Bulgarian Doctors, Pharmacists Make House Calls in Xanthi

Bulgarian doctors and pharmacists are offering home visits and medication to the residents of Greek villages located near the border, according to reports of local news agencies. The new illegal business has been flourishing over the past few months mainly in the mountainous villages near the Xanthi district.

No reports have yet been submitted to the associations of doctors and pharmacists in Xanthi but the activity of Bulgarian doctors is common knowledge and leads to losses of state revenue, according to reports from Greek news agencies.

The price of home visits by doctors and pharmacists is said to be only 5-10 euros, up to 10 times less than seeing a Greek doctor in a private practice. “The problem with illegal trade from Bulgaria, which is already connected to Greece by five border crossing points, is huge because there is no serious control,” says Stilianos Moraitis, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Xanthi.

He noted that although Greeks used to go to Bulgaria to take advantage of medical services, the trend has reversed and Bulgarian doctors and pharmacists are now touring the cafes in the villages to look for patients.

(Source: BTA, ana-mpa)


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