Ryanair Will Fly to Chania, Crete

RyanairBudget air carrier Ryanair on Dec. 19 said it would open its first base in Greece, at Chania, the second largest city of Crete, in April 2013 with one based aircraft and will include routes to and from Billund, Bremen, Bristol, Eindhoven, Katowice, Marseille, Memmingen, Thessaloniki, Venice, Vilnius and Warsaw.

The airline said it is investing $70 million at Chania Airport and the company plans to operate 106 weekly flights. Ryanair stated its 55th base would sustain 500 onsite jobs. In Chania, Ryanair official Kate Sherry stated that, “Visitors to Greece can now beat the recession and escape high fares and fuel surcharging by switching to Ryanair’s lowest fares and our no fuel surcharge guarantee between Chania and 25 European destinations, including Edinburgh, London and Milan, amongst others.”

She added: “Ryanair’s 500,000 passengers per annum will sustain up to 500 ‘on site’ jobs in Chania, in a welcome boost to the Cretian economy, as we grow our passenger traffic by 100% at Chania.”

To celebrate and promote the new base, Ryanair has released a 100,000 seat sale with fares starting from 8 British Pounds ($13) for travel across its European network in January. The tickets are available for booking until midnight Dec. 20.


  1. Thats very good but then Chania is on the west side of the island, anyone wishing to visit from Heraklion towards East like resorts of Gouves, Hersonisos, Malia, Stalis, Ag.Nik & Elounda will have a very long transfer (upto 4 hours to Elounda if its a coach transfer) so I’d stick with Heraklion its most central

  2. Wel ldone – a very discerning move by Ryanair. Western Crete is very beautiful and a “mecca” for the older travellers who will have perhaps more purchasing power (babyboomers) and don’t wish to fly to Heraklion which serves the ribbon development of bars and tavernas east of Heraklion for the predominantly younger age groups. there are many beautiful places to stay in Wesgtern Crete form around Chania itself to Paleochora in the south which is now served by a new road and of course the tropical beach at Elafonisi in the soth east corner. the mountains of the area are very special for those tiurists wishing for something different. Not many people realise that in this pargt of the Med (W. Crete) one can see area of Oak and Sweet Chestnut forests which will surprise many people. Ryanair will help open up this “jewel” ……again Well Done !! .

  3. Good for summer but this will be a $70m dead investment in winter.  Off-season direct flights will be full of empty seats.