Brothel Sponsors Patras Kids’ School

    Chrysoula Alefridou, owner of the House of Tolerance under the name Soula, decided to make a donation to the Elementary School Parents’ Association in Patras, after parents and teachers had to resort to help to cover operating costs.

    According to reports, the amount of about 3,000 euros will be spent on a photo copier and a library. There have been many requests made to other associations in Patras for financial help that unfortunately have not been taken seriously into account.

    In this day and age with the political and financial crisis our country faces, the only option remaining is private initiative since the Greek state is unable to provide for even the most basic things.


    1. The Greek government should think seriously into switching the country to a “Red Light Zone” which will bring large sums of money to pay for the debts and it will reduce unemployment. It’s about time to turn on the “Red Lights” in Eleftherios Venizelos and change the name to Eleftheros kratos…