Avramopoulos Cancels Albania Trip Over Flap

Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos

Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos canceled a trip to Albania after that country’s Prime Minister Sali Berisha referred to a “greater Albania” including areas that belong to Greece, ahead of celebrations to mark the centenary of the Balkan country’s independence.

Avramopoulos had been due to fly to Tirana on Nov. 28 to join the events. “Such statements do not contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of friendship, trust and good neighborliness,” said the Foreign Ministry in Athens.

Berisha’s office later issued a statement clarifying that the prime minister had been making a historical reference and in no way meant to suggest that Albania had any territorial claims on Greece.

In an inflammatory speech in Aulona, Albania, while referring to Albania’s Independence Day, Berisha said that the silhouetted double-headed eagle, the eternal symbol of the Albanian nation that was raised on Nov. 28 in Vlora to fly above Albanian lands, is also a monument to Albania. “Let us wish Albania’s youth and the nation to follow the eagle flying high with more dignity, free and united,” he said.

Later, after the Greek reaction, Berisha’s spokeswoman, Erla Mehilli, said the prime minister “in no way expressed any territorial claim towards our neighbors in the south, north or east.”


  1. (Typo, Ali Pashe Tepelena was killed in 1822). Check map of Greece 1912 which shows the border of Greece is south of Preveza and Macedonia is not part of Greece but was occupied in 1913 during Balkan war. Preveza and Macedonia are part of the four Albanians vilayets of Janina, Manastir, Kosova and Shkodra, check the map. These lands were part of the independent Albania in November 28th 1912 before they were occupied by Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro during the Balkan war 1912-1913 and unjustly 2/3 of the territory of Albania was given to them by the Conference of London 1913. These are undeniable historical facts.

  2. Irrelevant comment, but Cyprus has it’s own banks and international investments, so no.

  3. Despicable Serb pathological liar how dare you trying to change history. It is the Albanians that rose up first against the Turks and liberated Skopje which is an Albanian city (Shkup) in August 1912. See Albanian revolt 1912 and Mehmet Pashe Deralla, revolt of 1911 which shows Podgorica is an Albanian city, revolt of 1910 and many other years. The Albanian lands you stole was won with the help of the great powers and you collaborated with the Turks. We are descendants of Illyrians and every world historian except the ones paid by Serbs and Greeks says so. We have been in the Balkans since at least 3000 BC but you Russian gypsies came in the 7th century AD. We never referred to ourselves as Turks and always fought them. They kept us divided and did not allow Albanian schools. More Serbian lies it’s in your blood. No evidence of organ trafiking, plenty of evidence of monstrous crimes Serbs have committed. Kosova was 100% Albanian in 1912 when you Serbs occupied it and tried to exterminate all the Albanians of Kosova and Macedonia, and tried to colonize it for 87 years but failed see albanianhistory.net by Canadian Robert Elsie. Nis was an Albanian city until 1878. Serbia was pashalluk of Beograd until 1830 and not even close to Kosova. Chetniks were the Nazi collaborators. You tried in 1912 to throw us to the sea but couldn’t. This is not 1912 our time will come carma it’s a bitch, you evil criminals are on the decline and will become extint. We will get our lands back one day.

  4. No, you did not fight FOR US, you fought FOR YOURSELVES. You fought against the Ottomans just as we did, but that doesn’t mean that you for for us. I don’t feel ashamed to be Greek so I couldn’t care less what you or anyone else says about us.

    Btw, I don’t know where you learn your history from, but you should consider changing your sources. Botsaris, Kolokotronis, and Bouboulina were not Albanian. The Souliotes weren’t Albanian. You must have a common ancestry with the FYROMians – they too like to claim our history. Just because they spoke Albanian doesn’t make them Albanian, just as Greeks born in Constantinople or Samos who can speak Turkish aren’t Turkish.

  5. No it’s you Greeks and Serbs who have coppied our double headed eagle flag. Gjergj Kastrioti is 100% Albanian and our national hero and every historian in the world besides serbs and greeks says he is Albanian. Are you trying to cover up the lie that Epirus is Greek, because is not and he was the prince of Epirus and it belongs to Albania.

