Crisis Making Prostitutes Of Many Greeks

While Greece’s crushing economic crisis and brutal austerity measures have many people wondering where their next meal is coming from and cutting back on spending, the number of people selling sexual services has risen by 150 percent in two years, according to a study by EKKE (Greek Center for Social Sciences) and the Institute of Criminology at Panteion University.

The survey found that many young women and men are working as prostitutes to escape poverty. Other causes are long-term unemployment, drug use and social exclusion and the research indicated that prostitution is totally out of control in Greece, especially in Athens. Sexual services surged during the time of the 2004 Olympic Games, with a rise mostly in the center of Athens.

Only a handful of brothels are operating lawfully with the others having no licenses or health inspections and the government has mainly cracked down on the prostitutes, not their customers. According to KEELPNO (Greek Institute for Public Health and Diseases) the number of HIV victims has risen by 50-60% in 2012 in comparison with 2011.



  1. This story is too vague, yet somehow managed to be scattered all over the place at the same time.  Intro/Body/Conclusion, journalism 101.

  2. Prostitution is not new for Greece even in good times figures where higher than what the report publish. Before the crisis prostitutes from all over the world could be found in Greece mainly working in Greek Islands through introduction agencies, in massage parlours and Delux hotels without any license while some Greek couples do work individually through advertised mobile number in the internet so where is the news??? Unofficially, Greece is well known to Russians for prostitution and the trade is the 1st in history to be established and some companies do trade under the name of employment agencies providing this service with huge sum of money to wealthy clients while spending their holidays in the Greek Islands. The news is to catch those who operate illegally.

  3. The “special tax” – 30% on OPAP gross revenues on top of the normal
    corporate tax rate of around 21% — the highest ever imposed in a
    eurozone member state — limited until 2020 — has to be imposed on ALL
    companies to protect the workers, pensioners and the poor.

  4. No. You can’t comprehend the story. It is about Greek girls that are going over to Italy to sell themselves to the Italians so you Greek men can brag how the rest of poorer European countries have prostitutes working in Greece. So while your doing foreign women in Greece, foreign men are paying for Greek women. It’s a cycle.

    Although there are a few Greek girls grinding their bodies with others on the podiums in Mykonos hardly dressed. I’m sure if I offered her a 50€ she would have done more.

  5. sorry Kokisuxkok,But the vast majority of prostitutes in Greece are not of Greek origin. Would you consider truly greek a girl with the name yaroslava or esmine? or an eastern European  girl that worked previously in Greece and  moved in Italy?There are barely Greek prostitutes in Greece. Abroad is just a joke.

  6. Not really, by leaving Greece they are able to keep families from fi ding out and hope to make enough money to return with their reputations in tact. Same with the girls in Greece they would never do it in their home countries. Sad to see the world coming to this.

  7. I booked an escort while a was in Italy a moth ago that she claimed to be Greek. It turned out she was Bulgarian in the reality. No greek escorts there…