Police Arrest Golden Dawn MP for Theater Protest

    Police have brought charges against a Member of Parliament of the far rightists Golden Dawn party for stopping them when they tried to arrest a protester at a demonstration that blocked the showing of a play that the group feels is blasphemous.

    Christos Pappas and several other Golden Dawn MP’s joined religious protesters who shut down – for the second time in a week – a scheduled showing of American playwright Terrence McNally’s production, Corpus Christi, which portrays Jesus and the Disciples as gay and living in Texas. The protest turned into scuffles outside the Hytirio Theater in central Athens.

    As can be seen in a video on the Internet, after police arrested one demonstrator and put him on a police bus, Pappas went inside and removed him while police did nothing. The video has been forwarded to a prosecutor, who is to decide what charges Pappas will face and whether any police officers should also be charged for not doing their duty. It was unclear whether he can be prosecuted, however, as MP’s enjoy immunity against all crimes.

    Another Golden Dawn MP at the protest, Ilias Panagiotaros, is alleged to have threatened the actors in the play, telling them, “Your time will come.” Party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, also an MP and is facing assault charges in another case, declared that Golden Dawn would “intervene forcefully whenever the religious sensibilities and collective history of Greeks is insulted.”

    The extremist party advocates a Greece for Greeks only, wants all immigrants deported, land mines planted at the country’s borders, has intimidated homosexuals, has an agenda that is also anti-Semitic and is staunchly religious. It is rising rapidly in the polls and has already overtaken the once-dominant PASOK Socialists in Greece’s political standing.

    Media reports said that Manolis Vamvounis, a journalist with Lifo magazine, was reportedly beaten and verbally abused by protesters, while police forces allegedly stood by. “The police is next to us. I shout ‘They’re beating me, aren’t you going to do something?” he wrote Vamvounis on Twitter.

    “I move away so I can look on from distance. A well-known Golden Dawn MP follows me. He punches me twice in the face and knocks me to the ground. While on the ground, I lose my glasses. The Golden Dawn MP kicks me. The police are just two steps away but turn their back,” he added.

    Two politicians from SYRIZA and two from Democratic Left were at the theater for the premier. One, Nikos Bistis of Democratic Left, said that requests for a public prosecutor to come to the theater were ignored. Video footage also shows a Golden Dawn MP, Christos Pappas, boarding a riot police bus to release one of four people who had been detained at the protest. The video does not show authorities trying to stop Pappas.

    Besides Pappas, Golden Dawn MPs Elias Panayiotaros and Giorgos Germenis attended the protest. Riot police used tear gas to deter protesters from entering the theater, where actors and the audience were trapped.

    Some 100 protesters threw yogurts at the theatre’s entrance, while four men were arrested. A video which shows an MP releasing someone in detention on the police bus and Panayiotaros swearing and using threatening language has become popular on the Internet.

    Last June, the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church condemned the play as blasphemous and called the faithful to reject it.  First staged in New York in 1998, Corpus Christi dramatizes the story of Jesus and the Apostles as gay men living in modern-day Texas and shows Judas betraying Judas because of sexual jealousy and Jesus administering gay marriage between two apostles.


    1.  First of all, you can’t talk about arrogance when you believe in a imaginary friend with super powers and you are an adult, I guess.

      Secondly, there is absolutely nothing mocking your religion if Jesus is depicted as gay. or cross-dresser or whatever. It’s mocking and depicting your religion only in your mind.  I don’t degrading at all calling Jesus gay. And man, he was SO gay. He was a 30y old virgin in an era when people got married in their teens. He was more gay than Justin Bieber or Hilias Psinakis. It’s obvious, how didn’t you understand it? Nevertheless, I don’t care if he was or not. All I am saying is that blasphemy, is a crime without a victim. I never heard God complaining. All I hear complaining is far-right lunatics who would like Greece to remain a theocracy. I do not insult your God, nor does the play. Depicting him as gay is totally OK. I really can’t see why you complain.
      There is absolutely nor relation with the Ottoman Emprire. None is getting tortured, raped or hurt by that play. On the contrary, the actors and the director have faced death threats. How the hell can you talk about Christian morality when you find OK people being threaten to be murdered just because they say something you don’t agree with? Where is your Christian morality when these religous lunatics called the directors mother and told here that she will get her kid’s parts in a box? Is that what good Christians are all about?