  6. We are the descendants of Illyrians and Pellasgians. Vojsava Tripalda is a Serb invention, even if it existed Tripalda sounds Albanian and not Serb. Also Vojsava is an Albanian name like the athlete you stole Vojsava Lika. Historians say you so called Greeks have not ties to ancient Greeks and are of mixed race, mostly Turkoellines from Asia Minor besides the Arvanites which you hate so much. All you and your serb brothers know how to do is steal and lie to change history and cover up your crimes by accusing your victims, must be in your blood. How low can you “people” go to claim our national hero is not Albanian when the whole world knows he is 100% Albanian and his statue is located in many world capital as an Albanian hero.

  7. You greeks make me laugh.You can say what you want about albanians and go back thousands of years ago about claiming this and that.The fact is greece is banktrupt the truth is coming out about all greek lies that you guys have tried to cover up for years about minorities in your gypsy state and religions.Everyone knows the reason greece had some success was because of the monarchies you guys were tied to in europe.You guys are gypsies from africa knowone cares what you say especially albanians.Albanians are well organized now we have no fears from neighbouring states, you gypsy greeks cant even claim the country macedonia for gods sake so shut your mouths and stop crying.All you guys do is blah blah blah. The more you guys talk the more you embaress your backwards nation that is all myths and lies

  8. IF you look at the map of the balkans from ancients times all the way to 1913 there was never an ALBANIAN STATE..WHO ARE THE ALBANIANS??? THE ALBANIAN LANGUAGE CONSISTS OF GREEK,TURKISH,SLAVIC WORDS.. THERE WAS THO AN ALBANIAN STATE IN THE CAUCASUS 

  9. I just answered your question what albania is known for.
    Btw, I used as references greek and non albanian sources like: Eleni Botsi, Kostas Biris, Lukas Tsitsipis, Babiniotis, Ioannis Poulos, Vasilis Panagiotopulos, Vasilis Grapsitis, Athanasios Paschidis etc. If you want to learn more read “Our own Albanians” by Angelique Athanassopoulou or just type online: “Notable Arvanites” and you will see their names.
    As for souliotes, as Laurie Kain Hart put it:  “Finlay’s late 19th-century description of the Suliotes gives some impression of the complexity of social categories in this area. To begin with, the Suliotes (celebrated by Byron and in Greek national history for their role in the liberation of Greece) were a “branch of the Tchamides, one of the three great divisions of the Tosks” (Finlay 1939:42)-in other words they initially spoke Albanian.”
    Markos Botsaris even wrotte a dictionary “Lexicon of the simple Romaic and Arbanitic language” (Λεξικόν της Ρωμαϊκοις και Αρβανητηκής Απλής).
    Also, I agree with your last argument, as Greeks born in Instambul who can speak Turkish aren’t Turkish, Albanians born in Preveza that speak Greek aren’t Greeks

  10. There is absolutely no historical evidence that modern Albanians have anything to do with the Illyrians.

  11. What’s not true from what I wrote? Didn’t collaborationist government of prime minister Ioannis Rallis, the security battalions, EDES etc collaborate with the nazis? Every historian and people that have read history know that. You should read a history book and not just propaganda and then talk to me.

  12. There was no Albanian state as there was no Greek state until 1821 but there always was Albanian tribes and people and their territory was called Illyria, Arberia, Epirus, Vilayets of Janina, Manastir, Kosova, Shkodra and today is called Shqiperia (land of the Eagles) and internationally is called as Albania. WHO ARE THE ALBANIANS??? Really, you must be joking, how low can you go. Being ignorant is not an excuse, read a true history book instead of hate propaganda and wikipedia articles written by Serbs. Learn their history then comment about them instead of spreading lies about Albanians which are a proud people with a proud history.

    Albanian is a language of the extensive Indo-European family and is
    thus related to a certain degree to almost all other languages of
    Europe. The Indo-European character of the language was first recognized
    in 1854 by the German linguist Franz Bopp (1791-1867). At the same
    time, Albanian shows no particularly close historical affinity to any
    other language or language group within the Indo-European family, i.e.
    it forms a language group of its own. (This refutes your lies about the Albanian language. There is a few words of turkish and greek used by some people as greeks use a few words of turkish and english. serbian on the other hand consists of albanian and turkish words.the albanian words is claimed as their own by serbs so they can deny the existence of albanians.)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This region should not be confused with modern-day Albania in south-eastern Europe.
    Albania (Latin: Albānia, Greek: Ἀλβανία, Albanía,[5] in Old Armenian: Աղուանք Ałuankʿ (Aguank),[6] Parthian: Ardhan, Middle Persian: Arran; usually referred to as Caucasian Albania for disambiguation with the modern state of Albania; the native name for the country is unknown[7][8]) is a name for the historical region of the eastern Caucasus, that existed on the territory of present-day republic of Azerbaijan (where both of its capitals were located) and partially southern Dagestan.

