Athina Onassis: “A Heartless Doll Made of Steel”

In his biography of Athina Onassis, granddaughter and heiress of the late tycoon Aristole Onassis, Alexis Mantheakis portrays her as tough, cold and uncaring to her family. In the book, Athina Onassis: In the Eye of the Storm, the Greek lawyer writes of how she shunned her aunt who was destitute.

Mantheakis describes her as “a doll made of steel” in regard to her attitude toward her aunt Olga Onassis. According to Mantheakis, Olga asked Athina to help her several times because she was poor, but she said Athina denied to do so.

The Greek newspaper Real News quoted this passage to illustrate the point: “When her aunt, Olga Onassis, who faced serious financial problems asked her financial support, she refused to help her. Athina did not call her aunt back, and never replied to a letter sent by Olga Onassis to her niece. Olga was calling me every ten days or so, and was telling me she was totally broke and that she could not work because she was quite old.”

Mantheakis continued that, “Athina and her close people in Switzerland ignored Olga. Few months later, Olga Onassis ended up eating her meals at the soup kitchen of the St. Nikolaos church. At the same time, on October 22nd 2003, according to the Brazilian press, Athina bought an expensive present costing about $230,000 for her then boyfriend, now husband, Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto, also known as Doda.”


  1. she is like a disrespectful teenager that never grows up not just to her aunt but to Greece and to humanity

  2. Altruism should be voluntary not through coercion or guilt like manipulative commies promote. if Mrs. Onassis want to help someone else it is morally admirable but not morally obligatory.

  3. Athina Onassis is a cold hearted brat fuckin GROW UP !!!  She desnt deserve any of her Grandfathers wealth especially when she doesnt respect her own country GREECE and lives in her little world it doesnt work that way Athina a lot of Aris wealth is being watched by the Greek Government given by Aris himself shes a cheap little spoiled lady wake up smell the country . I  think she should live in Greece permanent in order to get Grandfathers Wealth respect how it was all estableshed Cold French Gal  not worth carrying the Onassis name its shame

  4. Why should this kid (who is only half Greek) feel anything for a place in which she wasn’t raised? A place that bought nothing but misery to her disfunctional mother’s family? And what did Thia Olga do for Athina in all the years she was growing up without a mother and without any Greek family to give her a cultural affinity? Seems to me the only time the aunt remembered she had a niece is when she wanted money.  Give Athina a break, no-one knows what her side of the story is and there are always two sides. Remember the old adage, don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

  5. yeah. your right being a good person is optional, especially since she grew up around non Greek elitist.  If you knew the history behind her you wouldn’t say that.  Its a common thing for well know Greeks to move to France and Sweden, UK, USA and live their cosmopolitan lives, and love their heritage but refuse to acknowledge the reality of Greece; meanwhile they come here for their summer vacations, no one wants to make a difference in their motherland.   She is still young but has some kind of superiority complex whereas money makes people feel their entitled, along with other things.  At 13 years old she said she had “an aversion to anything Greek”   Hmm… why would a 13 years old say that other than people putting ideas in her head.  When she married her Brazillion hub she tried to get in touch with her hellenism but expected Greece to give her husband citizenship so he could enlist in the equestrian Olympics as a Greek.   Please,  this girl has no clue, she is uneducated and immature.  Her grandfather even from beyond the Grave was too smart for this mongrel.  If you read about his will you will see he is preventing her from acting out against Greece.       Peace…     

  6. They have no idea.  Reporters out for a juicy story.  The way some of my family have treated me I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.  Too  much pain makes you go cold.

  7. Athina has been kept away from the greek side of the family by her father who did not even respect Ahtina’s mother wish on her will that her daughter should learn greek and be in contact with Greece! Regarding her aunt, I do not get it: why shouldnt she help a relative of her grandfather to whom, after all, she owes everything she has.