Turkish Ship In Greek Waters Again

Greek officials said a Turkish ship, a corvette named Beykoz, entered Greek waters again, this time near Cape Sounion, not far from Athens’ southern coastline. They said it sailed from the port of Izmir, entered Greek territorial waters between Evia and Andros and sailed across Kea to Kythnos.

Greek officials said the Turkish vessel departed southwest of Kythnos on Dec. 8 in the evening, reached international waters west of Milos and north of Crete and then again on Dec.9  took an eastward course and moved on past Crete.

“(Greek) ships and the Navy watched over the Turkish vessel, throughout its whole sailing course,” Greek officials said, but made no attempt to intervene, and didn’t provide any details about why the ship was in Greek waters and was allowed to be there. There have been similar episodes from other Turkish vessels.


  1. Excellent job for Greece! They really know how to protect their territory! Just let anyone in for a free tour.

  2. The Turks are just trying to provoke an incident. The Greek Navy did an excellent job of shadowing the vessel. All Turkey is looking for an excuse to attack. The Greeks are not stupid.