Golden Dawn Sues Beaten MP For Libel

stratoulisA member of the major opposition party Coalition of the Far Left (SYRIZA) who claimed he was beaten by three men at a soccer game who identified themselves as members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is being sued by the political group for libel after he said the organizaton was a “gang of criminals.” Greek lawmakers, however, have complete immunity against all crimes.

The suit was filed on behalf of Golden Dawn by MP Ilias Panagiotaros after Dimitris Stratoulis lashed out at the far-right ultra extremist party following his assault. He said his attackers yelled at him, “We will kill you,” and beat him with their fists and feet before other spectators broke it up.

SYRIZA condemned the assault and demanded that its perpetrators be arrested and face charges. Golden Dawn denied any in the incident, stressing that at the time of the attack its members were holding a rally in Nikaia, in southeastern Athens. “Golden Dawn has nothing to do with the attack against the SYRIZA MP,” the party said in a statement. “The left-wing politicians who foment violence … should stop using the name of Golden Dawn.”

The government condemned the attack, with spokesman Simos Kedikoglou saying “any kind of attack and threat is unacceptable in our democracy. Violence has no place in our culture.”

Stratoulis, 54, was with his adult son at the time of the attack. It happened in the concourse area of the Olympic Stadium during halftime of the match between AEK Athens and Atromitos, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Stratoulis, who was bloodied but didn’t sustain serious injuries, filed a police complaint.

Golden Dawn has denied involvement in the attack. “Golden Dawn had nothing to do with the incident against Member of Parliament Stratoulis at the Olympic Stadium. The Leftist party hacks, who promote violence in demonstrations, should stop using the name of the Golden Dawn,” a party statement said.

SYRIZA officials earlier said they believed Golden Dawn was responsible. “We demand the prompt arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators,” the party said in a statement. “It is certain that tolerance towards the fascist Golden Dawn will lead to loss of life. The response must be immediate and decisive before it’s too late.”

In an unrelated incident in the central city of Volos, another SYRIZA MP Alexandros Meikopoulos said he was the victim of violence by riot police who clashed with supporters of local club Niki shortly after the local second division derby with Olympiakos Volos had ended in a 0-0 draw. Another SYRIZA member said he was attacked by riot police at a separate soccer game. Critics have said that many police officers implicitly support the neo-Nazis and their tactics and that half the police forced had voted for the party.

Riot police were attacked when they tried to keep supporters of both teams from attacking each other. The police responded with tear gas and stun grenades, and struck Niki supporters with clubs. Meikopoulos told a local radio station that he tried to mediate, but that when he showed his Greek parliament ID, he and his father were hit and pushed by police. Neither of the men was seriously injured.

(Source: AP)


  1. When is the public going to stand up to these thugs.  You cannot just stand idly by and accept this behavior.  They are not true Greeks.  A real Greek would not engage in this type of violence. 

  2. Lol Well, when leftists from my second country France visit Hellas, at their return the french authority closely watch them because Greek leftists are considered such terrorists and violent thugs.
    Last week some leftists even bombed one of Golden Dawn’s offices with powerful explosives. Also in 2008 far-leftists killed 3 people and among them a pregnant woman by burning a bank.
    Until recently, political violence was most of all committed by far-leftists.
    The majority of thoses who denounce the violence of GD (I disaprove their methods) and don’t denounce the violence of the far-leftists (thoses terrorists who pose bombs and try to kill people as well as political opponents) are big hypocrites.
    I sincerely hope you are also shocked and appealed by the violence of the far-leftists.

  3. With regard to Golden Dawn there is a Marxist policy of population replacement all across Europe, many cities now resemble the third world, where the indigenous population are being pushed out and replaced by foreigners, mostly third world people, this policy is celebrated by politicians and any dissenters are arrested and charged with so called hate crimes. The reality of the failure of these artificially created societies is kept from the people through a complicit media and state and media intimidation of truth tellers, although the internet has woken up many people.

     It’s the indigenous population that face persecution, inequality, oppression, and left wing hate and tyranny. Many immigrants know their elevated status and take full advantage of it, rubbing it in the noses of the indigenous population, which causes greater anger and resentment and a deeper fracturing of society.

