Police Charge Boss With Beating Egyptian Worker

A bakery owner on the island of Salamina who police said admitted to severely beating an Egyptian employee he suspected of stealing, and chained him to a tree has been arrested and faces charges, authorities said.

The victim was found by island residents who said he was badly hurt and disoriented, and shackled to the tree by his neck. They called police who responded and had to use cutters to remove the chain.

The immigrant, whose name has not been released, was hospitalized with serious, but not life-threatening injuries. The baker surrendered to police. The incident was the latest in a long string of assaults on immigrants, some blamed on the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has 18 seats in Parliaments and is surging in polls.

The government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who supports removing illegal immigrants from the country, has not spoken out about the attacks although a number of NGO’s, in Greece and elsewhere, have condemned the spate of attacks.

(Source: AP)


  1. Not that this excuses the beating but was it an “immigrant’ or  an ILLEGAL? Its really annoying how leftists keep framing illegals as “immigrants”. Immigrants apply LEGALLY. Illegals sneak across borders than act as if they are entitled to same privileges as citizens.

    “number of NGO’s, in Greece and elsewhere, have condemned the spate of attacks”

    And where is the condemnation of these NGOs… that patronizingly mocked us when we warned not to recognize IMRO as “Macedonians”….. when it comes time to denoucing this behavior?

  2.  I learned the hard way just because someone puts “human rights’ into their organization name doesn’t actually mean they can’t have prejudices. The blindness FYROM’s NGO apologists have shown clearly indicates racism against Greeks.

    Rather than acknowledge the mistake of recognizing FYROM they instead seem to be quietly colluding in FYROM’s attempt to ethnically erase our very identity (to hide their shame for supporting them).

  3. The leftist slaver (the so-called boss) who did this should be jailed because to treat somebody like that is just no human.
    As for the beaten person, if he is an illegal he should be compensated for the beating and deported to his home counry while his boss should pay a huge amount of money to have hired an illegal instead of a local person.

  4.  I agree completely with everything you said. Beatings by employers are barbaric (although we have no evidence racism was a factor. Could be plain stupidity) They worker should thus be compensated.

    That said, if he is illegally in the country he should also be deported and the boss further fined for hiring an illegal in the first place.

    The fact of the matter is most of the illegals do not pay taxes and a huge percentage of underground economy is also due to to illegal immigrants (i.e. while foreigners go-on-and-on about the ‘corrupt Greeks” in practice a far greater percentage of illegals are corrupt than Greeks in Greeece). To make matters worse, the ones that don’t engage in criminal activity are more prone to working for   third world wages (which further encourages low wages that leftists keep whining about… as they compete for jobs with 3rd world illegals)

  5. So from now on  if an illegal beats up a Greek its not news worth but if a Greek beats up an illegal its “racism” and “fascism”

    Seriously there is something mentally wrong with some leftists. They seem intent on demonizing the Greek people.

  6. Unbeliavable, greece is not a european country and never will. Thanks god you have the islands othervise why would we come to greece really. Instead of trying to find the excuse with yourselves, you keep on making it wose. Burning and mayhem on the streets, beating and humiliating immigrants… When will we stop paying the greeks to bail out, we should better help other new comer europeans than greece, lets give them their drahmas and limit their immigration to europe, so they can start working. Some people are commenting we are not sure if it is race related, really how bigotted can you be man, thanks god i am british, by the way do you know how many Greek immigrants live in other european countries, i believe more than the population of Greece, geez., greeks should be more careful how they behave, Your grandparents whom invented Democracy must be turning upside down. If chaining and beating an legal or illegal immigrant is not racism i dont know what is…..


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