Crete Wants Sultana Raisin to be Protected Product

Minister of Rural Development and Food, Athanasios Tsaftaris said that the Cretan Sultana raisin will be promoted to the European Union  product with designation of origin (PDO) to protect its status as a commodity indigenous to the island.

The respective dossier will be directly forwarded to the European Commission in order to launch the registration procedure in the Community PDO and Protected Geographical Inication (PGI) register of the EU.

The relevant amendment had been tabled by the partnership of Cretan sultanas growers KSOS. As noted by the Greek Minister, promoting and publicizing the quality and uniqueness of the Greek products is vital for their successful promotion in the foreign markets. “Safeguarding products with geographical indications equals to certifiying their uniqueness, while it also adds value to them, which would prove beneficial for the local producers and rural economy” explained Tsaftaris.


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