    (Pathetic attempt to link Albania with Causus Albania which is a myth and doesn’t exist and doesn’t have any link to the real Albania. How uneducated can you be or is it from malice. Any more lies and hate propaganda?)

  13. Albanians fought italians since in 1920 and even the fashisists in 1939. Unfortunatelly we had a poor situation in the country and our army was not good furnished so we lost but the people like kapedans and albanian nationalists from north to south fighted hard and we have a lot of heroes in this. The same people that helped greeks during this war.

  14. Christina Flora has make a mistake no Albanian ever claimed a “Greater Albania” during our history ! This is a nocion chauvinist greek and serb propaganda invented to justify their platforms like Megaloidhea. S. Berisha didn’t claimed also a “Greater Albania” he said that Albanians from Preveza in the South, to Kosovo in the North joined the Indipendence Proclamation in 1912 and this is a truth everybody in the region must face.
     I think Avramopulos and his party is afraid from his voters. They know this visit will be used as a political assault from stupid extrem greek nacionalism as “Golden Dawn”.
    Anyway we don’t care if he didn’t  come the party was awsome and we know who are real friends with real values like gratitude!

  15. Hello everybody who claims to be an exellent student in history:
    Before You say typicall greko-servian frases like Albanian aren’t descendants of Illyrians and so on read a french author:

    Greece before the Greeks – Louis Benloew 1877

    …and Greek people talking here stop being so racists and offending neighbors. Your ancestors couldn’t have been fighting Hitler your comments prove this. Say thanks to Mother Russia and other Allies as for Your country N. Zerva is the best proof of Your collaboration with nazi.

  16. Greece was poor, fewer numbered, and had inferior weapons compared to the Italians, but still managed to defend and in fact take Northern Epirus. Some of your people may have helped fight the Nazis (not for the Greeks but for themselves), but your country still denies recognition of the Greeks in southern Albania and its people still seek to expand Albania into Greece. You cannot be trusted.

  17. The only people.that callaborated with the Nazis were the cham Albanians and that’s the reason why when the Nazis withdrew from GREECE the 20,000 Cham Albanians left with them.

  18. According to German historian Norbert Frei the Muslim Cham minority is regarded as the fourth occupation force in Greece due to the collaborationist and criminal activities that large parts of the minority committed.

  19. That’s an excuse for committing genocide and ethnic cleansing and for stealing the land and property of Albanians. Albanians were a majority in Chameria or southern Epirus in 1912. More of this history and proof at  http://blog.aacl.com/document-of-the-committee-of-cham-albanians/ 

    Beginning with the Greek occupation of Chamëria
    on February 23, 1913, the gang of Deli Janaqi, incited and assisted by
    the local authorities, massacred without cause whatsoever 72 men, in the
    brook of Selani, district of Paramithia.
           This massacre marked the beginning of the drive to exterminate
    the Albanian minority, and made clear the orientation of Greek policy
    toward our population.

          The hounding, persecutions, imprisonment, internment, tortures,
    and plunder carried out on the pretext of disarming [the population] in
    the years 1914-1921, the terrorist actions of outlaws, and the
    provocations of Gjen Baire in 1921, reveal the reality of the sufferings
    to which our population was subjected during the Greek occupation.

           Koska, Lopsi, Varfanj, Karbunari, Kardhiqi, Paramithija,
    Margëllëçi, Arpica, Grykohori, and others, are some of the villages that
    paid an especially high price as a consequence of the terror.

          In 1922-1923, the Greek authorities decided to displace the Moslem element of Chamëria,
    in exchange for the Greeks in Asia Minor, on the pretext that we were
    Turks. This shameless act of the Athenian authorities ran into
    opposition on our part and the intervention of the League of Nations
    which, upon ascertaining the Albanian nationality of our people,
    rejected the decision of the Greek Government.

