Are Greeks Europeans?

Europa and the bull
Business strategist Peter Economides gives an answer to a German journalist of Süddeutsche Zeitung who asked if Greeks are Europeans.

By Peter Economides* – It took me a while to answer this question. Not because it was a difficult question to which I did not have an answer. But simply because it had been asked.

The person asking was a known journalist from Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of the most widely read, and most highly respected, German newspapers.

Isn’t Europe a Greek name?
The woman abducted by Zeus in the form of a white bull?

Isn’t Greek thought at the heart of European civilization? Perhaps we don’t have to go as far as claiming, as did Giscard d’Estaing that “Europe without Greece would be like a child without a birth certificate.” But where did we go wrong?Apart from the genesis of Europe – in name or in spirit – isn’t Europe a mosaic? A beautiful, multicolored mosaic in which each piece plays a role and the whole is bigger than each of its individual pieces.It was a big question this journalist was asking me.
Much, much bigger than I thought.Of course Greeks are Europeans.Perhaps not, however, in a world dominated by productivity, efficiency, balanced books and the Protestant ethic. But is this all that Europe is about?

Greeks are under pressure.
To become “good Europeans.” And what it means to be a good European is dominated by the Northern European definition. This definition may move sometime to the more encompassing idea with which the European Union was initially intended. But no matter what, it is up to Greeks to carve out a meaningful role within Europe and the world. And Greeks can only do this by being in touch with their essential DNA. If Greeks lose this DNA, then Greeks lose themselves. Full stop.

Let me make one thing clear. I am not talking about physiological DNA. This page is not the place to attempt to trace back Greek lineage to the ancients.

I am talking about the essential concept of Greece. The spirit with which Greeks live their lives. The stuff that defines the “Greekness” of Greece. About what makes this nation tick. What makes us get up in the morning.

I think the world understands what this is. It’s called life. And the amazing love that Greeks have for life. It was present in ancient Greece. The love of humanity that gave rise to democracy. The love of beauty that gave rise to sculpture. The love of peace that gave rise to the Olympic Truce. The love of knowledge which gave rise to science. The love of discovery that gave rise to philosophy. The love of wisdom that shines from the Acropolis in Athens.

Life. This is Greek knowhow. And when we harness its creative power we will reverse our image as a nation with a zest for life and an aversion to productivity. We need to utilize our “life knowhow” and transform it into creative enterprise that will be valued by the world. This is how we can reignite our economy. By doing things that Greeks can excel at. By creating sustainable competitive advantage based on the uniquely Greek knowledge – and love – of life.

Peter Economides*Peter Economides is a brand strategist with a global perspective. He has lived on four continents doing work that has impacted brands and consumers almost everywhere. He has learned from the leaders of some of the world’s best brands. He is the owner and founder of Felix BNI.


  1. I don’t like that some try to trivialize our connection ancient Greeks (typically on the liberal and left end of the political spectrum)  This is a subtle attempt to redefine our identity being pushing primarily by the outside world not Greeks themselves (ala name dispute). Let us not forget the name of our country is not a reference to ancient Mayans. It is a statement of who we see ourselves connected to.

    Contrary to the bizarre claims of our critics we are conencted to ancient Greeks (including biologically so). Of course we are not pure ancient Greeks (who themselves were not pure ancient Greeks) However  neither are modern Germans and British pure ancient anything either. I don’t imagine that the British would be amused if northern France renamed themselves “ethnic English” and started insinuating 1/3 of the UK was “British occupied England”.

    There should be no need to constantly apologize or trivialize our identity. The bulk of the Greek nations language and culture stems from ancient Greeks not ancient Eskimos. 180 contrary to the twisted hyperbole claims of some of our pretentious critics in name dispute (who I would note now dishonestly pretend not to FYROM’s change into ‘ancient Macedonians” and irredentist rhetoric) that we have “nothing” in common with ancient Greeks there is not a single city dwelling people on earth with more in common with ancient peoples. Given the massive influence on our modern culture ancient Greeks have its not even close. When places like China are ready to consider Confucius Russian I take criticisms of Greek identity more seriously.

