Parliament Lifts Golden Dawn MPs Immunity

The Greek parliament has lifted the immunity of three Golden Dawn lawmakers so they can be prosecuted for a number of offences, parliament officials said Oct. 24.

The vote on Oct. 23, allows investigators to probe Golden Dawn party spokesman Ilias Kassidiaris for complicity in an armed robbery in 2007. Panayiotis Iliopoulos and George Germenis, who are members of the same far-right party founded in the 1980’s, are suspected of abuse of office and destruction of property in attacks against immigrant traders in the Athens area last month.

Kassidiaris shot to notoriety last June when he slapped Liana Kanelli, MP of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and threw a glass of water in the face of Rena Dourou, MP of SYRIZA during a television debate ahead of national elections in which Golden Dawn won an unprecedented 18 seats. The party rose to prominence amid a period of severe social upheaval in Greece due to the country’s severe debt crisis. The parliament vote came on the same day the UN refugee agency joined hands with over 20 human rights groups and non-governmental organizations in urging Athens to oppose a surge in violence in Greece.

George Tsarbopoulos, who heads the UN High Commissioner for the Refugees’ Office in Greece, said the country’s authorities had officially spoken out against the threats posed by Golden Dawn, but that “in actual fact, nothing has changed”, with impunity remaining the rule.

In September, police opened a probe after Golden Dawn released a video of its activists in uniform checking the identity documents of immigrant traders before destroying their stalls and merchandise.)


  1. Samaras also needs to address anti-helleninic leftist extemists as well

    I perfect example of this is Eliamep that claims to be a “Hellenic”
    think tank has few members that not only don’t think of themselves
    as “real” Greeks, not only reference FYROM as “Macedonians”,  but even
    lobby on behalf of FYROM’s and illegals (see  leftist multiculturalism anti-nationalist fanatic Anna

    We need to stop state subsidization of these treasonous leftist
    elements in our homeland and redirect economic resources only to Greeks
    that do care about preserving our heritage and country.  

  2.  Eliamep is filled with anti-hellenic leftist extremists not just Triandafyllidou. (also see Veremis of notorious 1821 fame who’s the VP). Its bizarre our government on one side claim to defend us in the name dispute… on the other fund leftist deconstructive fanatics trying to redefine our identity as non-Greek.

  3.  The funny thing about leftists is they go on and one about racism in GD… but then stay dead stay silent about the anti-Hellenic leftist extremists in their midst (or are so clueless don’t know whats going on around them)

    There are  leftist extremist “Greeks” (effectively with a non-Greek identity)  that are bizarrely racist against Greeks. Some leftists are once against colluding with IMRO in trying to wipe our Greek identity (effectively attempted genocide against Greek people).

    They’ve self-righteously wrapped themselves up in the words “human rights” but at last check colluding in an attempted genocide of Greeks is ;ike Nazi or communsit version of human rights towards Greeks. Not everyone of the left is like this, but any that collude with IMRO, need to be considered treasonous and handled accordingly.

  4. Once again you can’t help laughing at the Greek political system. The headline should read, “Parliament lifts Immunity of all MPs”. But that’s unlikely to happen.

  5. Dear Mr A Papastolou,
    –1: headline “Greek MP’s Request for Immunity Lift Approved by Parliament”.   **Golden Dawn OPPOSES,as an official policy and as a matter of honour,  the “immunity” law created by current PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos.
       **The four GD MP’s all REQUESTED parliament lift their immunity to assist the investigations. 
       **This is the FIRST TIME since the creation of the law that any Greek MP’s have requested parliament lift their immunity.  
    — 2: “prosecuted” (in par.1) implies that charges have been laid, that cases against the MP’s have been initiated. THIS IS FALSE & MISLEADING. There is NO prosecution.
    — 3: paragraph 2. 
      **A civil case against Mr Kasidiaris exists based on the evidence of a witness who is a high ranking member of the extreme leftist SYRIZA party. IT IS NOT AN ARMED ROBBERY CASE! The allegation pertains to the removal of an ID card/drivers licence.
      **Mr Iliopoulos & Mr Germenis (& Mr Barbarousis) requested trading approval documents from stall holders- all citizens have the right to ask this: I believe they’re charged with “disturbing the peace” & not “abuse of office” I don’t know WHAT ENTITY has brought the “destruction of property” charges, only illegal stalls with no trading docs had their illegal trade stopped.

  6. It is time for the great Greek nation carrying the banner of Christ’s original church to rise up in arms under the leadership of the great patriots of Golden Dawn to march and recover Konstantinopoli, Smyrna, Skopje, Alexandria, Varna, Odessa and all of Greece’s ancient territories which have been Greek since the time of the first humans. If muslims can launch a holy war we can too.