Evangelos Katsioulis Has World’s Highest IQ: 198

    Who says that Greeks are only associated with bad news these days? Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, 36, from Ioannina,  has brought some good news: he scored the world’s top IQ with a score of 198, according to the World Genius Directory.

    The average score on an IQ test is 100 since most people range between 85 to 114. Any score over 140 is considered a high IQ, showing how high in the brain stratosphere Katsioulis is. Number two was American Rick Rosner with 192, who admitted that he studied 20 hours a day trying to gain more knowledge and beat Katsioulis, the Greek newspaper Espresso reported. In third is Croatian Mislav Predavec with IQ 190.

    Katsioulis is not the only genius mind of Greek origin since several other Greeks are on the same list. Katsioulis, who has participated in more than 30 international IQ tests over the years, is a professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His studies spread over several academic fields, including psychiatry, medical research technology and psychopharmacology.

    To read the full high range test results, follow this link http://www.psiq.org/ . Further details about Katsioulis can be found on www.katsioulis.com .


    1. IQ tests measure only certain aspects of cognition. High IQ should not be confused with genius. Plenty of people that would score higher on IQ tests than people like Einstein or Tesla never achieved anything of note. Genius is defined in part by creativity and this is something IQ tests cannot measure.

    2. We all know that Greeks are the best after all we gave everything to all those people out there…

    3. Bingo. 

      I’m off the charts on mechanical ability/aptitude (design and build multi-million dollar automatic production machine) but can’t remember who wrote what….and don’t care. 

      I’m not knocking Katsioulis ability for one second particularly since he is a doctor, but, there is more to it then running around, participating in testing scores. 

      I wont do brain surgery……if he doesn’t try to repair a jet engine. LOL!

    4. Dr. Katsioulis may have the highest IQ according to the World Genius Directory but he does not have the highest IQ on record.  The highest IQ on record is a score of 228 held by Marilyn Vos Savant (The Guinness Book of World Records). The average IQ in any given population is 90 – 109 and not 85 – 114.  As well, any score of 130+ is in the category “Very Superior”, the highest of all categories that 2% of any given population possesses.

    5. Tesla never achieved anything of note? are you sure you’re talking about the right person?

    6.  I think he was saying that are many people with higher IQ’s than Einstein and Tesla but who did not accomplish anything near what they did.

    7. IQ tests do not ask questions like “who wrote what”. That is a memorization test, like you would have in school, not an IQ test. Anyone who has to ‘study’ for an IQ test is missing the point. People who have been determined to have a high IQ score are still ‘just’ people – some are more successful monetarily than others & some are more successful academically than others. High IQ can even be considered a curse as opposed to a gift, for lots of reasons.

      I’m just guessing – but the fact that you design & build any type of machine puts you farther above ‘average intelligence’ than you might think. It’s the analytical part in you that makes you intelligent, not the ‘book smart’.

      Even within high IQ societies there are a wide variety of people/professions/creativeness, etc. 

      It is just these attitudes that lead individuals with a high IQ to join a high IQ society. Intelligence is not always appreciated in daily life & it is no different than someone joining a car club or bridge club or even the VFW.    

    8. The average score is 100 becase the average (of the raw scores) is indexed at 100. I belive it is conventional, also, to index the standard devieation at 15, if memory serves me.

    9. Genius should not be confused with accomplishment. It’s a necessary part of the equation to a point and after this come other factors which can assist or hinder accomplishment.

    10. There is a problem in quoting an IQ score without identifying the test used to determine that score.  Different tests are normed differently and the same IQ percentile level will show as different numerical scores on different tests. 

    11. Genius is accomplishment. High IQ is not necessarily genius. The reason we cherish the geniuses of the past is because they have given us something, done by their accomplishment.