Turkish Research Vessel Sails in Greek Waters

Turkey said one of its vessels will conduct oceanographic research within the Greek continental shelf of Kastelorizo, southeastern Mediterranean. According to an Ethnos daily report, the Turkish research vessel R/V BILIM-2 will be in Greek waters through Sept. 30 in the region south off Rhodes to the Alexandretta Bay.

According to the NAVTEX 570 report issued by the Turkish authorities, the vessel will explore the waters in seven different regions including three which belong to the Greek continental shelf.

The Turkish vessel will sail east of Rhodes to the east of Karpathos and south of Kastelorizo at the borders of the Greek territorial waters. It is believed that attempts by Turkey to find hydrocarbon resources within the territorial waters of Northern Cyprus, the part of the island it has unlawfully occupied since invading in 1974, have failed.



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