Kinaros Island, Population – 3

    One of the Troika’s proposals to increase revenue was to sell state assets, such as islets with less than 150 inhabitants, who would have to relocate.

    However, Mikes Katsotourchis, his wife Irene and one of their three children, George, are determined to stay. They are the three only residents of Kinaros, a small island located in the South Aegean complex of the Dodecanese.

    Despite having sought a better life in Australia, they eventually returned to their small island, the place they love dearly.
    “My wife and I have been living in peace here in Kinaros over the last ten years. Six months ago, my son who also lived in Australia, took the decision to return back to Greece and stay with us on the island. My wife was born and raised here. As for me, I’m from Kalymnos. Back in 2000, we decided to stay on the island because it had always been my wife’s dream. Here we have a small house and solar electric power system, so we manage to get by. Everyday life is calm and peaceful. We have our animals, we fish and that is how life goes on for us. We like being isolated from the rest of the world,” said 65 year-old Mikes.

    He also stressed that they quite often have visitors from the prefecture of the Dodecanese and also friends from other places, too. Everyone is welcome. Once a week, a boat comes from Amorgos and provides them with all the necessary.

    Finally, regarding the dangers they may be facing, Mikes says: “So far we have never been in danger. A while ago my wife dealt with a health problem, but fortunately everything went well. We have no complaints as the Coast Men are always by our side.”