          But despite the intervention of the League of Nations, and the
    solemn commitments undertaken by the Greek Government in Lausanne on
    January 16, 1923, the authorities in Athens continued their policy of
    extermination. They resorted to every device to make it difficult for
    the Albanian element to remain in Chamëria,
    and confiscated 6,000 hectares of land owned by hundreds of families in
    Dushk, Gumenicë, Kardhiq, Karbunarë, and others, without compensating
    them in the least.

          The government in Athens settled the immigrants from Asia Minor in Chamëria,
    with the intention of peopling it with Greeks and creating conditions
    that would lead to the emigration of the autochthonous Albanian

          Entire families were forced to abandon their birthplace and
    migrate to Turkey, Albania, America and elsewhere, and villages like
    Petrovica and Shendellia were deserted completely by their Albanian

           Under these circumstances, we did not enjoy any national
    rights, not even the use of our mother tongue. Fanaticism and ignorance
    were given support, instead of developing our national culture and
    stimulating progress. Instead of opening schools, they subsidized
    religious clubs in the Arab language. Ninety-five percent of our
    population remained illiterate. The province of Chamëria,
    a fertile and prosperous land, remained backward, without economic
    development, without communication facilities, and in the hands of
    money-lenders and monopolists, such as: Koçoni, Pitulejtë, Kufalla,
    Zhulla, Ringa and others, who impoverished and enslaved the entire

          At that time, when the troops of ELAS [National Popular
    Liberation Army] and our troops were committed to fighting the Germans,
    the leadership of EOEA [National Troops of Greek Guerrilas], in league
    with the Germans, maneuvered to gain positions to fight a civil war. And
    when our forces, in keeping with the spirit and decisions of the
    protocol of Kasartë (Sarafis-Zerva), August, 1944, implemented the
    orders of the Joint Command in pursuit of the Germans, General Napoleon
    Zerva, commander of the resistance forces in Epir (ELAS – EOEA), gave
    orders to massacre the innocent population of Chamëria.

          The massacres in Chamëria were a flagrant violation of
    humanitarian principles, and a shameless disregard for the principles
    and the nature of the Anti-Fascist struggle. The massacres in Chamëria
    were a result of the collaboration and agreements with the Germans, who
    in the process of retreating, let Zerva’s forces take their place. Here
    is a concrete example of the collaboration between Zerva’s forces and
    the Germans. Theodhor Vito, the commander of the Zerva forces in the
    district of Filat, met the commander of the retreating German forces on
    September 22, 1944 in the village of Panaromen, 3 km. from Filat, just
    one day before the entrance of Zerva’s forces in Filat. Right after that
    meeting, and even before the German forces cleared out of Filat
    entirely, the forces of Theodhor Vito entered Filat. That close
    collaboration strengthened the position of the Zerva forces, and enabled
    them to initiate the terror and the massacres on a broad
    scale in all
    the districts of Chamëria.


  21. Albanians r human. Who can resist wars end can take the pain but Greek end Serbs crying like bbbbbbb assss allllll s end Albanian territory it will go Wher it was 500 years ago so. Montonigero Macedonia. Pervesa.wher ever r land is we will claim that back. . Proud to be Albania what Albanians did ask in Austria with r lagend. Gjergj kastrioti Skenderbe. Who fight Turks to bring the freedom in. Bollcan some parts in europ So Greeks Serbs r ppppppp f—–k:::::f lot off yous

  22. Albania is Becoming greate albania Like great briton or unitit albania with .kosova.. Montonegro macedonia pervesa End religion r 2 cotholic end Islam what r yous Greeks .serbs funny think Bulgaria ha ha ha ha Wher some parts off your countries speak turkish on20th center

  23. I dont really understand this BS talk between greks and albanians, Albanians and greeks have never fought each other. If you are going to fight in the internet how come jews and germans dont fight even if germans killed millions of jews. 

  24. ofcourse it was the greeks that said better under the turk than the cross of rome, greeks had all there rights and accepted the ottomans but the albanians and aberesh (arvanites) resisted till they were subdued. there are no greeks only a mixed race of slavs albanian vllach and rom maybe some “real greeks” in the population exchange who settled greece 


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