Anarchists Clash With Far Rightists, Residents of Athens Neighbourhood; 2 Injured

    Greek police say clashes involving anarchists, residents and extreme rightists broke out in an Athens neighbourhood notorious for tensions between longtime residents and newly-established migrants. Two people were injured and at least 15 detained.
    The clashes started when a motorcade of about 50 anarchists shouting they wanted to clear the neighbourhood of Agios Panteleimonas, north of the capital’s centre, of fascists, attacked several residents, injuring two. In the scuffle, one of the residents pulled out a gun, but did not use it.
    Immigrants in the area dispersed, fearing retribution from thugs belonging to the extremist Golden Dawn party. Soon after the anarchists left, Golden Dawn supporters showed up en masse and briefly demonstrated. Police followed the anarchists’ motorcade, detaining several of them.
    (source: AP)


    1. I always though that the goal of the extrem leftists was only to fight the far-right instead of being useful to the struggling local population but now I see that their goal is to fight and silence everybody who disagree with them, even if its include beating local residents.
      This behavior is the exact definition of fashism. No wonder people like theses leftists faschists support a scumbag like Javed Aslam who is wanted by Pakistan and Interpol for Human Trafficking.
      Not only the anarchists don’t want to listen and don’t do anything to help the local people but in top of that, they savagely attack them.
      The anarchists want to protect outlaws who have violated the law by entering the country illegally at all costs even if they have to beat their own people.
      Clearly the illegal immigrants have the preference of the extrem leftists over the rest of the people.
      This racism against Greeks by the far-left must stop.

    2. They were attacking foreign owned business then the leftist came to protect Them Golden dawn need to leave the immigrants alone.

    3. Oh come off it comrade. We don’t have to support Golden Dawn’s behavior but lets stop framing ILLEGALs as “immigrants” ok?

      You may be a treasonous anti-Greek coward too afraid to protect your country against the Greek haters trying to eradicate us but not every Greek is like you.

    4. You constantly rant against Greeks but where is your voice of protest when it come to FYROM  you anti-hellenic bigot? Where are the voices of your foreign comrades denouncing their behavior? Only the dirty Greek is alway wrong? Greeks are never the victims of raciism comrade? Open your eyes.

    5. If someone is anti-Hellenic I will not tolerate it but I live in Greece I see what is going on I don’t like it at all it is Wrong to treat these immigrants this way I don’t know if they are ILLEGAL of the 22’000 that were questioned by the police only 2’200 were arrested because they didn’t have papers I have no love for the Nationlistic Slavs in the north of Thessaloniki who claim Greek identity because they are the root of racism like Golden Dawn. I love Greece I want it to change for the better.

    6. ” If someone is anti-Hellenic I will not tolerate”

      You live in a fantasy world of your own words. In practice EVERY DAY there are people in FYROM spreading anti-Greek hate and you say nothing.  Instead you go on and on about how you are “anti-Natioanlists” and 99% complaining about other Greeks.

      If you want to change Greece for the better… PRODUCE SOMETHING AND DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY…. rather than parasitically expecting others to feed you.

    7. Why aren’t the communists out protesting about racism and fanaticism in FYROM? Where are all the so-called “human rights’ NGO’s that mocked Greece for objecting to FYROM’s name? Where are is the Guardian and New York Times “reporters” now that FYROM have suddenly become “ancient Macedonians” and constantly promote irredentism against Greeks? (who instead say nothing to hide their shame for ignoring our concerns)
      Greece is not without flaw but make no mistake there is very real widespread racism against Greeks these days Sal (including the mainstream). This is the number one of the reasons why groups like GD as gained traction in Greece. The longer this racism against Greeks goes unaddressed, the further we will be pushed into nationalism. How can any Greek that cares about their country take the words of anyone that pretentious;y claims to speak about ethics.. but then goes on to constantly ignore this?

    8. I don’t think local residents attack anybody, especially since a certain number of residents in this area are old people who didn’t have any money to move out.
      GD people arrived after the clashes between fashist ultra-leftists and local residents. I can understand the leftists have a problem with GD but they haven’t to beat local people.
      I don’t see any differences between ultra-leftists thugs and extrem ultra-right ones because they both targets civilians.

    9. For examle the anti-Greek trollers at (funded by US military) commission articles by FYROM natioanlists claiming… “Macedonia fosters regional military co-operation”…

      While meanwhile the half the country are basket cases that now claim to be descendents of ancient Macedonians and encourage irredentism against Greece (encouraged by FYROM govenrment, media, and fake human rights groups)

      Where are all the NGOs, politicians, and media outlets that once mocked Greeks for warning not to recognize FYROM? Have they all suddenly gone blind?

    10. not to dismiss your point either but it looks quite insignificant at
      this point considerining the current situation in Greece. What’s more
      it’s totally unrelated to the topic so I don’t see why you spam the same
      stuff on every single article that you comment on. Greeks are far more
      concerned that their country may end up just like “FYROM”; an
      impoverished third world nation divided in “special economic zones” and
      all this other stuff which judging by some of the past comments you’ve
      made you probably approve of.

