Mouskouri Gives 10,000 Euros For Homeless

imagesFamed Greek singer Nana Mouskouri on Dec. 14 handed a check for 10,000 euros ($13,088) to Athens Mayor George Kaminis to be used to help the city’s growing numbers of homeless and destitute.

“As a Greek I feel it is my duty to be present at every attempt of solidarity and assistance towards the Greek people who are poverty-stricken,” she said.

She told Kaminis that, “I do watch your efforts, and I myself with anything that I can offer, I want to send Greeks a message, that no one is alone and no one should be left alone.”

Kaminis said that, “I want to believe that Ms. Mouskouri’s movement will stand as an example and motivate many of our co-citizens in Athens”.

Mouskouri, who lives in Switzerland, is the most successful Greek singer, whose recordings have sold between 200-300 million copies, making her one of the best-selling female artists of all time in a career spanning over five decades. She was also many times described as Europe’s answer to American singer Barbra Streisand.




  1. Yes a big Thank you, and lets see some Greek Singers etc that live in Greece open their pocket books !!! I know when they come to perform in Canada they get paid an  exorbitant amount of money!!

  2. She left Greece to live in Switzerland so she could avoid paying tax? €10,000 probably isn’t even near how much she would be giving to the economy if she stayed in Greece.

  3.  Why be so negative… There are many Greeks living all over the World, Canada, USA, Australia etc.. and many of them have made millions but do not contribute to Greece their homeland.  Ironic how the Greek Politicians sent ALL of the peoples money to Switzerland not to avoid Taxes but to steal from their own people !!! 

  4.  I agree, Cypriot.  She’s a multi-millionaire, possibly even a billionaire.  10,000 euros is very very little for such a wealthy person.  And personally I would have been much more impressed if the donation had been given anonymously.

  5. I do not believe Nana Mouskouri is the only millionaire or billionaire as you claim.  There are many more famous Greeks that are living in Greece and have not done anything for their country or people.   As for giving it anonymously I agree because then you would not be able to judge her or anyone one else.  We must remember we will all be judged in the end there is only “one God” that can judge me….

  6. I never said Mouskouri is the only millionaire or billionaire in Greece!  Why would I say that when there are 100s of them, and they all have their money safely stashed away in Switzerland or London?  But I am glad you agree that charitable donations would be better given anonymously.  How much better it would have been if the Mayor of Athens had been able to say he had received a donation of 10,000 euros from a famous public figure and that he hoped other public figures would do the same.

  7.  As the  bible says when we do go do it without people being known. I wish they would start by bringing all the stolen money from the country that went to Switzerland and taking all their mansions they built and sell them to pay off the country’s debt.

  8. She made her money in Greece. The Greek diaspora make their money outside of Greece. Big difference.

  9.  She made most of her money outside Greece…she hadn’t sing in her country for twenty years…


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