Prosecutor Orders Arrest of Greek Journalist who Leaked Swiss Accounts List

Costas-VaxevanisGreek police are seeking to locate and arrest Costas Vaxevanis, the Greek journalist who published the list with the names of 1,991 people who made $1.95 billion in deposits in the Geneva, Switzerland HSBC bank branch.

Greek police said that the prosecutor ordered the arrest of the investigative journalist and publisher of ‘Hot-Doc’ magazine because by publishing the list he violated  the Greek laws on releasing private data.

“The prosecutor issued a warrant for Vaxevanis’s arrest because he published a list of names without special permission and violated the law on personal data,” a police official said.

It’s not unlawful for Greeks to have accounts in another country as long as they are declared and taxes are paid on them.

‘Hot Doc’ stressed that people on the list should not be considered tax evaders unless it is proved they did not pay taxes on the deposits.

“It is apparent that a large portion of deposits are not justified with the income of depositors. Proof is that most accounts were closed after the bank briefed on the data leaking.”

Vaxevanis wrote that he had received the list content on a USB memory stick “by somebody” who wrote to HOT DOC that s/he “believed that the list has been misused for political and economic purposes for two years.”

Watch the video with Vaxevanis’ response after the prosecutor ordered his arrest:



  1. “stressed that people on the list should not be considered tax evaders unless it is proved they did not pay taxes on the deposits”

    This is true. However given the list went “missing” for a period by some of our government officials…. given we know some of our government officials are corrupt….. I think the prosecutor  who ordered the arrest should have a job review soon.

    We need transparency now. Get those names out there. Maybe there will be false positives but we need some to bring accountability back into the system. Anyone that knows me, knows I don’t support high taxes but I do believe the law should be respected in democratically elected governments.

    Since the crooks aren’t responding to patriotism to pay their taxes… fear can be a good motivator. If they know they will be publicly shamed for having secret foreign bank accounts,,,, far less Greeks will have interest in opening such accounts.

  2. Does anyone have a link to the list? I’d be curious to see some of the names on the list.


  3. Costas Vaxevanis by publishing the list he violated the
    Greek laws on releasing private data. Politicians who looted our country’s
    wealth did not violated any laws…Justice is at its best in Greece, innocent people are arrested while corrupt politicians and criminals are roaming freely. This is Greece “Thee most corrupt country in the world” while Greek politicians are thee best in cover-ups of any crime. Greece will never change and corruption will remain for as long as justice does not exist for all…

  4. Whilst Vaxevanis has committed a crime by publishing private information, government officials are treating the Greek public like ignorant fools. The list warrants investigation and scrutiny and the government at the very least should pay lip service to looking into any potential tax evasion.

    Unfortunately officials are treating people with absolute contempt by not showing any interest whatsoever in the list. Indeed it is only logical that the inaction by officials would lead people to think that the politicians themselves / colleagues / associates would be on that very list. 

  5. Instead of the leftists nitwits out of the street constantly begging
    for higher taxes, against business, for handouts and commie
    revolutions…. they should be protesting for these sorts of things. We
    need to rebuild trust in our institutions. The only way that’s going to
    happen is with criminal prosecutions and transparency.

    1.95 billion….. divided by 1991 people…. is roughly a million each average. The distribution won’t match the mean so one can reasonable expect some of the those accounts will likely have tens of millions. Plausibly might even one or two outliers with a few hundred million. (and one has to wonder how many other secret foreign banks accounts are out there given this is just a small list of one bank in one country)

    It’s important to assume innocence before guilt for each person on that list until proven otherwise (least good people are unfairly victimized by a witch hunt)…. but given tax evasion is a serious problem in Greece,….. given they are secret foreign bank accounts ,,,,indicates a high probability a non-trivial portion of the names on that list are tax evaders,

    The Greek state should audit of all individuals on that list (with the biggest amounts prioritized). Its very plausible any tax cheats on that list might also have more socked away in other secret accounts as well. When done. reveal results to public (including innocents so their names are cleared) and prosecute any tax cheats.

    I can’t stand the leftists that constantly whine how someone else
    owes them money but unpatriotic crooks that steal from the Greek people I
    like even less. It would be one thing if someone didn’t owe that money in
    the first place because both taxes and services were lower. Quite another
    when other Greeks are paying taxes honestly while they cheat.

  6. Your snide comment indicates logic isn’t one of your strong points.. Why would I support  the list being published if my name was on it Sherlock?  Sorry to disappoint you but I neither cheat on my taxes nor do I have any secret foreign bank accounts..

    When I was a teenager I did occasionally do cash jobs though. I even learned to try bargain to avoid paying sales tax if I could.  I learned this mentality from observing some of my relatives… most of whom are socialists. I even knew some socialists that paid illegals cash under the table at 3rd world wages. I am ashamed to say I even used to support socialism.  I complained about the corrupt rich.. and how I felt for the poor… while meanwhile I not only did nothing to help the poor but even stole from rich and poor alike by occasionally evading my legally mandated share of taxes (while others paid honestly)

    So I know a bit about how  easy it is for someone with little money to complain about corruption of the rich and how other people owe us…. and how much harder it is to focus on personal production and respect other people’s hard earned wealth.

    One thing I find in common with Golden Dawn and Syriza is they both go on and on about corruption, the banks, the elite, austerity…. yada yada… and then are both quick to support using the government to take money from the producers in our society and put it in the pockets of any that vote for them.  Vote for me…there is more money. Haven’t we all heard that bribe-for-votes rhetoric before?

    How about for a change we support politicians that say they aren’t offering us anything but balanced budget and that we each should focus on fending for ourselves rather than demanding money from everyone else?

  7. Guest, It is widly known all over the world that Greek politicians are corrupt and they surpassed the “Mafia” themselves. Greek politicians are well known in cover-up crimes committed by them or their parasites so whatever we do or ask it will go down the drain. The best for the Greek people to revolt which will never happen and seek justice and now but 1st immunity must be revoked.

  8. There is no Freedom of the Press in the European Union!
    Greece is part of the European Union!
    There is no Freedom of the Press in the European Union!

  9. Vaxevanis is a hero!

    1,991 people who made $1.95 billion…

    1,991 people who made $1.95 billion…
    1,991 people who made $1.95 billion…

    1,991 people who made $1.95 billion…
    catch them – control them – punish them.


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