    2. The world does not revolve around you. Yet, you are making this about yourself. No one asked you for an interpretation of who Jesus Christ is. Christian beliefs are the way they are, and I made a choice to ascribe to them. If you are an atheist, that means you do not believe in a God. So by making any portrayals of Jesus Christ, whatever they may be, while at the same time being Atheist, your aim is clearly to mock. That is absolutely unacceptable.
      I am not an extremist, I have never hurt or threatened anyone, and I never will. Like I said before, I speak for no party, so do not put words in my mouth.
      Let me remind you that there are tons of immigrants who wish to call themselves Greek citizens. In many cases, they are muslim, or of a different ethnic or cultural background. Yet, they have a lot of respect and love for Greece. Given your last name, I assume you have a Greek background. You should consider it a privilege, and refrain from mocking the Greek religion and culture. Over and out.

    3.  Well, you made an interpration of who Jesus was and I replied. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am an atheist. I also take for granted that you are not a Marxist. Does that mean that you are not allowed to have a personal view of Marx? Your logic has flaws. I am not mocking Jesus or anyone else.Being gay is perfectly fine.If you think it’s mocking someone, then you the problem and it’s called “homophobia”. It’s not an issue of respect, it’s an issue of freedom of expression. What’s going to be next? Kazantzakis? Dawkins?Einisten?

    4.  With regard to Golden Dawn, they are of course not “nazists”, both in the sense that their ideology is nothing like nazism and also in the sense that they actively rejected the label “nazi”/”fascist”, altough by now, 2012 it is probably painfully obvious to most quasi-informed people that labels such as “nazi”, “fascist”, “racist”, “xenophobe” are put on any white organisation that wants to look out for the ethnic interests of their own group. People of European descent that like Golden dawn for example feeding starving own starving people is simply not accepted in a multicultural society. That is “nazism.”

      For those that actually take the multicultural media serious, I can inform you that nothing or 99% of what the mainstream mulicultural media reports about Golden dawn or any other anti-multiculti organisation, and society in general is accurate. If anti-multiculti parties got into power, these rats would have no job anymore.

      For example multicultural media often reports that “Golden dawn attacks immigrants.” what they fail to mention is for example that yes, they attack immigrants but they attack racist immigrant thugs that rob old greek men and ladies as they try to go to the store to buy food for themselves, after Golden dawns help has been requsted by the Greek victims. So Golden dawn beating up racist african thugs that rob old Greeks, is translate in multicultural media too : “Neo-nazi Golden dawn ruthlessly attacks refugees.”

      Another example I see a lot, multicultural media reports “Fascist haters of the Golden dawn racist party attack arab vendors”, when the truth is that the vendors were illegal aliens, selling drugs and contrand, and Golden dawns aid was requested by the the local Greek vendors that feared for their lifes and their childrens lives, after the police did nothing.

      Or illegal aliens selling drugs at schools, and Greek mothers pleaded with the Police to do something, which they did not, and then they turned to Golden dawn, and Golden dawn threw the drug dealing illegal aliens out. The reaction to this in multicultural media is ofc “Jew killing blood drinking neo-nazi fascist homophobes strike at the innocent and browned skinned.”

      I mean, these multiculturalists are nothing but lying racist scum. It is the multiculturalist that are genocidal that import millions of third worlds into Greek and Europe, with the sole aim of destroying the native communities, it is the multiculturalist that makes racial laws such as affirmative action with discriminate based on race, but it is ok, as long as the ones being described against are white, then it is called “positive discrimination.” It is positive because those hurt by it are white. That is the multicultural defintion of positive, and indeed the aim with their entire ideology. It is the multiculturalist that are neo-nazist by the terms exact defintion, multiculturalist strive for racism and genocide, they banned peoples views, even the poll here suggest that Golden dawn is “nazi” and that “nazist”(meaning white people who do not want to become a minority in their own country) should be imprisoned. Multiculturalist support EU, Which is a political units which leaders are not elected by the people, thus un-democratic and dictatorial, it also imprisons people for their views, and tries to control every aspect of society, thus making it totalitarian. A totalitatrian multicultural dictatorship.

      To sum this section up. If you are white, and you listen and believe in multicultural media, you are like a jew during 1930’s Germany listening and beliving in nazi media.

      There is a Marxist policy of population replacement all across Europe, many cities now resemble the third world, where the indigenous population are being pushed out and replaced by foreigners, mostly third world people, this policy is celebrated by politicians and any dissenters are arrested and charged with so called hate crimes.

