Vroom! F1 Race Track For Chalandritsa

The Greek Ministry of Development released a subsidy of 28.9 million euros for the construction of a Formula One car racing track in the area of Chalandritsa, Patras in Western Greece. A 94.6 million euros investment, the project will include buildings and facilities to support the racing track the ministry says will be ‘of  international standards.

Its construction estimated to be completed within three years, will create 497 new positions, and is expected to be a significant boost to tourism in the region. A circuit already exists in Chalandritsa. The main track is intended to be 4,880 meters long by 12 meters wide. The seating capacity will be for 48,500 people along with eight parking areas for 2,800 vehicles.


  1. An F1 race would be nice but the Greek government should not be in the business of subsidizing it (especially not at this specific time). Let private industry do it. 

    The money would have been far better spent focusing on catching cheats or trying to woo high tech jobs to Greece by offering incentives to companies like Intel or Microsoft. I am sick of Greek governments wasting money on tourism. We need industry and productivity not more low paying tourist jobs in an already over saturated market.