Schools in Danger of Closure for Lack of Heating

    Schools in northern Greece run the risk of being closed in the coming days because they haven’t enough money to pay for heating, the City Councils Union, or KEDE, said.

    Temperatures in northern Greece have dropped 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) in the past week, which increases the risk of closure, KEDE officials cited by the AMNA news agency said.

    The organization complains that funds for school maintenance have been cut by 50 percent, a situation aggravated by a 40 percent hike in the price of gasoil for heating.
    “The new austerity measures and cutbacks are pushing municipal governments, with mathematical precision, into bankruptcy, leaving them with no possibility of operating their services and leading to a collapse of the welfare state,” KEDE said.

    Recent weeks have seen a number of demonstrations in northern Greece protesting the rise in gasoil prices.


    1. Just wait until the communists take over and gas prices will equate to working a month just to fill your gas tank and only the elite communists will be able to drive.