Greek Eco Racer Ready To Roll

A team of undergraduate and graduate students from the Technical University of Crete (TUCER) have designed and constructed a prototype, low-consumption urban vehicle, a hydrogen car which is now ready to be released on the market, but which Greece will not allowed to be sold within the country.

The car is a 100% Greek conception, a vehicle that requires only one liter of fuel, about one-fourth of a gallon, to go 434 kilometers, or about 270 miles, and produces almost no emissions apart from water.

The Eco Racer could well go into mass production with only some modifications made.The cost is less than $10,000 per car and it can be manufactured in Greece and then exported to other countries. Eco Racer is a fuel cell-powered hydrogen car, made of carbon fiber to have low weight, with an aluminum chassis made of special alloys. The vehicle has excelled both in safety and economy tests.


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