Golden Dawn Targets Immigrant Children

Greece’s Interior Ministry has denied that a list it compiled of the nationalities of nursery school children was designed to provide information to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party which wants all immigrant children expelled from the schools.

The ministry said that ethnicity is not a criterion for admission to the schools and its report that 96 percent of the children are Greek, two percent come from other countries within the European Union and two percent from countries outside the bloc.

In a question to Parliament earlier this month, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panayiotaros demanded that the ministry give numbers of immigrant children placed in kindergartens across the country.

Speaking at a party rally before the June elections he said that, “should Golden Dawn enter Parliament, it will carry out raids in hospitals and kindergartens so as to throw out all illegal immigrants and their children.” The party won 18 seats in the Parliament on an anti-immigrant platform and has been accused of assaulting them.

The Interior Ministry said it asked municipalities only for general statistical data and was not bending to the party’s demands, but the newspaper Kathimerini said that ministry officials had originally complied with Golden Dawn’s request as several schools across the country said they  received documents from local authorities asking for information on foreign schoolchildren. A Cretan municipality reportedly turned down the request saying that, “We will not hand over data of infants to neo-Nazis who openly threaten them.”

Panayiotaros had again demanded details about the number of immigrant children in kindergartens, that are operated by local councils and municipalities. Ierapetras’ Polites en Drasei (Citizens in Action), a left-wing local formation refused to send any information concerning children, fearing they could be targeted. Thodoris Dritsas, an MP from the SYRIZA party, said that, “Municipalities should forbid kindergartens to send any information to the Ministry.”

(Sources: Kathinerini,


  1. From the intellectual star of democracy, to a sad dying country willingly succumbing to the cancer of fascism.

    Golden dawn is a cancer, and it is sad to see greece willingly give way to the terrible night.

  2.  Just a few points

    1) It’s about legal immigrants and not illegals. Illegals obviously cannot send their children to kindergartens. So GD wants to expel children of legal immigrants who pay their taxes exactly like Greeks.

    2) Everyone should be equal towards the law no matter their nationality or origin. It’s written in the Constitution. If that’s “far-leftist propaganda” then so be it.

    3) Those who accuse children based on their ethnicity or nationality are those who are manipulating children to push their racist neon-nazi agenda, not those who are exposing the gang.

    4) I am clearly anti-fascist as every reasonable human creature ought to be.

    5) It’s not an issue of census. We had the last census in 2011 and it was the Ministry of Interior who carried it out, not a neon-Nazi gang.

  3. “Golden dawn is a cancer, and it is sad to see greece willingly give way to the terrible night”… Wrong, the immigrants in Greece are the cancer. It is about time a European country has waken up to deal with the immigration crisis. Hopefully, more will follow before they are completely overran.

  4. Golden Cunts. Greece, you are electing them and you will meet a deserved fate worse than you can imagine. 

  5.  a mob of hooligans inst the way to solve the problem, but considering the level of common sense among most Greeks, isn’t surprising to see how.

  6.  You are a coward because you post as Anonymous. I bet you have very few if any friends, no job, no wife, no future. No wonder.

  7.  What’s also sad is the antiHellenic bigots who have turned a blind eye to FYROM’s ultra nationalists government who have suddenly become “ancient macedonians”.

    This doesn’t excuse Golden Dawn but it certainly spreads some of the moral load of “fascism” around to non-Greek hands. Or is racist ultra nationalism ok when its only directed at Greeks?

  8.  I agree with you. I don’t support GD party (or methods) but this doesn’t mean everything they say is wrong. Illegals have no right to be in Greece.

  9. 1. the fact is some of those “legals” are actually illegals that were given amnesty by leftist administrations (basically giving in to blackmail but framing it as “human rights”)

    2. Citizens are equal before the law but supposedly the Greek people get to decide who gets to be a citizen… rather than people that sneak disrespectfully across borders.

    3. Far leftists that manipulate “the children” to hide the fact the illegal problem in greece is largely of their own making. For years leftist extremists ranted “racism” at every attempt to protect Greek borders. Today we see the results.

    4. Just because you are anti-fascist does not make you immune from other forms of political fanaticism. How do you feel about communism? Where are your articles on growing facsism in FYROM? (who are literally trying to erase the Greek people with Macedonia words games)

  10.  No one said to put anyone into “gas ovens’ on this thread. The main complaints were about ILLEGAL immigration. Frankly I think that some use GD extremists as an excuse to push anti-Greek agenda (and even some Greeks to push far left extremism like communism). The irony is these same sorts claim to be “against racism’ but they waste no opportuntity undermining and demonizing the Greek people. For instance I find these same sorts of pretentious bigots that manipulate the word “racism” also pretend not to notice the former Yugoslavians sudden identity change into “ancient Macedonians”.

  11.  Sure because “george” is personal information.

     Why don’t you try addressing the points rather than sounding like a self-righteous basket case on meds.

  12.  Only a small portion of Greek population elected extremists like GD troll. Far more support far left extremists like Syriza. IMO the support for GD is directly the result of anti-Hellenic extremism.

  13. Are you the same  S Kouvoussis tjhat called for the violent leftist overthrow of democratically elected Greek government a few days ago in the comment section of Greek Reporter?

