Lazy Cheat Greek Video Goes Viral

    A new video about the negative image of Greece cultivated by international media has gone viral over the last few days becoming particularly popular in the world of social networks. The video featuring Alex and his story is an attempt launched by to reverse Greece’s image  during its crushing economic crisis and reverse what critics called ironic and false remarks made against the Greeks.

    “Alex could be anyone” begins the short video and carries on with the numerous prejudices and stereotypes currently labeling Greeks. It shows that the world believes he is a “lazy, cheating, ungrateful, helpless, corrupt, violent, rude, racist, tax-evading, trouble-making, thieving vandal who lives with his mother,” and tries to disprove it with understated irony.

    Omikron Project is a group of regular guys and girls living in a crisis-hit country called Greece, as their Facebook profile reads. The projection of what they say are inaccurate images of life in Greece made the group decide to do something other than complain about it.

    Omikron Project’s mission is to give people outside Greece a fuller picture of what’s going on in the country, and let them make up their own minds about the situation. The groups wished to tell the untold side of the Greek crisis and bring down the stereotypes built against the country’s people.


    1. They never mentioned that the real cause of this crisis in Greece is corruption by Greek politicians…

    2. Can’t part with a lot of info in 2mins 15secs, but the video does leave it up to the viewer to ask the questions and seek the answers though. 

      I thought it well done, the video gives much food for thought.

    3. I believe that when you are a victim of media propaganda you can speak so negative and generilized for people.You better search and find what is behind all these… before you spend so much time to make such a video!
      After all  this is that ‘they” want us to…to put us against among each other. Like this ” they” are free to destroy all the human rights. I don’t know from where you come from but this desease will reach you too…

    4. Yes it’s well done and I don’t think anyone is upset with Alex. But the corruption that has occurred I’m the Greek Government. So Alex gets accused and its unfortunate Alex probably is suffering worst then his accusers because of his government not taking fiscal responsibilities and these governments were elected by the people. The same people that wanted a socialist government to give them fruit and everything making life as simple and easy as possible. Then you see no money coming in but you see that the Greek Military had the largest budget in the EU and you see that nothing was really free and the debt kept on accumulating then the average Greek gets scrutinized because of political corruption and greed but while people were able to take advantage of free hand outs and no taxes etc life was very simple and easy then the money dried up.


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