Golden Dawn Presses Arrest for Paisios Blasphemy

    A  27-year-old man was arrested in Greece for alleged blasphemy against a famous Greek monk, Elder Paisios, after pressure was applied by the ultra-religious neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has 18 Members of Parliament, Business Insider reported.

    Paisios, an Orthodox monk from Cappadocia who died in 1994, was highly venerated in Greece and Russia, and formal canonization as saint in the near future has been speculated. The unnamed suspect set up a Facebook page using the mocking name Geron Pastitsios, which is a Greek pasta dish.

    The arrest was agitated by the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party, which is heavily supported by the police, according to some Twitter users. “The issue was raised in the Parliament by the Neo- Nazi group Golden Dawn, after which the police was mobilized,” claimed Stratos Safioleas, International Media Adviser at PyeongChang2018.

    “The cyber crime spotted recently in (…) Facebook a page ( which contained blasphemies and insults against Elder Paisios and Orthodox Christianity,” read a press release from the police’s cybercrime unit, claiming police received thousands of complaints about the page from people all over the world. The cybercrime unit took the page offline and seized Evia’s laptop, before arresting him.

    Three articles of the Greek Penal Code punishes whoever “by any means blasphemes God.” Article 199 states that “who publicly and maliciously and by any means blasphemes the Greek Orthodox Church” shall be punished “by imprisonment for not more than two years.” In 2003, an Austrian writer, Gerhard Haderer, was prosecuted for his book The Life of Jesus, which reportedly portrayed Jesus as a hippie. He was acquitted in 2005. The Greek Orthodox Church is the official state church for Greece.

    Last week, Muslims in Greece protested an American-made film it said blasphemes the Prophet Mohammad and the head of the Muslim Association of Greece said Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was a racist because he has failed to provide a mosque for Islam’s followers.


    1. For once we agree. This is a silly law.

      However, I would note you only criticized GD and didn’t criticize the mob of Islamic extremists that protested in Athens for precisely this. Why are you so anti-Greek Sal? Why didn’t you speak out against those Islamic extremists protesting in Athens?

    2. I bealive in freedom this is an outdated law most Islamic countries are not Democtratic they have a problem with Relgion they need to change.

    3. Iam not Anti Greek As a Greek Iam ashamed of the actions of Golden Dawn I tell you a story I saw a women she said I came to Greece to escape the Taliban now that Iam here in Greece I want to go back at least the Taliban will kill me here in Greece it is torture everyday from Golden Dawn that’s why Iam ashamed to be Greek.

    4.  You didnt’ answer my question Sal. Why the double standards against Greeks bigot?

      If one goes back to the article on the mob of Muslims extremists in Athens that wanted to punish  that anti-Islamic film maker for blasphemy just yesterday your wrote in support of them….

      “Well it looks like Golden Dawn is to afraid to cofront the muslims haaaaaaaaa cowards”

      “they keep doing these videos people will die thats the ugly truth.I bealive in free speach i cant speak for them”

      On another thread you wrote the American diplomat that was recently killed due to Islamic extremists over that video “got what he deserved”:

      Seems to me it is YOU that is the coward (and prejudiced towards Greeks). Still waiting for your to denounce the Muslim extremists that also exist in Greece rather than only apologize for them.

    5. It’s wrong what they do but the United States is wrong for many things because I bealive the United States has declared war on all of Islam.

    6.  Ah, the “but” is pretty fabulous. So you are fine with the murder of an ambassador — which, you’re both wrong, had nothing to do with a movie — so long as it’s someone you hate. You would fit right in with the Golden Dawn, Sal. You’re blinded by hatred. And you don’t even make any sense.

      America has a president now who is, according to Islamic law, Muslim himself through his father. And I think if the US had declared war on “all of Islam,” it would come as a news to the Kurds, Kosovo Armenians, Somalis, Iraqis, Afghanis and Bosnians the country has gone to war to protect these past 20 years.

      But, I’m sorry. You have your bigotry and mean to stick to it. If you want to see Golden Dawn, don’t look to the sky in the morning; just look in the mirror.

