Opa! Greek Wedding Reception at Gas Station

    While scouting locations for his Projet Méditerranée’ project, the well-known Belgian photographer Nick Hannes, bumped into a weird wedding reception being held at a gas station in Patras. He stopped and chatted with the family, who permitted him to take photographs and were willing to answer any of his questions.

    The groom and owner of the station, Christos Karalis, 44, along with his new wife, Anna, 26,decided to host the party there to save expenses.

    Hannes said that one family member told him “This is how we respond to the crisis. Please show these pictures to show a Greek keeps on laughing and celebrating, even when his money is being taken away,” referring to the country’s crippling economic problems and austerity measures.

    Traditional Greek music filled the air and people started to dance around the fuel pumps in the rhythm of sirtaki. Hannes said it was a memorable party, not only because of the setting, but also because of the family’s hospitality.