  14. You claim you’re anti racist. What you are is anti white.

    Anti racist is a codeword for anti white.

  15. Its the muslims that groom children. Moo ham mad had multiple wives under 10yo. Search (muslim rape gang)( gang rape black panther 11yo)

  16. But the culture is made up of people who evolved under the same conditions. Thats why east asains are productive and able to blend in with europeans but 3rdworlders can not

  17. And white people bringing quinine to africa allowed those that did not have sickle cell to survive malaria. Even with white man medicine a child dies every 6 seconds in sub sahara africa to malaria.

  18. Good on them if only they did the same in my country. When our leaders listen to it’s people and not let political correctness get in the way we would have had none of these problems.  

  19. You can see how much hate has been spread in Greece from comments, instead of looking at fact everyone is just blaming to immigrants, let me tell you another fact those are illegal immigrants, they cant get a loan from bank so who did it? who emptied banks? if you check most of people have to pay bank loans,

    I dont blame all Greeks but people with less intelligence always exists in all nations and they dont learn there lessons from history rather they just repeat it. i am not a left-wing supporter either but what Golden Dawn is doing, is inhumanity.

    Those thugs has really brain washed people specially the young once, the sooner people understand the better, otherwise remember it always starts from weak ( in this case poor immigrants ) and youur number will also come.
    I just wish people can open there eyes soon before its too late..

  20. As much as some people might try to discredit Golden Dawn by continually writing anti GD articles, the more powerful they will become, and the more struggling Greeks will side with them.

    To the left wing biased media…THANK YOU

  21. Marxists are evil, I can see why Anders Breivik killed so many of them.  Really, what they have done to their own people is far worse than those that died in the Norway attacks. They can’t really see the effect their white hating ideology is having. 

  22. Why are Whites the only race retarded enough to embrace racial diversity?

    Every other race puts their own racial interests first.

    Science has proven (see Harvard Professor Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone) that people in diverse societies: 1. TRUST EACHOTHER LESS (including their own race), 2. are LESS LIKELY TO GIVE TO CHARITY, and 3. are LESS HAPPY.


  23. They should worry about the illegal law breaking adults first and the leave the children out of it. I agree with some of their issues (not most)  but going after kids and beating up woman in public is quite dispicable in my book. Just what did they plan to do with those children? Beating on Woman and searching for children what a bunch of cowards. At the very least they should through out their woman beating members. I’m all for putting a stop to immirgrants flowing into Greece encouraged by Turkey, America is for Immirgrants and Greece is for Greeks. Thankfully the Cretan municipality turned them down, it is not the pride of Crete or Greece to attack the weak.

  24. Golden Dawn don’t support putting anyone in concentration camps, in fact when the New Democracy government put some illegal immigrants into concentration camps they protested it:

    Golden Dawn protests migrants’ detention at Corinth army camp
    An MP and dozens of supporters of neofascist Chrysi Avgi (Golden
    Dawn) have attempted to prevent police from detaining some 400
    immigrants in the grounds of an army camp in Corinth, west of Athens.

    escorted the migrants to the camp after an early morning operation that
    was part of the Xenios Zeus campaign to tackle illegal immigration.
    Almost 11,000 migrants have been detained since the clampdown began
    earlier this month, leading to nearly 2,000 arrests.

    Golden Dawn
    MP Efstathios Boukouras and dozens of the party’s supporters protested
    the transfer of the detained migrants to the camp, which is active.

    a statement, the ultranationalist party said it opposed military
    facilities being turned into “tourism centers for illegal immigrants.”

    It in fact it is Samaras of New Democracy who favors putting people in
    concentration camps, and it is he who has already put people in concentration

    Golden Dawn is against such things.

    Like Golden Dawn, I think deportation of
    immigrants is the only humane solution.

  25.  That’s all you leftist have to try to stop the Greeks from reasserting their sovereignty and self-respect: Threats, threats, threats, and more threats.

    Bring it on.

  26. Shouldn’t you also write an article with the heading: “Illegal Immigrants Target Little Old Ladies On Their Way From the Bank”?

  27. Of course this is multicultural media, and Golden dawn is very much an
    anti-multicultural party, the biast should be obvious even to the most
    brainwashed politicially correct minion.

    This is the actual program put forward by Golden dawn, if you’re
    interested in reading what the party actual stands for, instead of
    allowing anti-white politically correct media tell you what Golden dawn
    stand for. Just read it for yourself.

    A hint :

    * More democracy, less totalitarianism and dictatorship of multicultural EU.

    *Less racial discrimination against Greeks and Europeans by muliculti leftists, and more meritocracy.

    *More direct-democrat on every big decision the country makes, and less
    fascism with EU and multicultural elitist, thinking they know best for

    *Less genocide by replacing the Greek population with everyothery people
    possible, and more programs to encourage Greek families to have their
    own children.

    In short, what anti-whites would call good and healthy in a none-white country, and call nazism in a white country.

  28. Read less PC news and be more informed. The hooligans are the multiculturalist displacing native Greeks from their lands and robbing the Greek economy, as well as their SA storm troopers AFA.


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