    I think the problem with some people (not only among Greeks) is they dissemble nations until nothing is left.. It’s just a language in common… its just some geography… is just a few genes…. is just some culture… etc.  Using such a “imagined community” view of identity even ancient Greeks themselves wouldn’t qualify as being related to ancient Greeks. Even modern Americans, would not qualify as real Americans.  To paraphrase Heraclitus we never step into the same river twice. The disassembling sorts claim the nation is our imagination because they;ve confuse the water with the river. We are the river that is Greece. 

    Other than that irk… great article.

  2. Framing the essence of Greeks  as love of life is incoherent and trivializes what in means to be Greek.

    The reason why we call ourselves Greeks isn’t to self-glorify as patronizing pomo authors like Dimou and Sofos believe of all of us. It is to remember values that shaped not only our humanity but much of the rest of humanity as well. The name of a people is a reference point to ideas and culture that the people of that nation pursue.

    For Hellenes those values are supposed to include a relentless focus on philosophy, physics, mathematics, biology and other sciences. This is where Greece  has failed today. We have shamefully not pursued the core of what it means to be a Hellene and let others take the lead.  Instead half our country is investing itself in Byzantine thoughts and the other half shunning the very subjects that are the  heart of being Greek in lew of hedonism. Instead we worry about how to sell trinkets to tourists and asking for handouts because we are not producing ourselves.

    If we want Greeks to ever be respected as “real” Greeks… there is only one path to it. Performance in the realm of ideas (in particular sciences and technological innovation).  That is is at the heart of being Greek. Any Greeks that don’t struggle for excellence in these ideals call yourselves Byzantines because you are unworthy of the name Greek.

  3. Unfortunatelly, greedy, stupidity and selfishness drove the country to bankruptcy. Its sad to see Greece has reached this stage, the country will never regain its economy and its independence again untill the hidden power strugle disappear and justice takes over…

  4. Power comes from implementation of good ideas. Our situation has little to do with outside world. It is a consequence of our own pursuit of bad ideas. If we pursuit time tested hellenic ideas like philosophy, physics, mathematics and other sciences we will succeed. It we focus on selling trinkets to tourists (which has nothing to do with Hellenism) we will continue to flounder.

  5.  The problem with some Greeks is they are uncomfortable in their own skin.

    Some try to be big shots. Typically far right Golden Dawn types that claim to be pure racial seed of Aristole and talk to everyone else is if they are inferiors. Meanwhile they are incompetent in anything remotely science related. Posers.

    Then there are the “modern” Greeks. ypically they are are pretentious pseudo intellectual leftists that either come from recently mixed families or post modernist types. They have not only talked themselves out of their Greek identity but absurdly go to extremes of suggesting we are utterly unrelated to ancient Greeks. They see Hellenization as some sort of paranoid oppressive conspiracy rather than something people living in Greece have done since ancient times in some form or another to keep Greek themes going.  Essentially these people are non-Greeks that for some inexplicable reason confuse themselves and others by referencing themselves as Greeks  (failed Hellenization)

    Then there what I consider the Byzantines. They are “proud” of their Greekness… then go to pray to Jesus on Sundays and know next to nothing about ancient Hellenes.

    None of these people understand the essence of a Greek is the culture and ideas Greeks live by. A nation in many respects is like a religion for the living. There are key attributes that must be preserved by the nation (language, some customs, values, ideas, territorial association, etc…)

    For the last three thousand or so years at least someone around the region of Greece has cared enough about ancient Greeks to preserve ancient Greek works, to preserve language (γιατί μιλάμε ελληνικά σήμερα), to preserve culture. It’s not a perfect 1-to-1 relationship and of course we’ve mixed with non-Greeks but the Greeks of Aristotle’s time are not the exact same as the ones of Mycenae times either. Nor were Hellenstic one’s exactly the same. Nor were Roman ones exactly the same either.  There is no such thing as some racially pure Greek and never has been.