    7. In some ways this silly arrest presents an interesting opportunity. I will be watching closely if Muslim Association of Greece strongly protests the arrest or not. Hopefully it does… while simultaneously protesting these sorts of blasphemy laws in Muslims nations as well.  If it does not though, We will all know where they stand both of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    8.  I provided you clear cut evidence of your biases against Greeks. 

      It was only yesterday you were cheering on Muslim mob in Athens… who were arguing for precisely what GD wanted. Now today you denouce GD for doing the same thing?

      You do have prejudices Sal. You are so quick to show how you are “anti-nationalist” and “anti-racist” that you go to the opposite extreme and are racist against Greeks.

    9. I would agree with you that the movie was a just pretext to murder the US Ambassador.

      I would also agree with you Sal has severe prejudices against Greeks. He doesn’t see how unprincipled his behavior is and how he constantly bashes Greeks.

      IMO the reason for this is because many communists try too hard to show how they “aren’t racist” to foreigners to the point they become racists towards Greeks.

    10. Remember Iraq how many innocent people died tell me I been to Iraq I saw things you won’t even bealive

    11. When I talk to muslims they say they are oppressed by the United States and the West

    12. I used to think on the far right were racists but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that some on the far left are also racist but its a particular type of racism…. its an excesive self-loathing of their own ethnic group. They also have biases against people in wealthy nations. (blaming them for poverty in other nations)

    13.  Are you American? If so I have a frank question for you.

      Why do you think the US government, our Nato ally,  pretending not to notice the former Yugoslavia republics attempts to usurp our identity and  “United Macedonia” irredentist rhetoric?

      “This (US)
      Government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
      “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
      unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
      in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
      Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
      Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

    14.  No. I provided evidence of bias (your own words). You just evade evidence of your own contradictory unprincipled behavior. You do have prejudices against Greeks. (and others)

    15. There is narrative and there is reality. In reality Muslims in US get to open Mosques pretty much wherever they want. A muslim in US can tell Jesus to go f*ck him himself without violent backlash from Christians.

      Try doing that in Saudi Arabia Sal (or even Qatar where you say you will move soon).  You will be KILLED in short order.

    16. The problem with Islam isn’t moderate Muslims that just want to practice their faith on a personal level… .the problem is extremists politicize their faith into oppressive theocratic forms of government (Shiria) that are incomparable with freedom.

    17. ” Widespread early news coverage reported that the attack was part of a
      local protest that was a spontaneous response to an online preview of a movie considered offensive to Muslims. When U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice appeared on five different Sunday political talk shows
      on September 16 she asserted that the attacks were a “spontaneous
      reaction” to “a hateful and offensive video that was widely disseminated
      throughout the Arab and Muslim world.”[1] Analysts, however, noted early on that it appeared to have been a “complex attack” and professionally executed.[2] President Obama
      strongly condemned the attack and the administration said it would open
      an investigation into whether it was a planned terrorist attack.[3];’s response to the MURDER of a US diplomat in a protest about blasphemy…. “got what he deserved”? Then you want moderate Greeks to take anything commie extremists like you say seriously about human rights?

    18. I didn’t agree with Iraq war. Not because Saddam didn’t deserve to be removed as a dictator but because I believed it would be a strategic blunder than would only further encourage Islamic extremism (which it did)

      You on the other hand didn’t agree for mindless reasons. You just hate the US and prefer communist tyranny..

    19. There are certainly countries ahead of Greece but don’t mistake bad press over its fiances and politics with meaning majority of Greeks are backwards.

    20. Yet, nobody says anything when Muslim countries do the same thing, except with the death penalty. 

    21. Blasphemy laws? They are about the only thing stupider then Golden Dawn. 

      We laugh at backward Muslim countries using such laws and here we are, using them in Greece.

      Pathetic excuse for patrida.  

      The “Birthplace of Democracy,” WHAT A JOKE!!!

    23. Any wild hyperbole that Greece somehow isn’t a democracy suggests prejudice against greeks. Greece has a strong democracy…. arguable to the point of fault given we have mainstream parties that as extreme as Syriza and GD)

    24. I don’t agree with this law but don’t go over the top with your rhetoric against Greece or you’ll start sounding like a far left or right extremist.

    25. This a stupid law but your argument is way over the top. In practice this law is just an old law that is never used in practice (and will eventually be removed from law books when things calm down). People talk trash about religion all the time in Greece and you know it. In practice O think the last time this law was used was nearly a decade ago (and the person wasn’t punished as case was eventually dismissed).

