Anti-Golden Dawn Cleric Gets Death Threats

A Greek Orthodox Church leader said he has been receiving threatening phone calls after speaking out against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that is on a rampage against immigrants, gays, Leftists, Capitalists and those it considers blasphemers.

The party rose from obscurity to gain 18 seats in Parliament this year on an anti-immigrant, anti-bailout, ultra-religious platform and has been tied to a number of assaults.

Metropolitan Pavlos of Siatista, a town in West Macedonia, said the calls have warned him that, “We shall burn that commie,” an apparent reference to Communists, who Golden Dawn, an extremist right-wing party, sees as one of the many enemies it believes is undermining Greece. There have reportedly been many threats made against the church, whose officials said they believe are coming from Golden Dawn and other ultra-nationalists who want all immigrants out of Greece and have a “Greece for Greeks” ideology.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, leader the of the New Democracy Conservatives, also supports tossing out illegal immigrants and has not denounced Golden Dawn, although one of its Members of Parliament has been stripped of immunity for allegedly being involved in assaults against immigrants.

Metropolitan Pavlos criticized Golden Dawn after members of the Greek far-right party protested against the premiere of Terrence McNally’s Corpus Christi in Athens, a play that depicts Jesus and his Disciples as gay and living in Texas.

In an interview with Imerisia newspaper, he described Golden Dawn as “uncivilized,” adding that the party’s acts “have nothing to do with ancient Greek civilization nor the Gospel.” He added: “We all have to take a clear stand on the Golden Dawn issue… we have to preach the word of God, which has nothing to do with the acts committed by members of Golden Dawn,” he said.

That came as Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michalolioakos gave the Nazi salute during a speech at a party rally. “We may sometimes hail like this, but our hands are clean,” he said while flashing the heil sign that was required of Nazis to recognize Adolf Hitler. Despite a barrage of criticism against the party’s platform and agitating tactics, it has risen to third place among major Greek parties with about 14 percent of the vote. It received 0.29 percent in 2009 before Greece began imposing austerity measures on the orders of international lenders.


  1. Another crappy essay by leftist Andy.

    GD are extremists but they are right that communists undermine Greece. In fact even some alleged moderate leftists are a threat to Greece.  For example some leftists bizarrely frame ILLEGALS that violate our border as “immigrants”. Kudos to  Samaras for having the balls to stand up to both GD and treasonous left wing extremists too cowardly to defend our borders (least they “offend” their foreign comrades… that silent collude with FYROM ultra nationalists).

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with expecting a Greece primiarly for
    Greeks. Every country in the world has immigration policy. Japan doesn’t let in even close to as many as Greece on per capita basis yet aren’t labelled “neo-Nazis”. Israel
    that deports illegals and tries to keep a Jewish Israel yet aren’t
    labelled “neo-Nazis”. Korea doesn’t let in illegals and isn’t labelled ‘neo-nazi”,

    This double standard by leftist clearly shows some of them are antiHellenic extremists.

  2. Leftists rant against Greek church when GD supports it, then supports Greek church when it doesn’t.  We should not support GD but this sick obsession with GD by leftists…. while framing  illegals as “immigrants”…. rather than also focusing on the mountains of violent leftist extremists in Greece (that far exceed GD members I would add)…. rather than standing together to defend the Greek nation…, is going to cause a civil war if irrational leftists keeps it up.

  3. Like I said in a previous post. If XA get into power, there will be no way of getting them out. They will murder you if you try. I do agree with their illegal immigration stance, but that’s all.

  4. Andy is really losing my respect. Instead of writing on FYROM issue and in defense of our country, he seems to prefer to parrot what media in his native USA think rather than the Greek people. (the same US media that references FYROM as “Macedonia”).

    It is exactly this sort of cowardly collectivist attitude that dramatically turned me off the left. It seems some alleged moderate leftists are trying to turn Greece into a 51st US colony by copying anything US says and does. (see plight of native Americans… foreigners in their own homelands of thousands of years) Andy even …. highly inappropriately…. takes money from us military funded to write articles. Corruption or incompetence?

  5. “Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michalolioakos gave the Nazi salute during a speech at a party rally ”

    Andy is incompetent. He clearly just parrots US media. Golden Dawn’s “Nazi’ salute… is actually a Roman salute (which he lifted off metaxas government… which fought the Nazis)

  6. Exactly. GD are right about illegals needed to be deported and little else. Unfortunately they have grown because our leftists are undermining our country in this respect (by constantly framing any attempt to deport them as “racism” or framing illegals as “immigrants’)

    I’d also point out leftist extremists will also murder you if they get into power. In reality there is far far more violence by leftist extremists in Greece (see endless violent riots by leftists) but they are framed as a more generic “protesters” by leftist leaning news sources that sympathize with their values.

