Some Greek Companies Duck The Haratsi

ppcbill_390_1311-300x186While working Greeks are lining up to pay a doubled property tax being put into their electric bills, critics are arguing that some businesses and the wealthy are avoiding it.

The levy is being called a “haratsi,” after a Turkish tax that was hated by Greeks during the Ottoman Occupation.

The tax is being collected under the threat of having power turned off for non-payment and the Public Power Corporation (PPC) is reporting shutting off the lights for thousands of households each month.

Trade unions are charging that favored businesses are paying a lower rate or not paying at all and being protected by government interests. Among those getting favorable rates, it was reported, was SKAI TV, whose management said it was due to an oversight.

While officials of the major opposition party the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) have demanded answers, the government said it is doing its utmost to collect revenues and is acting fairly. Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou, said, “The collection of the tax continues and if there are any problems they will be corrected.

Recently a decision ruled by a lower ranked court made the collection of the tax through the electricity bill illegal. Unfortunately it was overturned by Areios Pagos, the higher court after an appeal of the government who characterized the judges as “non-patriots”.

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  1. The poor have to pay, the rich & powerful dont. Nothing will ever change in Greece, the corruption is too deep rooted & accepted

  2.  Based on your anti-Greek comments on this forum.. you care absolutely nothing about “the poor” in Greece. You are just a nationalist manipulator with prejudices against Greeks.


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