    Our job today is to keep that streak of Greek memes going for the next three thousand. We shouldn’t listen to the patronizing Greek-hating bigots that couldn’t tell Hellenic  culture from a tomato. We all know the language on artifacts isn’t Slavic. We all know ancient Macedonians SELF-IDENTIFIED as Hellenes. Anyone that has read ancient Greek works know the focus of Hellenism is studying the natural world. If it wasn’t for that there ancient Greeks would have been a minor footnote in history.

    The bottom line is those that actually care about preserving Hellenic things preserve Hellenic things. They work to integrate those that also care about Hellenism. The posers stand around giant statues built in Italy. Those that don’t care or try to push multi-culturalism rather than Hellenism are pseudo-Greeks. We should have tolerance for non-Greeks and be open to good ideas from non-Greeks but the task of a Greek is also to preserve Greekness. Other peoples are focused on preserving their own cultures.  Greeks are the guardians of Greece.


  6. The answer to the question “are Greeks
    Europeans” is very simple: no. But neither are we Oriental.

    Had we managed to combine the BEST of both
    worlds – the efficiency of the West with the creativity of the East – we would
    have been invincible. A truly unique and powerful amalgamation of all things Europe.


    Our problem is that somehow, we have managed to
    combine the WORST of both worlds: A greed for money from the West and a love of
    cunning from the East. Somewhere between those two evils all “love of life” (or
    a love of the truly important things in life, as I suppose you really mean) is

    Can we find this “Greek DNA” amongst the rubble?
    It’s definitely there but stifled, dwindling and slowly but steadily giving up
    the spirit: in 10 years time, most of it will be dead or abroad. 

  7. Of course greeks are european, as I, portuguese, am european. And both our countries helped to shape Europe and, yes, ancient Greece had an important role. Athens and Rome were essential. As for the rest, so, greeks are known for their love of humanity and science? Is that a brand strategy to “sell” the brand Greece? For christ’s sake, that’s an empty pompous declaration.. Please, all this is like saying people from Irak have the spirit (or the DNA as you say), of people who invented urbanism and agriculture in ancient Mesopotamia. And where is the humanity in people who suport a party whose members deny their blood to save foreigners? Where is the humanity in a Church who doesn’t speak out againts that, on the contrary, often being suportive? And where is the love for technology of people who thousands ago invented the Antikythera Computer? Where is the spirit of the scientific curiosity of Democritus and Anaximandros? Gone to the north,. You say: “isn’t Europe a mosaic? A beautiful, multicolored mosaic?” Yes it is. But most greeks deny citizenship (for lack of “greekness”) to people who don’t profess their religion and who are of a different colour. So, you statement is rather ironic.Get over it and move on. People are starving, in Greece and in my country, Portugal. We just want a state who protects the poor and a wealthy and just society. Start with litle things: make things happen, rather than making declarations about Aristotle or Hellenism.

  8. Apart from your last sentence, I agree with what you say. Byzantium was Greek. Of course the mentality was different, but that was the result of religion. There was in fact progress in astronomy and medicine; as well as the creation of the first university.

  9. Byzantium had a Greek element but wasn’t entirely ethnically Greek any more than the Roman empire was entirely ethnically Romans. The borders fluctuated with time over regions that were not ethnically related to Greeks.  The ethnic Greek elements were mostly scattered around magna Gracia, northern Egypt,  anatolia, and Greek region (due to prior Hellenistic expansion).

    Although the eastern Roman empire (Byzantine is a modern term never used
    by its Greek-speaking Roman citizens) was ahead of most of its
    peers of middle ages and did make a few advancements of its own. I
    wouldn’t go so far as to call it progressive. Regressive would be a much
    better word.  The first university was Plato’s academy and the  neo-Platonic
    version of it was actually closed by early fundamentalist Roman
    Christians. Although it was the earlier Latin Romans that did that what
    later morphed into a Greek leaning  Roman empire still opressed much of ancient Greek culture.

