Crisis Pushes Greek Students to Bulgaria, Romania

In the past decades, especially in the 1980’s-90’s, many Greek students chose foreign universities – mostly Romanian and Bulgarian – to study for post-graduate degrees, and now the Greek economic crisis is increasing their numbers, according to

The Greek newspaper Imerissia reported too that about eight of 10 Greek students having already enrolled in Czech and Slovakian universities are now trying to be allowed to study in Romanian and Bulgarian universities instead due to the low cost of living. Apart from students of Greek descent, several other Europeans choose the same countries to study to save money.

In 2008, when a worldwide recession began, young Greeks’ interest to study in previously popular countries such as the UK, Italy, France, Germany and the United States decreased significantly in contrast to Balkan countries. There were 2,339 Greek students in universities in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 2011, compared to only 1,315 in 2007.

The numbers are expected to jump sharply, to about 2,600, with Greece in the fifth year of deep recession and 2 1/2-years into crushing austerity measures that have seen big cuts in government spending, including education.

The data shows that one of them has already graduated from a Greek university and is now trying to get a second degree at some other field. The most popular Universities in the Balkan countries for Greeks offer graduate degrees in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy (28%), while Pedagogy and Law schools come next (24%) followed by Polytechnic (20%) and Economic schools (16%).


  1. We need more mathematicians, engineers, and physics. This is the backbone of a technology based society that we must convert ourselves into. Tourist industry is for low skilled low paying job, We will end up a third world country if we don’t focus on producing technology.

  2. Being American, whenever I see a lot of people studying Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy, that means that the local economy is not producing enough attractive jobs in business.  We have the same problem in states like South Carolina or Alabama, where most people have to provide some sort of personal service (hair stylist, dentist, attorney, tax advisor) to make a decent living.  The only way out is to prove your residents are better in science, R&D and business than elsewhere; that’s always a tough sell.

  3. Who are you to divide the world?  from which world are you?  First world, second world.  Tell me why countries with so much resources that more powerful countries are exploiting can be considered third world?

  4. And who are you not to? My suggestion is to stop listening to crypto-commie nonsense because it will turn your mind into mush

    The human mind has the capacity to make  reasoned judgments. It is unwise not to exploit that capacity. Some might not like labels but nevertheless there are big differences between first and third third world nations. You don’t want to end up a bronze medal winner.

  5. Exactly right. Unfortunately Greece (which I love dearly despite the critique I am about to offer)  currently still has too many pretentious crypto-commie pseudo-intellectuals that try to equalize all people and things. Lots a lots of hot air about good deeds but alas not enough doing.

    The irony is Greece is the source of the word physics, mathematics, and technology yet some Greeks today seem to have developed a phobia of these fields. Begging for tips from tourists  is no different than research into quantum mechanics.  We don’t dare use our cognition to make value judgments on ourselves. Our current economic problems are the result of the banks, the Germans,  the Jews, Americans, the rich and my grandmother. It has nothing to do with the fact we produce nothing worthwhile in trade but expect to live like kings at the expense of others.

    I know my country can achieve much greater but I believe the its-all-good comrade mentality must first be purged before it can be replaced with the relentlessl pursuit of excellence.

  6. To answer your question  you need look no further than north and south korea.

    One achieves production through technology and self-dependence. The other pursues empty narratives of glorious comradeship…. while producing nothing but hungry people.