    These Marxist do not hide their genocide agenda, one very senior front bench politician of the last far left Labour administration in the UK stated that ‘the British as a race aren’t worth saving’. Others stating that they have no problem with there being no indigenous people in Europe in the future, and that is one purpose of mass immigration, there are many others. Golden Dawn know all this full well and are fighting to secure their nation for their people, demonising them with the old tired and desperate Nazi and fascist label doesn’t wash anymore, they’re fighting for the continued existence of their people, identity, heritage, and culture, and doing so the only way they can because they know their political parties do not serve them, to hate them for doing this makes you the racist and a supporter of genocide.

  4.  The left wing have been excusing the violence of MUSLIMS for a decade! All Muslims should go back to their home countries where they can practice their barbaric culture.

  5. “Until recently, political violence was most of all committed by far-leftists.”

    Exactly. GD are extremists but there is actually far far more leftwing extremism in Greece at the moment. Nearly 30% percent of our population supports communism. Its disgusting.

  6. Most of the violence in Greece has historically come from leftist extremists (see Greek civil war where 120,000 Greeks died because of communist thugs like Syriza and KKK)  Any member of GD that is caught in a criminal act should be put in jail. However the party should remain legal for the same reasons that communist thugs like Syriza should remain legal. Those that are quick to advocate banning parties are usually thugs themselves.

  7. You are right. Any attempt to resist the slow replacement of indigenous populations and identities is framed as “racism” by leftist extremists. They also frame their extremist ideology as “human rights”. If it was the non-indigenous populations to the Galapagos these leftist extremists would be argued its morally wrong to bring invasive species but if its humans… they gleefully encourage wiping out native populations. (IMO a tragedy that amounts to a human rights atrocity)

    That said, this has happened before in recent history. In the America’s native populations lost control of their indigenous homelands through uncontrolled immigration vis-a-vis mostly British and Spanish imperialism. IMO its mostly Americans who are trying to export the model they used to steal Indian lands to the rest of the world. The best response to this would be a global effort to dismantle the US’s influence. (otherwise the US state department is going to keep pushing it in every country just like they did when they wiped out the native Indians)

  8. This is a small example of the REAL violence to come…. But these two parties are going after the wrong people and should focus their complaints on PASOK and ND….
    —-  Why has Mr. Venizelos not been prosecuted for crimes against the State and Greek People for hiding the “Legarde List” for 2 years in his home?  —  Why was Mr. Papaconstantinou, Venizelos partner in crime and George Papandeaou allowed to flee Greece suddenly for America with investigations still going on?
    Why hasn’t Investigator Peponis reached his conclusion yet?

            *** Why is Akis Tszazopoluos still waiting for his trial after all this time?
    ***Why is Mermirakis still Speaker of Parliament after his crimes?
    ***Why was Mr. Chistoforakos of the Siemen’s Scandal allowed to flee to

    Until the inept Justice System here starts working to get back the
    billions these people sent out of Greece, we are doomed to repeat the same
    mistake and the bailouts and all else will only end in horrific failure. The
    Greek People have had enough dished out from their
    “disgraceful-shameless” Politicians looting the country for 30 years.

  9. SYRIZA, KKE, anarchists and other leftist parties and organizations openly and repeatedly solicit attacks against Chrysi Avgi while simultaneously embracing the culturally suicidal policy of unchecked immigration into Greece based on the delusional phantasmagoria of a transcendent cross-cultural, “international proletarian brotherhood.” The street conditions in Greece are no different from those between the SA and the Rote Front Organization in Germany in the early 1930s.  If SYRIZA’s parliamentary deputies want to effuse with revolutionary machismo against supporters of the Golden Dawn they should be prepared to expect a militant counter response.  Instead these whining elitists petition the very “bourgeois state” which they aver supports the oppression of workers to their dirty work by outlawing and prosecuting the Golden Dawn.  The Golden Dawn is the only party in Greece which legislates at the street level, not in the hollow chambers of the Syntagma, where politics have their only true meaning.     


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