    Fundamentalist Christianity crushed freedom of
    speech throughout Europe in middle ages (much like the Taliban do
    today). Not everything Hellenic was censored but things that contradicted church
    doctrine were. Even the very name Hellene was shunned as someone that followed
    paganism. (since of course Greek were technically Romans are Rome conquered Greece and part of a Roman
    state spanning many peoples) 

    Although Greek related culture, education and demographics existed it was in the context of a hybrid Hellenistic-Roman-fundamentalist Christian state. While Greek demographic and cultural elements seem to have never completely left Greek region it was muddled in with other groups (somewhat akin to Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, etc.. relative to Soviet Union). Where I give our middle age ancestors credit is they at least some of them had the sense to preserve Greek language and works for a thousand years (not an easy task)   The religious and political break with the Latins further nourished Greek identity as did the later Renaissance.

    Although the parameters of what is the true essence of a nation can be
    vague giving contradictions exist and lines of culture and biology are not as clean as extreme nationalists make them out to be…. for the thinking man words must adhere to a range of parameters to remain coherent. There is of course the token marriage with a Greek but the ideologically element also needs to be there.  And that definition of Hellene has to be in major part defined by ancient Hellenes.

    Of course we should not  strive to be clones of ancient Greeks (who were not clones of themselves for that matter)  While they were brilliant they also believed foolish things. So there is no need
    to pray to Zeus (or Jesus for that matter) but a Greek must remember key core ancient Hellenic derived ideas that remain
    worthy of remembering.

    A Greek that does care about learning ancient Hellenic philosophy and history…that does not care about preserving Greek language, names and toponyms…. that does not care about learning subjects like mathematics, physics and biology .. that does not care about preserving Hellenic symbols….is effectively not a Greek. (sort of like someone from a Jewish family converting to Islam and renaming their children Mohammad)  They may confusingly call themselves “Greeks”   but in practice they’re in the process of assimilating themselves into another ethnos. Typically these are multi-culturalist sorts that care more about socialism than Greekness. They don’t really see themselves as related to ancient Greeks. Their ancestors will one day be fully assimilated into a non-Greek identity.

    For the rest of us that do care…one need not know every word ever spoken by Aristotle… or be fluent in all Greek dialects.. or be a world class scientist… but the lifelong struggle must be there. The desire to teach one’s children Greek things must be there. There are unavoidable pillars of Hellenic learning.

  10. I’m Greek and agree with you his essay is rather empty in substance. I don’t think he has a coherent definition of Greekness. He see seems to be trying to sell Coca-cola as you say. Image control isn’t a bad thing but substance is far more important issue.

    Are for the rest of your claims… Greeks have every right to deport illegals….just like Portugal currently does. Irrational multiculturalism fanatics will destroy Portugal much like they are currently trying to destroy Greece. The reality is if one doesn’t manage immigration to pick the candidates best suited to integrate… with changing demographics,,, eventually there will be no Portuguese people or Portuguese state left. It will become annexed by another state and that will be that. Even major EU heads of state in Germany, France, and Britain have
    labelled multicultualism a failure (despite what some ranting fanatics
    at some NGOs that have pretentiously co-opted the words “human rights”)

    While  I don’t support violent extremists going around lawlessly attacking illegals I don’t support unrestricted immigration (much less illegal immigration). When Portugal has as many illegals per capita as Greek you get to criticize. Until then you have no idea what you are talking about.

  11. I haven’t given up. If anything my spirit for preserving Greekness has been strengthened by the currently difficulties. The attack on our identity these last view years has made me contemplate Greek identity a great deal. The only sensible conclusion is ultimately if someone wants to use the name Greek coherently…  they must try to adhere to Greek things. (i.e. things that trace themselves to ancient Hellenes). This equally applies to any ethnos not just Greeks. Citizenship should not be confused with ethnos (which multiculturaist fanatics try to muddle together as being the same)   It doesn’t have to be a perfect match but the effort has to be there in key elements like language, culture, identity, education, names, territorial association etc.. .

