Made-in-Greece Promotes Greek Products Abroad

Aiming to promote Greek products worldwide and help Greek companies and exporters expand their activities and economic range, has emerged as a new web idea-solution from the Greek economic crisis and the largest B2B Greek marketplace to facilitate online trades between exporters and importers from all over the world with Greek producers.

The web gate, in English and Greek, showcases companies and their products. The gate has been online since October 2011 and as of Oct. 14 turned from paid membership to free participation in an effort to help Greek producers. Made in Greece now relies on donations, while it also runs campaigns on Google and Social Media.

The gate aims to:

  • Help Greek exports development and the overcoming of the Greek crisis
  • Build the confidence to the consumer for Greek products with the label “Made in Greece,” to be identified as an advantage
  • Show globally the variety and quality of Greek products, by creating an easy search engine for every user
  • Provide Greek companies with all the modern tools to increase their sales outside and inside Greece

Donations are welcome by both companies and individuals who see the benefits of supporting the Greek productions, the Greek producers and the country’s development as a whole. Donations are aimed at covering e-campaigns in search engines and other website, e-campaigns in Social Media Network, other promotional and advertising actions in Greece and abroad, as well as operating costs.

If a Greek Company or simple visitor wants to support project Made in Greece, the campaigns, website expenses, and branding the slogan, or simply get an online place to advertise their products and activities, they can visit the official webpage of for more information.


  1. Great idea. Buy Greek products to support the Greek people.

    Greeks should stop buying any products of any “greek” companies that decided to leave Greece or any company that is a strong supporter of FYROM. It is irrational to give money to people that undermine our country or hate Greeks.

  2. Support Greek and pro-Greek companies but also remember to try and
    avoid doing any business with anti-Hellenic extremists (this would also
    include any pseudo-Greeks that reference FYROM as “Macedonia” or support
    illegal immigration into Greece)