    11. Two  million people that want to ethnically eradicate Greek is insignificant? (being helped by many others… including Turkey I might add)

      Think of it this way. There are many many injustices in this world not just GD. Yet you choose to spend your time to complain about GD. Couldn’t you have equally spent that time on  FYROM fascists instead? I do not say this as some sort of tacit approval of GD but simply because I have to choose where my energy will be directed. Do I a….

      a. use it all to protect illegals and foreigners that are looking the others way when it comes to the fanatics in FYROM. 

      b. use it to protect the Greek people that are in a major economic depression, being overrun with illegals,and having their identity attacked?

      To answer this question I ask myself where are did lall the alleged human rights groups go when it came time to denounce FYROM’s behaviour towards Greeks? Why is their silence in foreign media that called them “Macedonia” about their behaviour?

      I blame Greece for its fiances but FYROM and illegals isn’t something
      Greeks are to blame for yet it is being lumped in as somehow our fault. I don’t think the Greek left is completely cognizant of the fact Greeks can be targets of racism too.

      Your choice where you want to spend your time but at this moment I see the Greek people as in need of the most support.

    12. Incidentally seeing as as I am Greek… I too know what Greeks are interesting in comrade.  I’d appreciate in the future you not use patronizing language like
      “spam” and put words in my mouth….. because as you will see below I too can also respond with hostile language to rather lame assessments.

      There is a reason for extremists like GD much like there is a reason for extremists like Syriza. Greeks didn’t sudden wake up and support fringe parties for no reason. The name issue  isn’t “unrelated” as you bizarrely claim. The fact you would claim
      such a ridiculous thing only indicates you have no clue what you are
      talking about. You have confused your personal opinions with what mountains of Greek people are actually thinking.

      The failure to deal with FYROM fanatics has been one of several key
      drivers fanning the flames of nationalism in response. (framing
      mountains of illegals as “immigrants” being another)   The valid question stands. Why are foreign media, politicians, and ngos today dishonestly pretending not to notice FYROM’s behavior? FYROM alone is not a threat. The issue is many Greeks, including myself, feel some foreigners are collaborating with extreme nationalists in FYROM? This is not our imagination.

      Perhaps some Greeks are collectivist cowards more concerned with getting the anti-Greek trollers at the Guardian or New York Times to like them but some of us are more concerned with our actual homeland.


    13. Even most of the so-called “legal” immigrants are illegals. The socialists gave them amnesty because our country was held hostage by foreign based NGOs that use manipulative guilt games to pressure us to support illegal immigration. Were it up to me, I would revoke the citizenship of any citizen that gained legal status essentially through blackmail. Even most of the alleged refugees are economic migrants. How will did amnesty work out for Greece comrade? If we keep it up Greece is going to be the next Islamic state run by Shiara.
      Only citizens that apply abroad for immigration should be accepted (as they can be first reviewed for suitability for integration)  Every country has sovereign rights they expect respected. If anyone selfrighteously stereotypes  Greeks “racist” for exercising our sovereignty rights, when their own nations deport illegals and expect their borders respected, is an anti-hellenic bigot who should have their hypocrisy called out.

      Frankly, until all the ranting pretentious trolls that mocked us on FYROM issue start denoucing FYROM’s behavior I don’t trust a word that comes out of their mouths about “human rights”.  They lost my respect when they dishonestly started to pretend not to notice FYROM’s  sudden identity quick change into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism.

    14. yeah ok but I have to make the same choices about how I spend my time and aside from the fact that there’s been a lot of racist violence in my neighborhood lately I prefered to comment on the article instead of trying to divert attention to an unrelated issue.  And yes a bunch of idiotic irredentists isn’t our top concern for the moment but you can always go to a lot of sites and blogs who talk about that and act hysterical there. Anyway irredentism exists in Greece as well though perharps not as widespread.

      I don’t think I’m your “comrade” and I don’t know how GD is comparable to SYRIZA(which I didn’t vote for) in any way. This is nonsense but its the typical BS line that’s being continuously parroted by the media and the government parties in their effort to demonize “far leftists” in general or in fact any kind of opposition.

      Also I don’t read the Guardian or NYT and I don’t trust any such media, especially foreign. Not that the greek media are any better.
      I didn’t doubt that you are Greek but I asked you before if you live in Greece because you sound a lot like a greek american diaspora type. Βy the way do you know this guy?

    15. Again… the name issue isn’t “unrelated” as you claim. Its directly tired to rise of nationalism. The economy of course is biggest concern but I am more worried about 2 million thugs in FYROM and masses of illegals than GD. I don’t approve of Golden Dawn but as I said I can put my efforts into protecting the interest of Greeks or the interests of someone else. I would have been far more concerned if it hadn’t been for the evasiveness of FYROM’s apologists in foreign based media and ngos. Respect is two way street not just one one way.

      You show your political biases by not seeing the parallels between far leftists and right right in Greece. If you were being objective you’d recognize the massive disruption and damages that occur during riots is mostly perpetuated by the extreme left.

      In addition both the illegal problem and massive government debt are both largely due to left ideological influences in Greece.  Some on the left have a bad habit of labelling any attempt to deport illegals “racism”.

      Its not “demonization” of far left. Its valid criticism of extremist elements with  left just as you criticize elements in GD.