  12. Before demonizing Greeks what makes you so high and mighty sir? What exactly have you invented oh great one?  You claim you are Portuguese but I would point out Portugal has a FAR less illegals than Greece. Is anything stopping from petitioning Greek government to ship over some  to Portugal for it to absorb its fair share? You do realize that Portugal is more homogenous than Greece right? That is has LESS foreigners in it then Greece right? You some kind of pretentious holier-than-thou racist trying to pass the buck to Greece?

    And if you wonder why Greeks are senstive about our identity these days… look no further than bigots like you dishonestly pretending not to notice the former Yugoslavians sudden change into “ancient Macedonians”  and “united Macedonia” irredentism.

    Sure is easy to self-righteously preach.

  13. I didn’t invent nothing, neither you, I suspect. And I am not talking about ilegal imigration You missed the point. As for ilegal imigration, you should take action If you can’t absorb them, don’t let them in. It’s a problem to your country and to them, too. But I know your neighbours don’t help 
    But I was talking about that label of humanitarism, something supposed to be the ADN of “greekness”. That is hipocrisy. I don’t see greeks rise against things we shouldn’t do to criminals, much less people who don’t have the luck to have that “greekness”. The blood affair is appaling. The Greek Ortodox Church, full of “greekness” and hellenism, do nothing, and the ones who try to do something are acused of multiculturalism and treason to greekness, 
    I know something about that. I’m from a country of emigrants My grandfather had to go to another country to provide food to his starving family and did suffer from cruelty of strangers in a country with people with a superior blood, who didn’t want to mingle with a,dark haired man. As you can guess, I’m not “mighty”. But some of my compatriots think “real portuguese” are descendants and heirs of a glorious and superior celtic tribe…Portugal as not an homogenous population, as you say. My wife is descendent from hindus born in Goa. She is hindu and she is portuguese. Many portuguese are from african descendance, (as in the United States). Other portuguese are not affraid of them. But that is a strange concept to greeks You talk as if you were a balcanic tribe, with one religion and a gene of a glorious past. More multiculturalism wouldn’t hurt you. It did help to create a vibrant creative continent, like Europe. Or like the american continent. 

    António, from Coimbra, Portugal.

  14. When why talk as if you you are holier-than-thou. I don’t appreciate the lectures towards Greeks  (which frankly come off as pretentious).

    We have a right to an identity just as you have one. If you are offended by Greek identity this is your problem not mine. I don’t go trolling Portuguese forums wining about Porguguese identity. GD is only one section of Greek society Trying to smear all Greeks with the same brush speaks more of you than Greeks. 

    As for your claim “Uou talk as if you were a balcanic tribe, with one religion and a gene of a glorious past”… I did not such thing you negative stereotyping jerk. I am not religious. I do not believe in pure races. However I do believe in preserving Greek culture. If this offends you, again thats your problem not mine. Americans are not really multi-culturalists as you claim. They defend American identity and assimilate Europeans and other nations into common American identity.

    If you support multiculturalsim so much I suggest your first start on Portugal rather than lecture Greece. Your empty talk is cheap and comes off as prejudices.

  15. Look again I never said Portugal was homogeneous… I said it was more homogensious than Greece. (which makes your ranting about Greece not being “multi-cultural” enough for you absurdly hypocritical)  You seem to be racist against greeks while lecturing about racism. Ironic..

  16. You say “My wife is descendent from hindus born in Goa. She is hindu and she is portuguese:

    So why don’t you troll Indian national forums first… seeing as India has have FAR FAR less “multiculturalism” than America? Why not troll China who have FAR FAR less multiculturalism than Greece? Why not troll Japan who have FAR FAR less multiculturalism than China?

     Germany? Saudi Arabia? Ireland? Korea? Malta? Estonia? Hungary? Jordan? Romania? Iceland? Denmark?  Finland? etc.. .et.c..

    You seem to be a bigot full of stereotypes. People like you, full of hate for Greeks, is why they has a rise in nationalism these last few years. Sorry. We will not commit ethnic suicide because some people have sick obsession with Greeks.

