Greece Will Keep Mandatory Military Service

Despite big cutbacks in defense spending during Greece’s crushing economic crisis, “Military Service is and will remain mandatory,” National Defence Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos said in answer to a recommendation from the European Commission that, “Greece should abolish its compulsory military service in order not to spend so much money for defense services.”

European officials wrote that “The reductions in military equipment amounts to about 340 million euros in 2013-2014 and come in addition to earlier cuts on military supplies. Other measures include a reduction in operational costs through closing camps and by accepting fewer cadets into military academies. It is also expected that about 400 million euros will be saved, an amount equivalent to 0.2% of Greece’s GDP,” by ending military service for all, except those who have escaped through political connections.

The suggestion is included in an official text of the European Commission in the chapter Cuts and Review of Defense Spending. Greek military officials have already complained about a drop in morale because of salary cuts for officers and the enlisted ranks.


  1. The EU & IMF have totally subjugated Greece economically….they are only concerned about the quality and strength of the Greek military. In order to totally subjugate, & dismember the Greek nation they need to remove the obstacle of the Greek military. The Golden Dawn political party will hopefully take power in Greece before the capabilities of the Greek military have been degraded so far that the Turks feel confident enough on orders of Zionist controlled USA, to invade Greece.
    Greece will prevail. With the aid of the Lord Jesus Christ, the enemies of Greece, shall see their plans fail.

  2. Abolish military service. LGBT Rights. Democracy and Liberty. Democracy for all.


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