Stiglitz: Greece and Spain are “in Depression”

Joseph Stiglitz

Greece and Spain are in “depression, not recession”, Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said on Wednesday, blaming tough austerity measures for their downward economic spiral.
Stiglitz also maintained that the International Monetary Fund was “a little too optimistic” in its forecast last week that the eurozone economy would shrink by 0.4 percent in 2012 and rise by 0.2 percent next year.

“I’m more pessimistic than they are (about growth)… I see significant risk of continuing turmoil,” he said in New Delhi on the sidelines of a conference held by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
“Spain and Greece are in depression, not recession. That impact was brought about by austerity” with the countries now trapped in a vicious cycle of spending cuts and slumping growth, he said.

Stiglitz, who served as a senior advisor to former US president Bill Clinton, was speaking on the eve of a key two-day summit of EU leaders in Brussels that will seek to address the eurozone crisis.

“Austerity is bringing Europe down and diminishes chances of making things work — it is the wrong measure,” said the Nobel laureate, who is a professor at New York’s Columbia University.
Unemployment in nearly bankrupt Greece is at 25.1 percent as its economy contracts and it negotiates with lenders about more budget cuts.

In Spain, the jobless rate is 24.6 percent with the government unveiling new spending curbs as it seeks to fend off another bailout that would bring more foreign supervision of the Spanish budget.

Stiglitz expressed scepticism EU leaders will commit to proposals to implement a banking union involving safeguards for depositors’ savings — measures needed, he said, to avert a flight of capital.
(source: AFP)


  1.  “Stiglitz: Greece and Spain are “in Depression””
    Yes – but Spain is changing the situation –
    and what are we doing :General Strike.

  2. Hey Joseph Stiglitz…guess what….the earth is round and not flat. Tell us something we don’t know you idiot!

  3. Exactly! Greeks aren’t trying to fix the problem but making it worse by stiking. UNIONS = NO SOLUTION


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