  17. Japan, China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. have far less multiculturlism than Greece, I know that. You could never be japanese (as a japanese could never be greek) I suppose they are also affraid of ethnic suicide. But they can go to the United States (or Brazil) and became americans citizens, part of the american identity, defend is country, and at the same time, live their own lives, with their own culture. You have the convepts of race, identity and multiculturalism all wrong. You are mixing it all, and you, as greek should know better than that (I have portuguese family in Newark, by the way). Your past is your burden. Geting nationalist, is your problem And you are welcome to come to portuguese foruns to rant about our race, ethnicity, identity, whatever. I never felt superior to you. There are just things I can’t stand, and I will rant about nationalism here, in portuguese, german or spanish foruns. 

  18. anonymous you have no idea.
    firstly you need to do research
    1 credit default swaps and how government bond holders are draining wealth from greece into elite few.
    2 tax havens of rich corporations and how the rich pay little tax
    3 the byzantine tradition unlike the west, produced a glorious civilisation of science, mathematics, philosophy etc. citizens had rights . when the west had feudal modes of existence, the byzantines had the law of contract, the law of inheritance, the protection of the poor against the abuses of the rich. foreclosures were forbidden. while the germans of this time believe this to be unproductive.unprofitable. so philanthropy is mistaken for laziness today? you be the judge
    You will find ample evidence of a society, unlike the west, the priesthood protected the citizens, they were not part of a elite circle like the priests under the catholic church where the people feared the power of the priest.
    greek scholars in the 18th century were in consensus that byzantium was the produced the zenith of greek civilisation. at a time when the west went through the dark ages because of the fall of the greco roman world, the east maintained its role as civilisation and a god led civilisation

  19. You are just evading. Why don’t you on and on about those countries and harassing Greeks? Why don’t you go on and on about Portugal?

    You write “You have the convepts of race, identity and multiculturalism all wrong.”

    Your concepts of me is negative stereotyping. Read me words rather negative steretype you pretentious bigot. I do no support extremists like Golden Dawn (and know far far more than you about Greek identity thank-you) I never said I was “superior” to you.

    You are full of hate while you lecture about hate. Funny.

  20. Your stereotypes of Greeks are incredibly pretentious and offensive.  Do you grasp Greeks are individuals not your silly little stereotypes? That’s we are not all peasant inferiors to you that must agree with your opinions without question?

    Your lecture about racism but engage in it against Greeks.

  21.  Greeks makes up less than 1% of world’s population. Call it a hunch but I doubt you troll Chinese forums… with  literally 100 times our populations… ranting about racism in China. 

    Given your patronizing rants and stereotypes you clearly have prejudices against Greeks

  22. You are right. I have no idea what in Hades credit default swaps have to do with my post.

    As for Romans (byzantines), if you go back and read carefully  you’ll notice I did say they were ” ahead of most of its peers of middle ages” .

    Is your complaint about my suggestion that there were regressive? Relative to ancient Greeks they were. You need to read the Justinian code to understand just how oppressive they could be (albeit not as bad as most other places in world at time). Ancient Greeks were the great innovators and freedom lovers not middle age relgious fundamentalists.

    As for a “god lead civilization”… there is not evidence of God(s). In fact despite believing in ancient Goods, one of the things what makes ancient Greeks worth remembering and emulating was their devotion to finding natural explanations to how the world worked. Everyone has a narrative. Much harder to produce a true narrative.

    About the only thing I give the Greek church credit for is for stubbornly being pro-Greece (much like Jewish Rabbis are pro-Israel) as opposed to some Greeks that seem to be trying to talk themselves out of their Greek identity to show everyone how we are all “comrades” they are  “anti-racist”, and “anti-nationalist”.

    I don’t support extremists like GD but if someone requires us to give up our Greek identity to be our friends. they are the racist ones against Greeks. Ethnic cleansing Greeks isn’t “human rights” as some manipulatively try to frame it.


