Former Athens Mayor Dimitris Beis Passes Away

Dimitris Beis, a former Athens mayor, has passed away at 84 years old. Beis studied Law at the university of Athens and did his master studies in Paris. In 1961 he joined “anendotos agonas,” a political party led by Georgios Papandreou.

Beis was occupied with local government affairs and had been elected as mayor in Athens’ region, Zografos. During the military Junta period he was imprisoned twice. In 1974 he joined the Pan-Hellenic Socialist party PASOK, which was founded by Papandreou.

Beis served as mayor of Athens twice and served as a Member of Parliament. In 1998, he was ejected from PASOK when he refused to withdraw from the mayoral elections at a time when the party was supporting Maria Damanaki, and he ran on a ticket of the Socialist party DHKKI.



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