      Just because the US also has some old backwards laws on its lawbooks (including religion related ones) doesn’t mean its a “pathetic excuse for a patrida”.

    26. Golden Dawn don’t care about the blasphemy law they just see it as just one more tool to eject Muslims in Greece. If they can make blasphemy illegal… then the Muslim faith is illegal. (much like some extreme Muslim governments silence christian, Jewish and other non-Muslim faiths in places like Saudi Arabia).

      Most Greeks would never stand for such extremism of course but many of us are caught between two extremes. On the far right we have extremists that want to portray all Muslims as fanatics (which of course its true either) but lessor talked about is on the far left we have some Greeks that ridiculously want to put their head in the ground around very real Muslim extremism (to show how they “aren’t racist”).

      There are definitely a non-trivial number of extremists mixed in to the Muslim community in Greece., For example the current Egyptian  head of “Muslim Association of Greece” seems to be a religious extremist.  Aside from using Islam to recently try and interfere in internal Greek politics by manipulatively slandering our elected head of state as “racist” and offensively encouraging illegal immigration seemingly because many of the illegals coming in are Muslims.

      MaG also has ties to extremist Islamic groups like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Some of the  leftist NGO’s and media that support MaG are very low on moral credibility at the moment. MaG associates with Muslims that explicitly wish to institute Sharia theocratic rule in Greece while simultaneously manipulatively claiming to be seeking “equality”?  This is like claiming to be against fascism… then associating with the gestapo. Greeks fought for our liberation from Ottoman Muslim theocracy. We have no intention of going back to one now. That’s not racism. That’s a desire to stay free.

      I judge if a Muslim is moderate not only by what they say about tolerance towards religion in non-Muslim dominated countries but what they say about intolerance in some Muslim countries. If they they are also critical of severe religious oppression in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia (or any country that has state level shiara) I take them seriously. If they support theocratic rule I don’t take their beliefs of “equality” sincerely. Not all Muslim extremists are violent terrorists. Some of them try to impediment theocratic rule manipulatively through the political domain. In many respects these are more serious a threat then the terrorists because they’ve been legitimatized by some in mainstream. (including some mostly left NGOs and media)

      Moderate forms of Shiara on personal level is not the problem. Its when its encouraged on government level that problems arise. When there is christian, Jewish, and Hindi places of worship in Mecca… then I think the Greek government should be more lax around Muslim places of worship in Athens. 

      I am not religious at all. It think Muslims should be free to build a Mosque but I were it up to me I would first vocally tie the building of a Mosque in Athens to the building of the first Greek orthodox church in Mecca. Such a fair exchange would stand as both a symbol of Christian and Muslim tolerance towards each other. (which would help silence both non-Muslim and Muslim extremists since no one could point to the other as oppressing other faiths in their own countries)

    27.  For once there isn’t such thing as “anti”-Greek and I am speaking from logical scientific prospective. Second, I am from Germany and I suggest you to abandon your delusional wishful fantasies such as failed attempts with us being “jealous” and “hateful” of your so called “history” because we understand the logical truth that it’s nothing more than a psychological projection and reflection of your own inferiority complex, insecurities and miserable loneliness. I just respond to your comments because they are hilariously retarded. Admit it, you are always gonna be jealous and hateful for Germany’s favor that’s the most reliable truth.
      Okay, you shouldn’t speak your fellow patriotic Greek with so much education and critical thinking for being “anti”-Greek since you are totally worthless, uneducated and retarded. You can read a bunch of your history books as you desire, but you will never achieve total enlightment such as myself.
      Christianity is just a laughable comic book with a bunch of retarded moral codes and with some non-retarded moral codes. That’s it….there is no truth. Did you realise what I stating as truth there? I am not stating the “thruth” as in your self-definition of the word “truth” which is saying that Orthodox Christianity as physical evidence of “truth” and mentioning the exact opposite of what the 99% of the sane population and scientific community.
      I don’t believe in some nonextistent magicians of some fairytiales of any kind. I had that extraordinary charisma as genius child from birth. I didn’t believe in Santa Claus and Toothfairy too. I demanded my parents evidence to support their points.


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