Big Fat Greek Strike

Tens of thousands of Greek workers began a 48-hour strike on Nov. 6 to protest a new round of austerity cuts that unions say will devastate the poor and drive a failing economy to collapse.

The strike was called by Greece’s two biggest labor organizations and is the third in two months against spending cuts and reforms that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras wants Parliament to approve on Nov. 7 to unlock international aid.

Transport was severely disrupted across the country and schools, banks and local government offices were shut. Hospitals were working on emergency staffing. “They should go to hell and beyond,” said Anais Metaxopoulou, a 65-year-old pensioner. “They should ask me how I feel when I have to go to church to beg for food. I wouldn’t hurt a fly but I would happily behead one of them.”

“We are striking on Tuesday and Wednesday to send a message to the government – these measures must not pass!” said Nikos Kioutsoukis, general secretary of the GSEE private sector union that called the strike along with the ADEDY public sector union. “It’s unacceptable that the people have to pay for the funds bankers are getting from the state.”

Trains, buses and the subway came to a halt. Many flights have been cancelled, ships remained tied up at ports and taxi drivers also stayed off the streets.  Some Greeks say the latest cuts could tear society apart. “Someone needs to tell them there’s nothing left to cut,” said Vassilis Dimosthenous, a 50-year-old construction worker who has been without a job for 10 months. “They’ve made our daily lives unbearable. If only I was 10 years younger I’d leave this place.”
(Source: Reuters)


  1. I’d say some of our unions (and even some of our leftist media) are devastating the poor and helping drive a failing economy to collapse. Rather than focusing on business and efficiency to create jobs and products they keep disrupting our economy and irresponsibly creating social instability by engaging in the far left “victim” rhetoric of extremists parties like Syriza and KKE (see wonders of North Korea).

    Lets get this straight. Austerity is not to blame for our economic problems as our leftists looking for a scapegoat to justify their own personal failings keep claiming. 

    Austerity is simply our government finally being forced to balance our books after years of both overspending and corruption (by both some of the left and alleged right alike).  This was not imposed by Germany, America, EU., IMF, rich Greeks, or any other Illuminati force. It was imposed by the laws of mathematics when we maxed out our government credit cards. Perhaps the idea that our spending has to match tax revenue is
    unfathomable to some leftists but no amount of commie whining for continued handouts will change
    the mathematics of it.

    And this is was not single handedly the fault of the elite as some extremists keep claiming. It was the fault years of bloated inefficient government… coupled with years of corruption by some of the rich, poor and middle class alike (that robbed the system blind by both abusing services and evading taxes)… coupled with a lack of focus on leveraging technology to improve productivity to make our economy more efficient.

    Leveraging technology and innovation is what the Germans have done to keep their wages high to compete with low wages that give China a competitive advantage. Why would anyone, even a Greek, want to invest capital  in Greece only
    to have their business constantly held hostage by our union thugs demanding more money?  If an entrepreneur wants efficiency.. .they set up shop in places like America, Germany, Japan, and Korea. If they want low wages… they set up shop in emerging economies like China and India. Why in hades would anyone want to pay a Greek high wages for low efficiency… that will PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS?.

    All government debt issues aside… although our leftist welfare queens tell us we are entitled to live like Germans… sorry we are not. We do not as efficient as producing products as the Germans and thus can’t generate wealth. This means we are also are not entitled to live like them until we do. If we want to change that it is up to us as individuals to each contribute… to focus on efficiency…. not excuse of “the elite”… “the banks”… yada yada.

    Any that sit constantly ranting for handouts and for a few government bureaucrats to fix everything for them not only will amount to nothing but deserve their fate.

  2. It’s a waste of time writing and rewriting the truth. Unions serve nothing but themselves, the non union idiot class of the left serves nothing but a broke ideology that ALWAYS runs out of money long before they run out of demands. 

    It has reached a point in Greece where the population has to chew on each other in order to survive. THIS is the point we have reached, where the the unions are now demanding money from foreigners, where they don’t care and wont give, to stealing from each other  with devastating taxes………..where the loudest get the last remaining few scraps. Greece is a failed state. Period. End of story. It may have to go through a complete and utter collapse, followed by a civil war in order to get back on track. If you are a moderate in Greece, find a way to leave. Canada, Austrelia and even obami US is better then what has become of Greece. 

  3. You’re right. I am wasting my time here.

    I originally start coming to this website in the hopes of finding business opportunities and Greeks enthusiastic about protecting Greece. Instead what I found is mostly a bunch of shameless far leftist beggars.

    GR seems more interesting in a witch hunt against some illumaniti “elite” and promoting socialism than the Greek people. Although some of them claim to oppose communism in practice they engage in the same anti-business anti-Greek rhetoric as far leftists like Syriza. (not to mention they they constantly frame any attempt to protect our sovereign borders as akin to racism).  They irresponsibly encourage other leftist Greeks to think of
    themselves as victims to the rich.. which in turn leads to just more
    leftist strikes and violence… less and less focus on productivity…
    more and more poverty. It’s a vicious cycle.

    They also seem more interested in parroting their foreign comrades than protecting Greek interests. They simply don’t get it. Essentially no one gives a damn about Greeks. They fantasize their alleged foreign comrades care about us… while meanwhile those same foreign comrades dishonestly pretend not to notice IMROs blatently obvious sudden identity change into “ancient Macedonians” and rampant “United Macedonia” rhetoric.  (which is implicitly a subtle attempt to ethnically erase our very identity as Greeks)

    There is no point giving ad revenue to a “news” organization that undermines our own country so I am going to take your advice and this will be my last post here. I’m going to look for a Greek news outlet that is more technology, business and Hellenic friendly. 

    Nice to know that there are some sensible Greeks still out there John. Best of luck to you in your endeavours. (and warm adieu to any similar Greeks)

  4. I thought that his site would be a collection of news sites and keep me up to date when I’m out of the country. Instead it’s “news” tends to be a litany of whining leftist bloggers……who think they are “article writers”. 

    I’m mostly insulated myself from the masturbation of the left and the unions. If Greece slides further, I feel sorry for all my friends and relatives. On the other hand, I can’t help but feel they see me as a friend with one eye….and pray with the other. It’s sad what people will stoop to if desperation and hopelessness sets in. 
    So proud of my Greek heritage…..and so ashamed of what is happening now. *sigh*BTW….Post where you are going to go. 

  5.  Hi there Jack so life’s been good for ya?

    One thing i know for sure, the way you write you certainly are not a 65-year old pensionist who has to go to a church and beg for food!
    Good for ya!