Golden Dawn MP Says Hoop Star Not Greek

A member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party who said Greece is in a civil war – then denied his own comments although they were own a video – has now come out and said that a leading player for Greece’s national basketball team, Sofoklis Schortsianitis, is not Greek because his mother is African.

Ilias Panagiotaros, who is a Member of Parliament for Golden Dawn, which preaches an anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-bailout platform, said because Schortsianitis’ mother is from Cameroon, he is not really Greek although his father is.

The party believes only 100 percent Greeks with two Greek parents who were the the children of parents who are Greek and can trace their lineage to ancient Greece with only Greek heritage are really Greek.

“We do not believe that Schortsianitis belongs to the European tribe, as his parents are not both from Greece. This is what we believe. If somebody says Schortsianitis is a Greek, then they are allowed to ask him to join their party,” Panagiotaros said.

Schortsianitis starred for the 2006 Greek national team that defeated the United States and finished second in the world and has represented Greece in many international tournaments with distinction. He has been playing in Israel the last two years but is returning to Greece to play for Panathinaikos.

Although witnesses have placed Golden Dawn members at the scene of the beatings of immigrants and three of its 18 Members of Parliament have been stripped of immunity for their alleged participation in assaults on immigrants or other crimes, Panagiotaros denied they have had any role.

“Golden Dawn does not chase immigrants. We just defend the Greek people and Greece. There are not legal immigrants in Greece. They are all illegal,” he said. The party wants anyone who is not 100 percent Greek to be forced to leave the country.


  1.  Where do I support Nazism you slanderous POS?

    Tupically far lefist slanderous crap. Label anyone that criticizes leftist “Nazis’ and “Racists”. Pathetic. You are exactly the type of bizarre leftists extremism I am talking about.

  2. You’ve missed his point. He’s talking about the hypocrtical double standards towards Greeks not Indians or Jews..

    For instance while some Jews are religious many are not.. Many Jewish people themselves (and even NGOs) reference antisemtism as “racism” (which implicite reference to race).

    Israel tries to keep a primarily Jewish demographic in Israel. This is heaviliy supported by the US government.  Why should Greeks (and other ethnic based nations) not be entitled to the same right? Does every country have to be multicultural like America (who I would note got that way because they wiped out the indigenous Indian locals)

  3.  You keep ranting Nazi nazi to every response.

    Slanderous leftist idiots like you have turned the word “Nazis’ into a meaningless term. Words have meaning not just whatever you think they should mean.

    If he had said ” I can only imagine what you anti-black” instead ‘anti-white” leftist morons like you would have rushed to protect what you frame as “human rights”. Your ilk are not morally or logically consistent. You just like to rant “Nazi” to make yourself feel like you are some sort of saint. In reality you are just some self-righteous collectivist lowlife with a big mouth.

  4. i try my little bit to say the things that I think will help Greece to other Greeks.
     but if you think its a complete waste of time posting here then why are you posting?  At least show some logical consistency and stop posting if you mean it.

    While you may claim to be “center right” in practice on GR you have been arguing our center right government. You repeated get offended at me (who is actually centre right) for complaiing about leftists. 

    If you claim to be center right be center right. This means support smaller government. Support expulsion of the illegals.  Defend our country against IMRO. This also means criticize any leftists  that treasonously  encourage the opposite.

    Be morally and rationally consistent. Don’t irrationally argue against our own clauses.

  5.  Greeks have a right to be what you frame as “paranoid”… when patronizing Greek hating trash frame illegals as “immigrants”…. and keeo trying to talk us out of our very ethnic identity (which effectively amounts to subtle form of ethnic cleansing) and

    What is the name of the former Yugoslav republic to the north of Greece again?

  6. No. It is perfectly acceptable for Jewish people to judge who and who isn’t Jewish.

    Don’t you believe in freedom of opinion? In fact doesn’t every nation and ethnic group in the
    world have some sort of criteria who gets to be part of their group? Don’t  Americans judge who
    gets to be an American? Can someone ethnic Chinese reference themselves as “African American”… or would they
    be mocked by actual African Americans disrespecting their identity and subculture for doing

    If someone self-identifies as “Jewish” no one can stop them from doing so.  However other Jewish people are not morally obligated to consider them Jewish themselves. (Jews for Jesus being a perfect example)  Party x does not have to participate in the insanity of party y capache

    Leftist extremists like you that slanderously rant “Nazi’ as a response to any one that disagrees with your views  claim to be against oppression…. but in the end many of your ilk define “freedom” as simply how you think other people should behave. (inevitably resorting to state force like the communists did to coerce them to behave in the manner you see fit rather than the way they see fit)

  7. “So, if you want Greece to again be a great country, you have to show the world that you are not racist…”

    If we show the world that, we’ll stop being any kind of nation at all soon enough. 

    “(as you NEVER used to be)”

    That’s idiocy. We didn’t start letting in immigrants until a few short decades ago.

    “and that you welcome all peoples to Greece”

    Why should we???

    Israel doesn’t welcome non-Jews into Israel, so why do we have to let in non-Greeks?

    “You don’t want them to stay here, than be more organized and deport the illegal ones but have an orderly, polite and efficient system to do this as we do in the USA…”
    Only the government can deport illegal immigrants. The Greek government keeps refusing to deport any more than a token fraction of our illegal immigrants (less than 1%).

