your racist ideology. In the real world tough talking chauvinists  typically hide behind their internet connections because they  very well know that, despite their glories claims of pending revolution there is things others can do to oppose them. In the real world governments  (which are voted by the  majority of people) put extremist thugs that act out in prison. If you wish to behave like western equivalent of jihadist terrorist… then you will be treated like a terrorist..

    39. I mightily disagree with your fascinating thesis that “”middle of the road” faggots” can do nothing to stop extremists like you.

      You make the mistake of confusing moderates for pacifists. Most moderates are fully prepared to use force to defend their countries and freedoms against any violent fascist thugs much like they are prepared to use force against violent communist thugs, religious extremists, or lawless thugs of any ideology. Any force by terrorists will not only will be met with force… but with much greater force. In short, you would lose.

      My recommendation to you is instead of wasting your life calling for violent change… peacefully work with democratic processes to institute the changes you desire rather than going around terrorizing others.

    40. In the American revolution, less than 5% of the population took up arms against the British — and they won.
      Don’t flatter yourself.

    41. You are the one flattering yourself. In practice you many act like big tough man behind your internet connection but in practice you have no power. We both know if you acted out your would be put in prison.

    42. “Life is not worth the effort if it is not to be burnt up in the service of a great enterprise.”
      — Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

      Let come what comes.