Turkish Investors Plan Casino on Chios, Spa for Kos

The Turkish daily Sabah has reported that a casino project is being planned on the island of Chios, while a Turkish-owned spa is reportedly already operating on another island, Kos.

The newspaper report refers to the Greek crisis that is forcing the government to sell or rent any viable public property, real estates, islands and islets in order to boost its economy with foreign investments and that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ government is ready to to grant Turkish and foreign investors incentives to lure them.

The same newspaper noted in a different report that Greek young people are willing to work 10 hours a day to land a job amidst the ongoing recession. Turkish businessman Mehmet Karadinc from Marmaris has reportedly opened a hammam spa facility in Kos, where Greek employees are trained for three weeks in Turkey to learn the operation.

Turkish and foreign investors are eying Greece as the best place to open businesses, with the country in dire need of cash and investment costs dropping. With an unemployment rate at 23.6 percent, a record high – and 54.9 percent for those under-25 – the government is keen to make it easier to invest in Greece, which has a notoriously unfriendly reputation for businesses and labyrinthine and costly procedures to open one.

(With information from zougla.gr)


  1. Wet should not be focusing on tourism and casinos. (which only bring low skill low paying jobs). We should be looking over the long term towards technology and industry.

  2. Greeks are not allowed to purchase property in Turkey, but we are handing it right over to them….wonderful

  3. Try and recover with tourism? So many academics in Greece and the only solution thought of is to encourage more tourism?! There’s no hope…

  4.  I completely agree with you. Tourism is a ridiculous industry. Its like telling our children to pursue an education in toilet cleaning and house cleaning rather than as mathematicians and physicists.  Tourist jobs are for the unemployed or the uneducated not something we should be focusing on as a country.  Our government should be focusing on bringing high tech and manufacturing jobs to Greece.

    We should not repeat the same mistakes of last couple of decades of focusing on Hedonistic short term thinking. We must think long term and set a solid foundation for future. Casinos and cheap disco’s isn’t doing that.


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