“I Invest in Prostitution, Not in Switzerland”

Plain Lady’s girls were photographed wearing “Voukefalas” football team new jerseys

The new sponsor of the amateur football team Voukefalas in Larissa made many supporters smile. The team’s football players wore pink jerseys with the name of the new sponsor printed on. Voukefalas’ new sponsor, owner of a brothel, Chrysoula Alevridou, is already known over Greece as “The Plain Lady”.

The 67-year-0ld woman owns the two most popular brothels in Thessaly, which has earned her enough to invest millions of euros in other businesses. However, she said she never forgets the way she used to live once and from where she started.

“I used to work as a maid at the age of 11. Then I met the father of my child, a 14-year old boy. His father was a scalper and mine was a rebel,” she says. “When I was 15 I got pregnant and at the age of 18 my husband died from liver cancer. How could I bring up my child alone?”

She moved from Kilkis to Thessalonikiwhere she worked as a house cleaner, farmer, and a laundress in factories. With a blind mother to worry about, she decided to put her assets as a good-looking woman to use in a way to make money to survive.

It was very difficult at first. But I was in need of money. In this way I earned a lot of money and I don’t regret it,” she said. Her investments aren’t just limited to sponsoring a football team, but donating money to help poor families, schools and blood donations.

And, in a swipe at Greek politicians hiding their assets in secret accounts in foreign countries, she said: “I invest in prostitution, not in Switzerland”.