Greece Revises Up Its 2011 Deficit, Debt Figures

Greece has revised up its budget deficit and debt figures for last year, citing a deeper than expected recession and new data.
The national statistical authority said Monday that government overspending in 2011 was 9.4 percent of GDP, compared with an April estimate of 9.1 percent.

The new debt figure is 170.6 percent of GDP, up from 165.3 percent. The authority also slightly revised up the 2010 deficit and debt figures.
Greece will enter a sixth year of recession in 2013.
(source: AP)


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    Leftist “human rights” at work.

  2. Greek economy will be okay…..when they find golden unicorn horns to sell. 

    Which part of getting rid of few hundred thousand government employees is the only way to get on their feet? Waiting for them to retire is waiting to go from one government tit to the other. No net benefit and even less productive 

  3. What you say is common sense… which seems to be lacking among some of our leftists.

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    In short, for far too long Greece has way too many parasitic leftist extremists. It is precisely for this reason we are weak and why country’s like Israel are strong. While Jews support business, defend themselves and their country from illegals and antisemitism… many of our leftists shamelessly encourage a mooching attitude, support illegals and are bizarrely antihellenic. Utterly irrational.