Bollywood Actress Neetu Chandra: Indians and Greeks Have ‘A Lot’ in Common

In an interview with The Times of IndiaBollywood actress Neetu Chandra discussed her experiences while shooting a film in Greece and Cyprus. She mentioned she saw a similarity between Greek and Indian cultures, with one minor exception.

“There’s a lot that we share in common, but I think they’re more conservative than us,” she told the publication.

Chandra didn’t elaborate on what she considered to be the more conservative aspect of Greek culture. A few months ago, she admitted that she had also “fallen in love with Greece” during her stay.

In the Greek-English film, “Home Sweet Home,” directed by Kyriakos Tofarides, Chandra is in a love triangle with three Greek men who all vie for her attention.

The film is scheduled to be released in Greece and Cyprus around Christmas.


  1. You are very right Mr. Levendi :). Beautiful and above all sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy right down to the bottom 😉

  2. I have never been to India, but my god there must be some gorgeuos women there.
    I have been to Greece many times and the women are HOT!!!

  3. Oh believe it, Greeks and Indians both throw the biggest marriages compared to you my Northern European boring friend. Greeks and Indians both believe heavily in philosophy while Northern Europeans believe in barbarianism. Greeks and Indians both had civilisations wayyyy before the Northern European neanderthal had managed to say ‘ooh ah ah’


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