Internet Addicts 5.1 Million Greeks

More than 5.1 million Greeks -55% of the population- are spending an average of 17.1 hours a week on the Internet, a ratio higher than most of the European Union, which has a rate of 14.8 hours.

Greeks spend 16.9 hours a week on average watching TV, showing that use of the Internet has replaced television as the home entertainment center.

The data came from the insurance agency Inter-American at a forum organized to highlight its research in the field of information technology.

Giorgos Doukidis, a professor in the Department of Management Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business and director of the ELTRUN E-Business Research Center, presented the digital reality in Greece and the relevant applied practices by leading Greek companies.

Doukidis analyzed the relative benefits achieved by reducing the operating costs, synergies, new services and direct access to international markets. The professor stressed the consumers are turning to the Internet as well to do their insurance business.


  1. Not surprising that people are turning to the internet, television in Greece is utter crap and very few can afford Nova anymore. Added to that the high unemployment, too many now have more time on their hands.

  2. Lucky people with OTE landlines!!!!!!! I hope to join them one day if I don’t drop dead first!