Airlines Warn of Greek Strike Impact

Greece’s government will present a new austerity package to Parliament on Nov. 7 as the country faces days of strikes and protests over proposals which must win deputies’ approval if the country is to secure more aid and stave off bankruptcy. The disruption of service has led airlines to warn travelers that air traffic controller’s at Greece’s international airport plan to conduct a work stoppage on Nov. 6.

The walk-out is planned between 8-11 a.m., according to an alert from Eurocontrol. This comes on top of a strike by ground handling agents in Madrid and a demonstration by ground staff in Brussels on Nov. 5.

EasyJet highlighted both on its website and advised passengers traveling to Brussels to take hand baggage only where possible.“We expect the impact on operations to be minimal and all flights to operate as planned,” the airline said. It recommended that passengers check the status of their flights to both destinations before heading to the airport.

(Source: travelweekly)


  1. I say we petition companies that produce dictionaries to redefine the word “useless” to mean “striking Greek leftist”.

    Why are these people striking when they know… they know… the Greek state has no money to give them? Instead of wasting their time shamelessly demanding handouts from others why aren’t they focused on increasing productivity by getting more in tune with technology?

    Sure is easy to beg others for money or  to get government to steal money from others on our behalf.  Much harder to produce something somebody else wants through voluntary trade. I think I’m going to go out now an wave signs about what I shall frame as “human rigthts”… as a I lob firebombs at police and produce nothing but my own hot air.