    Some of the staff of GR  clearly whitewash violent leftist extremists in Greece while simultaneously obsessing over GD (thereby implicitly condoning far left extremism despite claiming to be moderates)

  7.  Communists murdered far more of their own people than nazis did their own people. 120,000 Greeks died during Greek civil war due to far leftist cowards that collaberated with their foreign “comrades” (who didn’t give a crap about Greeks but saw them as easily manipulated to push their cause) Leftists have a very bad habit of labeling any attempt to defend our country “racism”. (other than when it comes time to their personal pocket book…when they shameless expect foreigners to fund their lifestyle)

  8. I used to think only right was violent but then woke up the reality leftist violence far far exceeds right wing.. .especially against their own people  (and I say this as an ex-left supporter)

    Leftist media and pundits just manipulate facts to obfuscate this reality. Much like I was caught in a delusions of my righteousness, they have confused their moralistic finger wagging narratives with the statistical reality leftists are far more prone to political violence. (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Tito, etc.. killed far far more of their own ethnic group than nazis killed ethnic Germans)

    etc… etc…

  9. Thanks for the Info Andy, I see a lot of negative comments who dont wants to face the truth and i am sure those are all GD members who get paid to spread hate.

  10. Communist cult leader Jim Jones from the United States is responsible for the WORST mass suicide in America’s history. Well, actually I think it happened in South America, but still most of the people were Americans.

    Jim Jones wanted to create a multiracial paradise and move to the Soviet Union or something like that.

    He wound up torturing dissidents who wanted to leave his camp, killing a politician, and then convincing most of his people, more than 900, to commit suicide by drinking cyanide-laced cool aid and to inject their children who didn’t wanna drink it.

    And in the end, his beloved Soviet Union also wound up being responsible for killing some 30 million of its OWN PEOPLE.

    Leftists are by far the greatest danger to ANY native population.

    They are also the most disgusting, dishonorable, lying, deceitful, and unprincipled of all extremists.

    I would much rather have Golden Dawn.

    Actually Golden Dawn is better than starving to death in an apathetic, failing, capitalist, social democracy.

    Much better.

    In fact, it might even be the answer.

  11. Yes and before becoming the Roman Salute (AVE) it was the Olympic Salut in Ancian Greece. When Pierre de Coubertin decided to revive the Olympics in 1896, this salute was adopted. But because of stupid nazi Germany, this Salute is tainted so we should absolutly protecting our Maiandros against GD who abuse it and the leftist extremists who try  to assimilate it to a nazi symbol.

  12. Reading the comments one get’s the idea that the same person is commenting trying to spread GD’s politics. And he hasn’t even got a name. How pathetic.

  13. Youtube – Ernst Zundel – David Irving – Mark Weber

    Golden Dawn is a great patriotic party, don’t listen to the plethora of WASP Western Marxist & Zionist propaganda.

    Support from Scotland and the rest of the UK (the people, forget the corrupt left/right government)

  14. Have you missed where Golden Dawn display Mein Kampf at their headquarter and have officials who talk about exterminating their opponents? Way to be a nazi apologist.

  15. “Golden Dawn’s “Nazi’ salute… is actually a Roman salute (which he lifted off metaxas government… which fought the Nazis)”

    You’re absolutely right. Why can’t Golden Dawn’s enemies get even the most basic facts straight?

    The press is bleeding credibility. Don’t they realize they could express their opinion against Golden Dawn without resorting to cheap slanders and distortions?

    Then maybe people would be more likely to listen to the media, if they weren’t such a big pack of liars. 

  16. There is no unity it seems in Greece.I do believe they should kick out of country all illegeals,but not with beating or killing people.I see far right, I see far left, I see corruption in Greek government, and I see people divided.I am more in the middle,there should be a balance.If only the Greek people were united and foccused, they could make Greece a great country.I do believe Greece should be for the Greeks,but not with violience.I also believe the Greek people need to foccuse on there crooked government, and not be distracted with other issues.I would say first get the crooks in government in jai,l and make laws to prevent corruption,yes get rid of illegeals by putting them on ships back to there countries also. 

  17. And have you missed the many many Golden Dawn supporters that don’t give a damn about Hitler or Nazism? The only reason this party has support is because of far leftist extremists (including communists) that treat ILLEGALS as “immigrants” and say nothing about the rampent hate against Greeks by foreigners these days (see Macedonia name dispute where everyone plays dumb as the Slavs living there turn into “ancient Macedonians”