Lawmakers End Golden Dawn Member’s Immunity

Konstantinos Barbarousis

Greece’s Parliament voted Wednesday to lift the immunity from prosecution of a far-right member, Konstantinos Barbarousis, after accusations that he had taken part in attacks on vendors.

Mr. Barbarousis’ party, Golden Dawn, rose from the fringes to gain 18 parliamentary seats in June elections by opposing immigration. Last month, videos on the Internet showed Golden Dawn members as they smashed the stalls of vendors in Messolongi, claiming they lacked permits. Mr. Barbarousis appeared with the group in the videos.
(source: AP)


  1. I don’t understand “immunity”all together. Who grants me immunity if I do something wrong? Why politicians should have immunity? George Orwell springs into my mind “some are equal, and some are more equal”. Oh yes, and this is what we call democracy. Pathetic.

  2. So, parliament can constitutionally lift political immunity. The protesters against the austerity measures should all be waving placards demanding the annulment of all political immunity laws. That might put the fear of god into “lawmakers” planning their latest ripoffs.

  3. It’s quite simple, Anna. Greek politicians have granted themselves immunity so that they can steal state money without having to go to prison.

  4. I would argue GD and far lefitsts  are the biggest c*nts. Its unfortunate that some allegedly moderate leftists are blind to some many violent extremists in their midst.

  5. Dear Mr A Papapostolou,

       **Golden Dawn opposes as an official policy and as a matter
    of honour  the “immunity” law created by current PASOK leader
    Evangelos Venizelos.

       **Mr Barbarousis REQUESTED parliament waive his immunity to
    assist investigations. 

       **This is the first time since the creation of the law that
    a Greek MP has requested parliament lift their immunity.  

      ** Mr Barbarousis requested trading approval documents from vendors-
    all citizens have the right to ask this. Illegal vendors with no trading docs
    had their illegal trade stopped. Illegal trade costs the Greek economy billions of euros every year.

  6. Skypixie, most greek protesters want this “immunity” law to go: it is basically legalising corruption!! However it is the same politicians (and their political parties) who have profited from this “immunity” that have to vote to remove the law & expose themselves to prosecution!!! That’s why the Golden Dawn Party stance is rare, no other party wants to upset their “allies” in the parliament by removing this law…