Paastel Electric Trike Cuts Through Traffic Fast

With so many Greeks throwing up their hands in despair at a crushing economic crisis and harsh austerity measures, two young entrepreneurs, Padelis Zarkos and Stelios Plakidis, have shown there is still ingenuity in the country.

The two have invented an electric tricycle and named it the Paastel Electric Trike, combining their names and their minds. They said the vehicle has unique advantages for use in cities.

It is economic and environmentally-friendly and consumes 150 times less energy than a small city car for the same distance, only o.o1 KWh/h. The Paastel needs the same amount of energy to cover 100 kilometers, or 62 miles,  as a 100-watt bulb, while the car uses as much energy as the bulb if it were left burning for two consecutive months.

With today’s high priices of gasoline, the user needs only 80 euro cents per 100 kilometers, instead of 12.6 with a consumption of 7it/100km with an ordinary city car. For those who believe that bikes may be cheaper but slower than cars, research shows they often are quicker getting through crowded city traffic, at 15.5 miles per hour instead of 12.4

As the two technologists stated during their official presentation, Paastel trike’s uniqueness is its seat which is specially designed to provide maximum comfort to the rider. Their unique project was officially presented at the Open Coffee Thessaloniki XXV, a forum for new ideas and projects created from young people.

It has also its fan page in Facebook ( and a youtube chanel ( where you can see it in action.




  1. Nice Vicky/Terry – you’re obviously the same person. The article doesn’t state that it was invented by these two, they just improved on the design of the trike. Pay more attention.

    There are also electric bicycles that are probably easier to store than this.


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