Greek MP: Immigrants are Subhuman

Eleni Zaroulia

Proceedings in the Greek parliament were disrupted Thursday after a far-right deputy and member of a Council of Europe anti-discrimination committee described immigrants as subhumans.
The incident was reported by the Greek news agency Ana , which was quoted by AFP.

When Eleni Zaroulia of the Golden Dawn party refused to withdraw the remark the speaker called a meeting of senior parliamentarians, who formally condemned the statement.

Zaroulia is one of 18 Golden Dawn deputies elected in elections last June which saw the party receive seven percent of the vote. She attacked immigrants’ rights and demanded special treatment for people of Greek origin returning from places such as Albania and Russia.

“It is unacceptable that they be assimilated to this kind of subhumans who have invaded our fatherland with the diseases that they lug around,” she said, according to Ana, who was loudly supported by members of her party.


  1. Instead of overly generalized title like “Greek MP: Immigrants are Subhuman” (that only encourages hostility against Greek people)… why not “Eleni Zaroulia calls Immigrants Subhuman”.

  2. I agree the border violators shouldn’t be given rights to Greece (other then the right to be deported). I also agree Greeks should be given special rights as the indigenous people of Greece.,

    However the hateful language of GD is idiotic and works against Greek interests and is an embarrassment to our country. It is one thing to love one’s own ethnic group. Quite another to use hateful language against everyone else. (although mind you no small number of anti-Hellenic foreigners collude with FYROM ultra nationalist extremists trying to subtlety exterminate us)

    Whether extremists parties like Syriza and GD should be banned is a difficult issue to answer but Samaras does at minimum need  to start cracking down on both far right and far left extremists elements within parties that break Greek law. (including putting any violators into prison if necessary) Unless some examples are set, the extremists will continue to engage in outrageous behavior.  Only targeting one side of political spectrum would be a major mistake that would risk triggering another civil war.

  3. It does not encourages hostility against Greek people, not all Greeks are same, its just about GD and everyone knows it.

  4. Idea for Greece from a Cretan:
    Turkey is moving most of it’s forces toward the Syrian border, if it gets invovled in a large scale conflict over there or a larger regional conflict esculates it is time for us to take back Constantinople. Make a excuse, do what all the other countries do to rationalize it and get back our history. Draft/Recruit all the illegals and let them fight for citizenship just like America did

  5. The islamists illegal immigrants in Greece will never fight for a christian country against a muslim country.

  6. The ones who hate turkey might and the non islamist immigrants as well. Put the others on the front lines like America did perhaps or pass them on .

  7.  I disagree. its like titles in sensationist press that say “Greece calls immigrants “subhumans”. Using over generalized terminology enforces negative stereotypes.

  8.  The illegals have no patriotism. All the care about is getting asylum so they can move somewhere else in Europe and make money. They couldn’t care less about Greece or Greek people (why they disrespected our borders in the first place) Most of them reference FYROM nationalists as “Macedonians”. Many of the illegals even bad mouth Greeks to NGOs and clueless far leftist media as a manipulative method to morally justify their violation of Greek borders. (effectively blackmail).

  9. Well right now our biggest concern should be the Net Grab. I don´t see a reason for why politicians who behave the way they have done , should have human rights. I´d support it that politicians who do know how to behave keep their liberties. But how about those who have lost all touch with reality? What do we do in that kind of a situation? If we are better than them , doesn´t that give us the right to dominate them?