       The reality of the failure of these artificially created societies is kept from the people through a complicit media and state and media intimidation of truth tellers, although the internet has woken up many people. It’s the indigenous population that face persecution, inequality, oppression, and left wing hate and tyranny. Many immigrants know their elevated status and take full advantage of it, rubbing it in the noses of the indigenous population, which causes greater anger and resentment and a deeper fracturing of society.

      These Marxist do not hide their genocide agenda, one very senior front bench politician of the last far left Labour administration in the UK stated that ‘the British as a race aren’t worth saving’. Others stating that they have no problem with there being no indigenous people in Europe in the future, and that is one purpose of mass immigration, there are many others.

      Golden Dawn know all this full well and are fighting to secure their nation for their people, demonising them with the old tired and desperate Nazi and fascist label doesn’t wash anymore, they’re fighting for the continued existence of their people, identity, heritage, and culture, and doing so the only way they can because they know their political parties do not serve them, to hate them for doing this makes you the racist and a supporter of genocide.

      Also regarding this ridiculous anti-gay spat, Golden dawn is not anti-gay for reacting when anti-christian leftists attack christianity.
      Would multiculturalists stand up and support the degrading of Judaism in the same manner they support the degradation of Christianity? If the  theaterplay showed Muhammed as being gay, to provoke muslims, would leftists support it? I can assure you the anti-white anti-christian multiculti cadrè would not. In fact if there was a play about degrading Islam or Judaism, “anti-fascist”(The actual fascists) would probably be attacking the theatre goers with knives and sticks.

      Despite the leftist/liberals insistance, people of European descent does not want to become a minority in their own countries. If this is not obvious then :

      White american minority 2042 -US census bureau.

      Ethnic british minority 2066

      73% of ethnic british would be unhappy if UK turned into a white minority state.
      http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/excel/YouGov-Poll-Restricting-NonEC-Mig301110.xls -Yougov

      The majority of British veterans says they would not have fought in ww2 if they knew the multiculturalists would take over.

      “The English as a race are not worth saving'” -Jack Straw

      Labour party admits the aim with mass-immigraiton was the destruction of the British ethnic community.

    5. Regarding these anti-gay lies about Golden Dawn.

      Would leftists stand up and support the degrading of Judaism in the same manner they support the degradation of Christianity? If the theater play showed Muhammed as being gay, to provoke muslims, would leftists support it? I can assure you the anti-white anti-christian multiculti cadrè would not. In fact if there was a play about degrading Islam or Judaism, “anti-fascist”(The actual fascists) would probably be attacking the theatre goers with knives and sticks. And multicultural media would describe it as : “Anti-fascist attack islamophobes”

    6.  Pffff. Not anti-gay? Not neo-nazi? Really? Then why were they in Gazi not too long ago spreading leaflets saying “You’re next!” And again recently actively scaring and chasing and beating gay people? Their behaviour, dress, symbols and ethics all scream neo-nazi, and they are proud of that. They don’t even deny it, why do you?

      Is the memory of Greeks so short that they now embrace this? Then I fail to understand their problem with Germany or WW2…

      I do agree, however, with your stand on illegal immigration. I’ve been ranting against that since the 80’s and all my worst fears have come true, and still are. Beautiful cities are being run over by people who do not respect them nor the local population. Here for economic benefits they spit on everything not their own. It’s a problem our governments should have dealt with from the very beginning, but no. Our self-serving leaders have failed in many things, and this is yet another. But when you employ illegals to clean and babysit etc it’s not in your interest to throw them out, is it?

      Greece is no different, except maybe that the government here is even less interested in being civil servants rather than pocket-fillers than elsewhere. And the migration policy is a total failure like all those of other European governments who do not do something about it. These people are illegal and as such have NO rights. They should be deported, but not violently so. And they should definitely not be hunted down like rats and beaten. We are supposed to be civilised and we should remain so. That doesn’t mean we have to accept them but we do need to treat them as humans and escort them out!

      I understand the need of the elderly and the inner city people to need protection from this immigrant scourge but resorting to a group of aggressive, small-minded fanatics is not the answer. Once they’ve ‘cleaned’ Athens of undesirable migrants then what? Who will be next, you? Me? Groups like this don’t give up their power and they will find ways to keep it.

      They’re bad news, no matter how you look at it.


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