Two Pakistanis Stabbed Near Anti-Racist Demo

    Two Pakistani immigrants were in hospital late Saturday after being stabbed on the margins of an anti-racism rally on the outskirts of Athens, police said.
    One of them was said to be in a serious condition.
    The attack, in the western suburb of Metamorfossi, came after the end of the demonstration, in which about 300 people were protesting racist violence.
    A motorbike and a car stopped in front of the men and a group of people got out and attacked them with knives. A third Pakistani immigrant with them at the time escaped unhurt, said police.
    (source: AFP)


    1.  Yes, the children are innocens but you also froget all thoses poor girls from Africa, East Europe and Asia who have been trafficked into Greece by criminels to be prostitutes. They are innocents too.

    2.  Normal, many of them have paid tresspassers to have false papers and I can tell you that the favored false identity cards are the belgian ones.

    3. Do we really expect every white and ONLY whites to react RATIONALLY to something as irrational as massive immgration and assimilation in EVERY white country and only in white countries? Do we really expect Aussies, Britons, Canadians, Russians, Europeans, and Americans to just “tuck tail” and stomach this obvious program designed to destroy ONLY white countries and every white person?

      They want massive immigration and assimilation in EVERY white country and only in white countries. The UN and the ICC say that is GENOCIDE; white genocide.

      They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

      Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    4.  You shouldn’t lump every muslim into the same pot. Just like GD are extremists in Greece, Muslims also have their own extremists.


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