    Greeks have lived in Anatolia
    for millennia, especially along the Aegean coast. For a while, under
    Alexander, they dominated the land. And for all intents and purposes, the
    Byzantine Empire was Greek.[.] The first Ottoman census, of 1477, counted
    half of Constantinople’s population as Greek, and four-hundred years
    later, even after the Greek War of Independence, it was still 21 percent
    Greek.  –  David Lowenthal, “The heritage
    crusade and the spoils of history. (1998)

  24.  Look champ. Every nation have a history and identity. Ours just happens to be Greek.

    I’m am tired of patronizing foreign bigots like you with some sort of ethnic inferiority complex over ancient Greece trying to talk us out of our very identity (while meanwhile saying nothing as FYROM nationalists turn into “ancient Macedonians” right before your eyes to cover up your shame for referencing them as “Macedonians”)

     Go troll China  for having a Chinese identity with a HUNDRED times our population.  Go troll India  for having an India identity with a HUNDRED times our population. Then get back to Greeks ok?

  25. I have no problem with greeks, I have a problem with people affraid of “ethnic suicide”, being greeks or portuguese. I had this discussion before in portuguese foruns. My son was in Budapest, in Erasmus, and he could’t make a single friend, neither his few portuguese coleagues. Hungarians saw them as a sort or moroccans. In Moskow, they are beating and murdering people from the caucasian provinces in the streets, with little intervention from the police and general indiference of the population. The same is starting to happen in Greece. Xenophobia is a problem, and I’m afraid this is what is happenig fast in Greece. Goden Dawn is not just a marginal phenomenon, They are now the third political party, in the pools, and rising. Most greeks would’nt beat a foreigner, but the basic problem is racism, not just phisical violence. Ilegal imigration is a problem, yes, but what is happening in Greece or other countries, is far more deep. It evolves children and honest working people living a life time in a country and not beig considered an equal, because they are xenos. Racism didn’t start with massive ilegal imigration.
    You say:
    “Do you grasp Greeks are individuals not your silly little stereotypes?”. What, indiduals? You are worried about collective ethnic purity, and you are talking to me about individuals? You must be joking.

  26.  I would say by your rants against Greeks here you most obviously do have a problem with Greeks.

    Indeed racism exists in Greece but racism exists in lots of racism exists in other country’s too. I find it fascinating how you spend so much time on Greece and not invest yourself as much in other countries with far bigger populations and far more racists.

    Your pretentious holier-than-thou lecture about how racism doesn’t start with illegals is common sense. However, illegal immigrants, that beat, rape, rob and murder Greeks in far greater number than vice versa, certainly add fuel to the fire. T

    And are you mentally ill? Caring about preserving Greek heritage  doesn’t make me a racist you patronizing bigot. I am not saying anything that ethnic groups all around the world want.I already said I don’t support GD yet you go on and on as if you are talking to some sort of stereotype in your head.

    Despite that you claim to be against racism the fact you keep negative stereotyping me (and focusing so much on Greeks) indicates you yourself have prejudices.  You clearly have some sort of unhealthy mental obsession with Greeks.

  27. No comment on merkle hollande, and cameron’s word bigot? You do realize the many many governments and people around the world that see multiculturalist government policy as a dismal failure right? You do realize this doesn’t mean they are calling for fascist model either no? You do realize that not every word that comes out of your mouth is gospel that rest of the world must accept?

    “Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed”………….”Hollande toughens immigration stance before French vote”………….

    “Cameron: My war on multiculturalism”…

  28.  And I have a problem with people that have prejudices against Greeks that throw in words “racism” and “minorities” to try and hide their own racism.

  29.  I can see why portuguese people can’t stand you. Because you claim you come from a recently mixed family you seem to be trying to lump the entire portuguese population to conform to your personal identity. This is your mental health issue to deal with comrade. Although you claim to be “portuguese” in reality you seem to be anti-portuguese too. (although not as much as you are anti-Greek).

    You remind me of some far leftist multiculturalist extremists in Greece. I used to think the far right were racist but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realize that racism also exists among some of the left too. Its a different far more subtle form of racism though.

    In order to show others how you “aren’t racist” and “anti-natioanlists” you blindly only support minorities to the point you develop a loathing of anyone in majority that  tries to preserve their ethnic identity. You are the very thing you claim to be against. A bigot.