    The only way we can actually have deportation of a non-trivial number of illegal immigrants is if a party in favor of deporting the illegal immigrants took power.

    Golden Dawn is the only such party we have in Greece now, so to have an organized deportation of the illegal immigrants we’d need Golden Dawn to take power.

    “GD has shown they are not the way for Greece”

    Because the media keeps saying they kill people?

    The media is lying. Hell, hundreds of newspapers around the world blamed Golden Dawn for the killing of an “Iraqi” who turned out not to even be an Iraqi (instead being a north African), and who was actually killed by another alien:

  8. The English Tory politician Enoch Powell spoke Greek and had an infinitely deeper appreciation for Greek culture than this African ever could.

    Does that mean Enoch Powell was “Greek”?

    This basketball player is Greek like Obama is a White American.

    Obama speaks English, like other White Americans. Obama had a White American mother. Obama appreciates American foods. He lives in America, he belongs to an American Christian denomination. He flies American airlines. He has an American passport. He has White American friends.

    And yet Barack Obama is certainly no such thing as a White American.

    In the same way this basketball player is no such thing as a Greek.

    Let him learn Hebrew, learn to love eating Matzah Balls, make Jewish friends, marry a Jewish woman, and become an Israeli citizen.

    Then he can be a “Jew” and leave us alone..

  9. “The party wants anyone who is not 100 percent Greek to be forced to leave the country.” – probably less than 1% of the Greek population will be left in

  10. and what about the slavophone greeks, the arvanites-greeks, the vlachos-greeks, are they all not greek either??? 

  11. “The party wants anyone who is not 100 percent Greek to be forced to leave the country.”

    They never said that.

  12.  I know what they said. My point is that Greeks, Israelis, American, whoever,  should not be allowed do that. If you believe in freedom and decency you do not take authority over groups of people. Instead you work with them to build communities where everyone contributes and has ownership. That’s how you build a country and a world of decency. Otherwise you eventually get a boot stomp to the face because you, in one way or another don’t “fit” the social norm. You build a world based on bitter differences instead of commonality.

  13. Don’t tell me what I would and would not have done.. You don’t know me like that. Really, out of the comment you only notice I used the word Nazi…how about what the comment was about..ethnicity…was I wrong?

    Apparently this entire news site is filled with Nazi sympathizers….If the descriptor fits why can I not use it? You are a nazi sympathizer if you believe people should be condemned based on ethnicity. This is a basic staple of National Socialist Philosophy. How is this controversial? It’s centuries old. It’s disgusting and should be rejected as it was decades ago.

  14.  Let me show you how you qualify as a nazi supporter (all I need to do it look at your first two sentences).

    “Have to wonder why Christina Flora is writing this leftist multicultualist crap? Perhaps of non-Greek heritage?”

    #1 Labeling something as leftist to denounce it as inherently bad without actually talking about it in real world terms. Nazis are and have always been against what they call “multiculturalism”. What that means is they don’t like it when people don’t bow to their authority and don’t look like them. That’s wrong and should never be tolerated in a free world. 

    #2 Denouncing a journalist as illegitimate based strictly on heritage not merit. We all know that is the core basis for Nazi Philosophy. There is no secret about that. You are XYZ therefore no matter what, YOU are illegitimate. 

    Do you need more proof? There is more in your comments.

    To be honest I was trying to be silly with the video. But you really are supporting Nazi based attitudes and norms.

  15. No it’s not real. No one hates the Greeks. They hate the Nazis and the economic system that squeezes them dry. I talk about Israel because that’s what the commenter before me was talking about. I agree with you that non-Muslims should be treated decently and that there are extreme Islam based groups  but in retrospect they are not the ones with tanks, check points and assault rifles in Gaza and Palestine. These places are occupations and the occupier is Israel. Where in Israel are there Palestinian tanks and check points? I have never in my years heard of these.

  16. Very funny.  The last thing Greece needs more of is black Africans.  If you doubt this take a look at the US cities of Detroit, New Orleans, Cleveland, or any other city or region where blacks are predominate.  Blacks will ruin your cities and be a drain on your society which is the last thing that Greece needs right now. 

  17. At the very least to be considered Greek I would argue that if a person is mixed then that other ethnicity be European as Greece is a nation of Europe.  I say this as a person with no Greek ancestry. 

    Oh, and don’t think that people like Christina Flora only speak like this in Greece.  The whole Western World is chock full of these traitors who stop at nothing to ensure our nations are flooded with third world vermin, our men are emasculated, and that we live under constant tyranny.  They will let these parasites murder us, rob us, and rape us and then say that it’s our fault. 

  18. If Sofoklis has at least one Greek parent and fluency in the Greek language and culture, carries a Greek passport and perhaps was also born there, then why shouldn’t he be considered Greek?

    Israel has been having a lot of trouble deciding who is Jewish and who isn’t.  The late world chess champ Bobby Fischer had two Jewish parents (his birth father was a Jewish-Hungarian scientist named Paul Nemenyi), yet he rejected the religion and didn’t consider himself Jewish (he was apparently Christian by religion).  He also expressed some strong prejudice against Jews as well.

    Pro-wrestler Dave Batista is half Greek and half Filipino, and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is half Greek on his mother’s side.