Komotini Concert Links Greece and Turkey

Christos Hatzopoulos and Evrim Kaşikçi from Andrianoupoli, are going to give a concert in Sappes, Komotini on  Dec. 8, at Epavli Sappes, sending a message of unity between Greeks and Turks through music and peaceful coexistence. What the musicians have in common is their love for Thracian traditional music and their Minor Asia origin.

Musician and composer Christos Hatzopoulos stated in AMNA that music is a strong force that connects different people in a magical way.

Hatzopoulos and Kaşikçi will present well-known songs from both Turkey and Greece, such as Tsakitzi and Hariklaki, as well as some Greek rebetika, The songs will be translated from one language into the other.

The musicians first met while Evrim Kaşikçi was studying at the University of Andrianoupoli. He was preparing his doctoral on the cooperation of Greek-Turkish musicians, in which he included Stelios Kazantzidis, Haroula Alexiou and Maria Farantouri. Evrim Kaşikçi met Christos Hatzopoulos at his recording of Thracian Voice, in which Turkish musicians participated as well.

The two musicians have performed together twice at two very successful concerts.